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    2002 BMW E39 530i - Black Sapphire Metallic

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  1. Out of curiosity how does the suspension compare to the coilovers you had in that ol' black 530i you had?
  2. Welcome back to the dark side, looks a stunner
  3. GBS

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Audio build is well under way, here are a few sneak peeks. Final pictures/videos will be on my project thread on the weekend
  4. GBS

    E39 530i Sapphire Black (GBS Project)

    Audio build is underway, here are some progress pictures:
  5. GBS

    E39 530i Sapphire Black (GBS Project)

    Last of the audio equipment is in straight from America.....Adire Audio Tempest 15"
  6. GBS

    E39 530i Sapphire Black (GBS Project)

    Been a while since my last update! Recently done both of the Pre-Cat Oxygen Sensors and the 16" Turbine winter rims are now on! Sneak peak of the upcoming audio build, still waiting for a few more parts:
  7. GBS

    530i Pre-Cat 02 Sensor Replacement

    This YouTuber did it without "dropping the engine" here, thought it would be a 5 minute job with the right tools! Guess £45 ain't too bad PS - you reply way too quick, you sure you do any work
  8. Hi, I am looking to replace both the pre-cat 02 sensor in my 530i which are located under the bonnet. I've changed the one nearest to the front of the car which was fairly straightforward however I really struggled to get the rear one out due to the tight placement so want to get garage to do it. I was told by a local German specialist garage that that they have to let the car cool down and then "drop the engine" to change it as it's in a really awkward spot, which they seemed to know.They are charging me £45, does this sound about right? Cheers
  9. GBS

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    For general maintenance replaced one of the pre-cat sensors, struggled to get the rear one out so I'll get my mechanic to do that.
  10. GBS

    E39 540 Sport on a Murky Morning

    Those rims transform the car! Are those aftermarket tints, if so what %?
  11. GBS

    P1074 Fault Code?

    Thanks both. Did a quick clean of the MAF and reset the code via the OBD2 app. Been driving it around town and no issues so far, i'll keep and eye out with your recommendations in mind
  12. GBS

    P1074 Fault Code?

    Hi All, During a 200 mile trip and soon after refilling I got a Engine Check light on the display, although the car seem to drive fine and no changes per normal. I plugged in the OBD sensor today and got the following code: P1047 - System too Lean (Bank 2) Any idea what could be causing this? When I start the car I do get a somewhat rough idle but seems to calm down once the engine is warm. Potentially MAF, or Oxygen Sensors? Also is there any issue with me driving the car with the fault code? Thanks!
  13. Thought it was about time I started a projects blog! My E39 was bought from @d_a_n1979 who took care of it at no expense and hoping to carry on the great work. Next on the to do list is to do a audio overhaul with the help of @DennisCooper who has been super helpful, so watch this space! Few initial pictures:
  14. GBS

    Nice mint 530i. £2,750 !!!

    Does look very very clean