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  1. Djimyh

    xtrons PB7839BP

    What's the model no. Please
  2. Djimyh

    530d oil filters and aux belts

    Rob It's literally just turned up Thanks Imran
  3. Djimyh

    530d oil filters and aux belts

    Hi Rob, Do you have a tracking number or anything for the parcel, still waiting on it? Regards Imran
  4. Djimyh

    530d oil filters and aux belts

    Was looking at getting a new belt, I'll taken them off you!
  5. Djimyh

    530d loss of power on incline

    Hi, that's exactly what I did. Took the sensor off and it worked absolutely fine, took the MAF off and made no difference so replaced and can happily day it's been fine every since, touch wood!!
  6. Djimyh

    530d loss of power on incline

    Update Changed the fuel pressure sensor and everything seems fine (touch wood). Responsive and figures seem fine... Hopefully this is the end of my problems - pray for me Pic is on idle. On drive the pre supply doesn't drop below 3.2bar but comes back up swiftly
  7. Djimyh

    530d loss of power on incline

    Right guys I'm moving somewhere now, hopefully... In response to Clavrion the pressure was 0.3 on ACC/ignition/and rev to 3000. I Just took the sensor out and I got the error code fuel injection on the Speedo. However the pre supply pressure went straight up to 4.0 and jumped to 4.36 at one point. There seems to be no problems with the car now, no loss in power at all. Drove it for 20 miles was fine. Plugged the sensor back in jumped to 4.2bar stayed over 4 for about a mile then slowly dropped and I lost power again - back to 0.3. Seems like it's a faulty sensor must have got knocked when the fuel filter was changed. Stew99 I'll fill the tank Tomo and see what happens with the sensor of, of it makes any difference... Also there are no bubbles in the fuel lines at all that was the first think I checked. I'm going to leave the sensor off all day tomorrow, run it normally see if I get any problems. You guys think that's wise to do? Cheers so much for your help!!!
  8. Djimyh

    530d loss of power on incline

    Can't hear anything really near the pump, just about get a vague whirring noise - not too sure what I'm hearing for tbh anyway
  9. Djimyh

    530d loss of power on incline

    There's about a quarter tank in the car, it's not making any funny noises but I've not checked if it's primed - I'll go check that now. Seems strange how it was working fine, until I got the fuel filter changed - mind boggling how these things happen!
  10. Djimyh

    530d loss of power on incline

    Hi I've taken some pictures of the sensor and supply pressure on ignition 1/2 please see attached
  11. Djimyh

    530d loss of power on incline

    I'm out at the moment guys, I'll sort it tomorrow and send some pics of that's ok - thank you very much P.s the sensor at the top of the fuel filter seems fine but I'll get some pics taken
  12. Hi guys need some serious help Just did a a service and changed the fuel filter (want giving issues but thought why not). Now the car randomly lost power on an uphill incline, and after a few mins of driving power came back. This happened a few times - thought it was the fuel filter so swapped out back to the old one and drive fine for a while day then presented with the same problem. On a side note this problem never occurred before. Got Error code as pictured 4704 on the new filter as well as the old one after I put it back in. The power now sporadically comes back and goes, sometimes on start won't rev past 3000rpm. The car starts up fine all the time though no problem on that end... Any ideas guys??
  13. Well this drain the battery much. It seems to go on longer and sound louder than it did before...
  14. Hi Just changed the battery on my brother E39 2002 525d, when we switched the car off the was a fairly loud whirring noise near the passenger side wing... Is it to do with the REST hearing function? Mine isn't as loud and his never was... Or could it be something else Thanks
  15. Will that dual exhaust fit on a 530d? Sent from my Moto G (5) using Tapatalk

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