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  1. Yeah i am suspecting a loose connection of some sort, just hope it isnt going to cause any damage, the sound seems to have gotten worse. I'll be taking it back to them for inspection today as requested by them. Worst fear is they say they need to keep it again for a re-fix, taking x number of days/weeks again. Don't mine that as long as it doesnt take forever to get a like for like 5 series replacement, hear enterprise are short on those at the mo due to the recall
  2. So i had my EGR recall done, took about 1.5 weeks, during which time i had a rather lovely G30 520D which is a lovely step forward in tech and interior design, but thats besides the point. Having got the car back, I wanted to check in with others have had the recall done because my car is making a rather annoying whiney/swishing/spinning type of sound now. It happens whether stationary or moving as the revs begin to rise. Its loud enough to notice inside the cabin with windows closed. The higher the revs rise the more prominent the sound gets. If the revs stabilise then the sound seems to go away. Has anyone else noticed anything similar? What exactly are they changing as part of this fix that could result in this kind of observation? Am going to take the car back to demonstrate this to them. If the decide to hold the car again I'll be demanding another like for like replacement from their supplier Enterprise
  3. So mines gone in as of yesterday for a service and the recall, seeing as the car never came back same day turns out it does need the recall now that they've checked it, so got a call from Enterprise saying they're looking for a car for me as they dont have one right now (blimey!), but I've told BMW RECALL that it needs to 5 series size (or bigger), and Enterprise also know too, lets see what turns up. (Apparently because I have the BMW warranty, which I extended beyond the AUC warranty, I am eligible for another BMW or "Premium" hire car, it wont be a Ford/Vauxhall or whatever else they mightve sent me.) Edit: So there arent any 5 series I am told, theyre giving me a 3 series until a 5 become available. The 3 should come anytime now. Find it odd that there arent any 5's in the entire company that are available, they claim theyre all out on loan for recall jobs. Really?! Or are they/someone trying to save a few quid.
  4. Sarjoo

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    This is good to know Matthew thanks, makes a latest gen 540i X Drive seem an even more tasty proposition, even though the heart says F10 M5.
  5. Sarjoo

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Apologies if already answered but was the a definitive outcome of whether this issue with water ingress/grommet also affects the newest shape 5 series the G series? Or is it isolated to the Fxx cars only? Way earlier in the thread someone posted a schematic diagram of the new 5 series which appeared to have the left hand steering column gap in the grommit area, but wasnt clear if the same design flaws around water evacuation were still present?
  6. Just read a thread on another site where others had the same understanding as me, but it seems to be a more recent change where now even the monthly policies can and do go up periodically but only by a small amount, whereas the annual one might jump at a more alarming rate.
  7. Folks, I have an mondial BMW insured warranty active on my car, and its running as the monthly direct debit versus the annual lump sum payment. (Not made any claims if of relevance.) The reason I did that this time was because I had been under the impression that the monthly costs do NOT change as the car ages but if you go for the annual one it DOES go up year on year. Turns out that the BMW warranty folk have sent me a letter notifying me of a direct debit increase next month, which coincides with the annual date pretty much. Am I missing something here? Wasn't one of the reasons to go for the monthly direct debit to safe guard against annual increases!! Fairly sure I've read that a few times online (whereas previously I had always sided with the annual option.)
  8. Sarjoo

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    An F10 M5 is becoming very appealing to me, for the current used prices its a lot of car for the money and I will happily overlook the small issue of water ingress now that I know to look for it and how to fix it. Might even be able to make sure the selling dealership empties out the "grommet leaf storage area" before pick up as a prerequisite to sale
  9. Sarjoo

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Absolutely, none of us should have to monitor this or even have to worry about routine maintenance to include it but, as things stands, unless the issue becomes classified as a recall or a design defect or covered under warranty or something, we don’t seem to have much choice than protect our cars from ingress of water i was oblivious to this issue despite the lengthy thread existing, only when I accidentally noticed the wet carpet, I initially put it down to a water bottle or something but then I realised I had seen something on the forum to do with wet carpets and so the rest is history. Am even partially tempted to switch the car for a newer model 5 series if they’re not suffering from the same lol
  10. Sarjoo

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Ah right, damn shame I totally overlooked that particular step, oddly also as I cleaned the grommit and surrounding area I could really feel any hole for draining. I remember trying to blindly feel around for gunk and didn’t stumbled across that drain . will just monitor the carpets now and see if they ever get damp again I guess and if so will go back in again
  11. Happened to stumbled upon this little nugget when checking the MOT dates for my F10 2013 520D ED model. The website was https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk Anyone know what this was, or had the same? Outstanding recall found There's an outstanding manufacturer's safety recall on BMW 520 [Registration was here]. The vehicle has been recalled since at least 11 January 2019. Contact a BMW dealership to arrange for repairs. If you've had the recalled component repaired recently, it can take up to three weeks for the manufacturer to update their records.
  12. Sarjoo

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Hi Matthew. Knew I would forget something sadly no I didn’t check anything drainage areas, when I had a feel around as I cleaned the grommit area I could really feel any sludge or the like in and around it. Couldn’t feel a channel either. Is the drainage channel you refer only accessible when the cover is off, because mine is now reasssembled to the bulkhead. i am hoping the drilled holes and trimmed seal behind the removable cover do enough to do away with the issue for some time.
  13. Sarjoo

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Noticed another load of waterey dampness on the floor carpets of the rear passenger footwell. So decided it was about time to tackle this. So having now finally got round to having a go...everything everyone said was pretty spot on: the job isn’t as bad as it sounds, the cover is a pig to refit, etc etc. Thanks for the invaluable info on the thread! So what I discovered was some fairly dark and fairly deep tide marks. Will try to attach some pics. The strange thing was that there wasn’t much in the way of leaves and gunk in there. I used a wetwipe to clean the grommit area a little. Also drilled a wide hole in the plate as per what others have done on this thread. Also cut a section of the seal to try and make an easier escape route for water, as per other photos on this thread also. Remains to be seen if this has fixed my issues. Not sure it will because I didn’t that much leaves/gunk in there. But can’t have hurt to get this done. if this hasn’t fixed the issue any idea what else could cause water coming into just the rear floor carpet on the passsenger side. Does seem dry. Will check other carpet sections too for clues.
  14. Sarjoo

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    I may be wrong but don't think u need to move the piece you marked with a red square, what u do possibly want to remove is the large acoustic engine cover, from my scan through the pages on this thread. I am yet to identify the actual cover plate under which the grommet lives, but I believe it might be visible from above without moving any bits....or at least I think I have seen the plate in question. What was more of interest was mine seems to only have one or two of the four bolts holding it on....the top side seemed slightly ajar as if there isnt a torx screw holding it. Edit: In fact dont think even the other picture u posted needs removing, again may be wrong but sounded from others like you can get to the cover plate which is way further down, and to the left of your circled picture....and it'll be more accessible if you take the acoustic cover off (only)
  15. Sarjoo

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Yes it definitely needs addressing, I think it's going to wait till the weekend giving me time to re-read this thread, and get ready for it (gather info like torx size, etc etc). My main concern is being able to put the blanking plate thing back on, if I can't get it on, is the car still ok to use temporarily? Probably not ideal but shouldn't affect things aside from more noise in light of the missing plate. When I had a visual check today from above, there are a lot of leaves/etc in the deep drain channels near each hood hinge, particularly the nearside hinge/grommit side. Leads me to expect a lot of leafy rubbish inside the grommit area too. The rear passenger footwell on the other hand seems a little drier today, nothing like the other day, so maybe my issue isnt that bad (yet!)