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  1. f11 tourer


    Good result but are they going to compensate you for the grief they have put you through.
  2. f11 tourer

    F11 Rear door seal

    CT1 silicone can be used even when surface is wet it will cost £10.00
  3. f11 tourer

    Another wheel bolt issue.

    £60 labour +£20 for replacement wheel nuts.
  4. f11 tourer

    Another wheel bolt issue.

    The exact same thing happened to me 18 months ago when in for refurb. The garage had a hellish job getting the broken stud out, fitted 4 standard wheel bolts locking wheel bolts never again.
  5. Booked into Douglas Park at Hillington on Thursday will let you know how I get on. EGR valve was replaced for the second time in two years today.I got a free wash and valet for my troubles.
  6. Booked into Douglas Park at Hillington on Thursday will let you know how I get on.
  7. Just had my recall letter, phoned BMW and told them mine was changed 2 years past in July. I was informed that it will have to be checked once again as some were going faulty. I wonder if the ones that have been changed 2 years ago are still old stock from Korea.
  8. f11 tourer

    Diamond button on Key Fob

    Pressing the diamond button on my 15 plate 520d opens the glass tailgate.
  9. f11 tourer

    Fan/Blower not working

    If the car is under warranty why are you been asked to pay for something that's faulty?
  10. f11 tourer

    Chinese Winter tyres?

    What size of tyres have you fitted?
  11. f11 tourer


    I was in stealers for end of warranty check which showed up that there's a recall on the EGR cooler since last August. When I asked why I had never been contacted the reply was We wait for customers coming in to get other work done.Its been booked in for 12th July and courtesy car supplied. I had the EGR valve replaced last July under warranty, is this a common fault in 5 series.
  12. f11 tourer

    Aircons playing up!!!

    That's going to cost a pretty penny to replace ££££
  13. f11 tourer

    Tyre pressure warning

    This happened to me a couple of weeks ago. When i checked pressures one was down by 2psi on front n/side. Put air in tyre and reset no problems since F11 BTW.
  14. f11 tourer

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    How much petrol did you buy for that journey lol
  15. f11 tourer


    I've been on holiday and car was booked in yesterday, it turned out to be a faulty egr valve which has now been replaced under warranty.