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  1. Kjartan Einarsson

    My Norwegian E39 With Many pictures

    Got any link to those led stripes? And DIY for those?
  2. Kjartan Einarsson

    Door sill rubber replacement?

    Really £80? Shipping cost for this item to Iceland ( 3x longer than UK) is only £35 for me.
  3. Kjartan Einarsson

    Door sill rubber replacement?

    You can get 99% of the parts in your car new from http://schmiedmann.com/5_series/E39.htm and often chose between 3rd party, OEM or Original. 4 day shipping time, the time it takes schmiedmann to get them from BMW in Germany. https://www.schmiedmann.com/en/product/1846-new?product=51-47-2-695-671 Awsome webshop, to easy to go to realoem.com and copy a partnumber and then order it there, have spent thousand of € there last 2 years.
  4. Kjartan Einarsson

    Door sill rubber replacement?

    Find your car on Realoem based on VIN number, and there you find all you need. https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DD41-EUR-01-1996-E39-BMW-523i&diagId=51_2281
  5. Kjartan Einarsson

    OEM Front Plate Plinth Fitment

    I did drill mine on, and nothing behind in the bumper to be worried about. I than double the plate on the bumper plinth.
  6. Kjartan Einarsson

    Central locking intermittent

    I have simular issue on my E39. In every 10th - 15th time the passenger door does not unlock. All I have to do is lock again and the open, than all 4 doors unlock. I have put new actuator and lock mechanism but still the same problem. Any suggestions?
  7. Kjartan Einarsson

    Best place to get Genuine Bonnet Badges & Emblems

    www.schmiedmann.com I use for all me genuine BMW parts and also the 3rd party.
  8. Kjartan Einarsson

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    No something I did "today" but rather last weeks. Finished to wrap the car in Avery Dennison high gloss white, added M-tech bumpers front and back, OEM Shadow-line list inside out, new Hella front and taillights and smoked side blinkers, new mirrors and some more goody.
  9. Kjartan Einarsson

    Black exhaust tips seen here, where to buy?

    I saw this photo in the thread "what did you do for your e39 today" and did send the owner message but he has not been on here for weeks/months. It was bought in the UK, does anyone know where?