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  1. Hi, a few weeks ago I had an exchange injector supplied after one completely failed. I fitted to the car. I’ve tried using INPA to code injectors - but can’t find any option for this on my e60 dde 5.0 when I Used DIS I was able to get the function working but when I entered the code from my new injector it would not acccept the code. The new injector is currently running with an adjustment of over -4 so definitely needs coding. What’s my options here?
  2. ningham

    2004 530d - where is the MAP sensor?

    No 17 in the top pic no 7 in the second pic. ive got both
  3. ningham

    2004 530d - where is the MAP sensor?

    Thanks for that, I think you mean here the one right at the back out of sight then. Many ideas what the other sensor is on the side of the manifold near the dipstick?
  4. So, got a few running issues and performance drop off. Looking at changing out MAP sensor bug I’m confused which one it is! On my manifold there’s one sensor right at the back out of sight by the firewall/bulkhead and there’s also one mounted on the rear right side (looking from front of car) which looks to have been glued in place at sometime. Can somebody tell me what these two are for? Looking for map sensors to purchase I can find both available?
  5. Vacuum operated engine mounts? I didn’t know about those. That’s something to bear in mind but surely that wouldn’t be creating knocking/tapping noise in time with engine revolutions
  6. Hi guys. I swapped up my 535 for a 530 in the summer because of the mileage I do. Anyway, the car I bought was cheap and had some issues to solve - blocked dpf (no plugs or controller working) and also scuttles blocked and the interior wet through on drivers side! Got all of these sorted and all is good, ish. since then I’ve been trying to work out why the engine in this is particularly loud. Knocks, whistles, rumbles, injectors etc - it seems to have it all! I just can’t nail what the issues are. 1. I think it needs a crank pulley, it’s a bit rough on idle sat in the car and there’s a small rumble which immediately disappears as soon as the throttle is dabbed. 2. Injectors. These i had out the other day when I replaced my exhaust manifold (cracked of course). I had them tested while out and it turned out 4 we’re out of spec, I had one replaced at the time but didn’t have the cash for the other three yet. Replaced copper washers on all for now. 3. Vacuum pump definitely has a knock. It’s very ‘ticky’. What other symptoms come from vacuum pump failure? From the drivers seat seat the car sounds like a real old tractor. Although not as bad when head under the bonnet. Deffo not right though. If anything it’s possibly worse since I did the manifold job, but the fumes no longer gas me out on start up and mpg is up to 32 from 30. Need some advice where to go from here. It’s runs ok but noisy and definitely feels underpowered in the lower rev range. (Its an auto). Obviously I’ll have the injectors changed when I can but I’m sure there’s more to it sorry for the long one!
  7. My 530d has a knock / loud tap when it cold (not warmed up). It's definite not the usual Diesel engine noise, much louder. Once the car is up to operating temperature it's considerably quieter although not completely gone. What's the likely culprit here? No codes of any relevance. limited recent service history - car had a completely blocked dpf so I'm wondering if the engine oil has become thinned by regen attempts and could be causing this? alternatively I'm thinking some kind ok compression or air leak issue that's partially rectified with heat of the engine
  8. Cleared codes once all refitted and the car runs properly now. Now I have a separate issue that's come to light that the engine knocks a lot when it's cold - seems to almost disappear once it's got properly warmed up
  9. Tried to force the regen but no look, the car literally won't drive, won't rev, now power etc. Even constantly clearing the codes there's no way I'd get it to go over about 40mph. I've replaced the glow plugs as all 6 were nackered, and for good measure a new controller. Also replaced both thermostats. There's plenty of fuel in it so there's no reason now for it not to regen eventually. So today I took of the dpf and blasted it through with the pressure washer and loads of soot came out with then left a pile of black gloop when the water had drained away! Im just waiting on the local auto factor to get me new dpf gaskets and I'll see if I've cured it!!
  10. Managed to get DIS to work today for once!! I've got a 530d with what I suspect is a blocked dpf ,cleared the codes and keeps returning. Car in limp mode and no power and won't rev in gear Can somebody confirm that these back pressures confirm dpf is blocked
  11. ningham

    535d dyno result (stock) opinions please

    Yes, did a run in 3rd and 4th. We were on open road so 4th was a bit lairy so we tried in 3rd! Just as said early, hold in manual at 12-1500 then floor it without kicking down(actually quite hard to do!) then let off and run down for 10secswith braking to measure the drivetrain drag I assume. Made 274bhp and 558nm (stock with 187k miles)
  12. ningham

    535d dyno result (stock) opinions please

    Sorry guys don't know how to link, I've since sold the car anyhow!
  13. https://cdn.fbsbx.com/v/t59.2708-21/20859614_743964925790792_3578820948666613760_n.pdf/bmw_e60_535d_stock.pdf?oh=86692fca7453559b432afb967f1fc478&oe=59A16E6A&dl=1 Had my e61 dynod the other day and this was the result I was given. Any opinions on it? I would have expected the power curve to have been flatter and more constant I think, but don't really know much about how theses engines deliver their power/torque normally.
  14. ningham

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    New inner and outer steering tie rod fitted on near side today. Play in the inner joint causing a judder. Will do the other side when I have time. Also renewed the panoramic sunroof seal. Vast improvement in noise now