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  1. Marc_C

    Whats my e39 540i worth

    Thats true, it did disappear off their website soon afterwards but I have no idea what they eventually got for it. That being said E30 M3 prices did start going skywards around that time - and they are in the stratosphere now. I don't even like talking about it as it brings back too many memories. You know when I first approached Munich Legends around 2007 to get quotes for some remedial work on it they actually told me it was a waste of time because they would never be worth anything
  2. Marc_C

    Whats my e39 540i worth

    Shame you have to sell it. In years to come you may bitterly regret it. Im no fan of the saloons, I don't think they have aged quite as well as the Tourings -obviously Im biased - and I appreciate thats a wholly personal observation before you all tear into me - however yours represents a package that will only increase in value. Its a real 'drivers' car. I bought an AC Schnitzer built E30 M3 ox blood interior and sunroof, known as the S3. I picked it up for 3 Grand in 2001 and slung it in a garage intending to turn it into a track car. https://www.mad4wheels.com/ac-schnitzer/s3-sport-based-on-bmw-m3-e30--1989 its the model at the top of the page but mine was in Alpine White. After losing the storage in 2012 I sold it to Munich Legends for 10 grand only to see it for sale a few months later for 60 grand! To say I was not f/king amused would be an understatement. A sentiment made worse because I had just bought a RR Overfinch sport which remains the biggest pile of crap I ever wasted my money on in my life. And that was itch that needed scratching too Anyway, I hope you get a good price for it if you decide to go ahead and sell it.
  3. Marc_C

    rear door and water

    This happened to me a while back. I had the double whammy of damaged vapour barrier in the rear right hand passenger door AND blocked sunroof drains. The floor behind the drivers seat looked like a pond while the ensuing water damage led to a £600 repair bill. Get it fixed asap.
  4. Marc_C

    Twisting car seat base and back...

    My drivers seat twists on the base and the backrest, going different ways, when being adjusted. Its been that way since I bought the car. Up til now it has not been much of a problem as Im the only one who drives it so It stays in one position. However while it was being serviced recently the mechanic, a six feet four inch tall gentleman, adjusted it so he could drive it out and promptly twisted the backrest and now it wont fully straighten up . Very annoying. Constant fiddling with the adjustment switch managed to partially correct it but not completely, now when I drive it my dick and my head are pointing in different directions. Painful on long journeys . If you can recommend an establishment who can repair it I would be very grateful as my garage wont touch it.
  5. Marc_C

    Proud owner!

    Another beautiful Japanese Import. I have often wondered why they all arrive with very similar mileages. Mine came with a whisker under 50k and whenever I see one for sale its always somewhere between 40 and 50k. It seems strange to offload your car for export with such low mileages?
  6. Marc_C

    A sad end.

    I was walking in Whitechapel/ Bethnal Green yesterday looking for some good railway arch locations for a photoshoot and came across this Touring. It looks like its been sitting there for quite a while. On closer inspection it appeared rust free and seems to have led a good life before being discarded.
  7. Marc_C

    Door wont open

    This happened to me not long ago and the guys who do the work on it told me partial cutting of the door card would be necessary. As I was I was in a bit of a rush at the time I left it a week before booking it in then, mysteriously, the fault cleared itself and the lock started working again.
  8. Marc_C

    Water pump

    I fitted this waterpump to mine https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/High-Performance-Water-Pump-EMP-STEWART-BMW-E36-E46-E39-X5-Z3-6-Cyl-M50-52-54/142105853213?hash=item21162b3d1d:g:-yQAAOSw5cNYLVD- Not the cheapest I grant you but I wanted to prepare a base for very long term ownership. Its been on now for 2 years and no issues.
  9. Marc_C

    The E39 First World Problems thread

    Damn airbag warning light keeps coming on every time I drive over a pothole or speed hump.
  10. Marc_C

    MStyle Gallery

    Very nice. Will come and pay you guys a visit to discuss requirements.
  11. Marc_C

    E39 Touch Screen Head Units

    Hi Chris I purchased my head unit from audio tech direct, you can see their android units specific to the E39 here https://audiotechdirect.com/oem-style-units/bmw/?search_query=&page=1&limit=20&sort=featured&BMW=5 Series&category=1333&is_category_page=1 I purchased the Direct Fit BM7161B and I have to say its an absolutely cracking piece of kit and cannot recommend it highly enough. The unit arrived with all the relevant connectors and cabled needed to slot it in while there was excellent customer service when I had reason to phone them to inquire about the updating of the satnav. hope you get it sorted whatever you plump for.
  12. Hi all I hope your all getting ready to have a nice Christmas with your loved ones. I have been packing the wagon and fitting the roof box as Im taking the family to Amsterdam to spend the Christmas week there. Recent expenses have included a new starter motor and ignition switch as well as stone chip repair and respray of the bonnet and a car park trolly dent on the drivers door. During the work at the bodyshop the guys mentioned the underside of my wagon was immaculate and I might consider getting some rust prevention treatment in early to keep it in said condition as currently its completely untreated as Im led to believe is par for the course for Japanese imports. Iv'e done fair bit of reading and research on the matter but Im no closer to making a decision on which product to choose. Back in my mk1 Lotus Cortina days we used to get an old oil can fill it up with waxoyl and soak everything with a D.I.Y spray gun, obviously things have moved on a tad since then and I'd like to get it done professionally once I decide on the best product. I have had quotes of around £500 to do the entire underside of the car including removal of all undertrays and cleaning and preparations and that price is pretty much the same with either Mercasol, Waxoyl or Dinitrol. Deferring to the considerable knowledge base here I would like to ask is it a case of there not being much to choose from between the three products ? or perhaps one might be better for all year round use? Thank you in advance for your thoughts. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas. Marc.
  13. Hi ad touring they're from 3sdm.co.uk. Forged style 3.62 https://www.3sdm.co.uk/forged-wheels/forged-3-62/
  14. Hi Dennis I do have a KY 'street comfort' Coil Over kit as the next on my To-Do list along with a BBK, and I anticipate a 20 or 30mm drop to go with that. I have also taken delivery of a rooftop boot lid spoiler too by coincidence. The wheels are 8.5 x19 on the fronts and 10 x 19 back, Im not sure the lip sizes, I have to check that out. Due to the quite hefty cost of them further modification of them will have to wait a few months :-) and , no, Im not getting them diamond cut. After I've done the coilover Install I'll look at changing the Gold to gunmetal. Thanks again for all your advice btw.
  15. Hi Loadmaster I had a set of BBS Le-Mans replicas before, the spokes were gunmetal. I kind of wish I had gone for the Driftworks version now. Oh well I'll go back to 360 Wheels in the Spring and get the basket weave centres replaces with something along the lines of the Le-Mans finish.