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  1. Nykoping

    PDC Fault Diagnosis (Guide)

    Many thanks for your prompt reply. I used Carly OBD II which detects only HR defective PDC sensor. I used also Bavarian Tecknic OBD and detected even the front left corner PDC sensor is defective. So your advice for removing only headlight may be much easier. I have looked different "PDC sensors for BMW E60" and found at least more than three different forms. In the old type sensor, the three poles for electric contact are in a straight line but in the newer type the three contact poles are arranged in triangle position. So I guess my car contact could only fit one of them. Regards, Jiaxin
  2. Nykoping

    PDC Fault Diagnosis (Guide)

    Many thanks for a very good explanation! Carly shows mine E60 (2004) the following PDC fault code: Inverter HR 009E34 I have two questions to you and would appreciate your reply: (1) which type of E60 sensor should I buy? I checked some videos about how to replace the PDC sensor and it appears the older E60 had a different form factor than you showed in the links. Does it matter which kind to use as long as it is for E60? (2) You mention the front PDC sensors could be assessed by removing the front headlight. Have not done it before. Which way is easier, in your opinion, by removing front bumper or headlight? Cheers, Jiaxin