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  1. Hi guys im new to this forum I previously owned a 120D with the n47 177 engine and got rid of it after getting too many major problems. I have now got a E60 520d full service history owned it for 3 months not had a problem. A friend of mine who has the same car had noticed my car was very low on power i then noticed after i drove his exact same car exact same engine no remap no mods mine has 160k on the clock i now notice sometimes the car is close to stalling on junction i have to almost redline it to get off this is on and off one day it will drive super one day it will have low power , what could it be thanks. M47 pre lci
  2. Sizzla

    520d M SPORT 2007 pre lci no boost

    Sorry for late reply , fault codes show glowplug 1 , 3 , 4 need replacing and also a particulate filter code was thrown? Any idea is it my actual glow plugs or module? And also the guy who read the codes for me said glow plugs affect the dpf regenerations is this trye or am i getting ripped off?