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  1. domt101

    Replacement folding wing mirrors

    I have a set from Teddy at SSDD (i'm fairly sure these are the same) and they were a straight plug and play. Had them on the car for a year now and have worked well so far. I will say you can kinda feel the lack in quality so might agree with Paddy that they potentially wont last long.
  2. domt101

    523i sudden cut out

    Yeah I'd agree and say its most likely the cam position sensor(s) could be inlet, outlet or both. Had the EXACT same symptoms with mine and had codes for both cam sensors being faulty. Got new ones from BMW worked a treat!
  3. domt101

    Manual Transmission Fluid

    True, just feel like it's usually a rip off going to the dealers when you can get more or lest the same oil for much less
  4. domt101

    Manual Transmission Fluid

    I know the whole "lifetime fluid" in the transmission isn't correct and as my BMW E39 530i is coming up to 100k miles i want to do gearbox fluid change. Opie Oils suggest the Motul 75w 80 ( https://www.opieoils.co.uk/pv-166225-motul-motyl-gear-sae-75w-80-fully-synthetic-car-gearbox-oil.aspx ) and wanted to know if any has had any experience with this oil? I've heard it might not be great when the gearbox is cold? Any suggestion on the best oil to use/ experience with any manual transmission oils?
  5. I recently bought a pair of m5 mirrors from Teddy at SSDD and the driver side works perfectly (folds in, mirror moves) however the passenger side doesn't do anything, doesn't fold up with the drivers nor can i adjust the glass electrically. My old ones worked fine so i don't know if anyone has any suggestions??
  6. domt101

    PDC Not Working

    My PDC stopped working and found one of the front sensors wasn't working (wasn't making the "clicking" noise). I've replaced it with a Stark one from Germany, not OEM but not some cheap one off ebay. The sensor "clicks" now indicating it would but my PDC still doesnt work! Any help on how to get my PDC working again??
  7. domt101

    M5 Retrofit

    Hi Guys, I've had a look through the forums and i know this has been ask before but i wanted to make sure. I have a 530i m sport and with electric folding/heated/auto dimming mirrors but I'm thinking of retrofitting aftermarket m5 mirrors, either from SSDD or ebay. As mine are already electric would it be a simple plug and play?? Also on the SSDD websites there's with and without memory glass, is this if your car has memory seats?? Also I've read problems about people receiving LHD versions.
  8. domt101

    M5 Lower Grill

    I would order from BMW if it was like the ebay one, i.e. full mesh. I know blocking the brake ducts probably wont do an awful lot but i'd rather keep it, i mean bmw must have out them there for a reason. So if i got the M5 one from BMW i'd have to put those horrible (my opinion) holes in each side. And yeah i've read its good to get the metal star clips.
  9. domt101

    M5 Lower Grill

    Has anyone had any experience/fitted one of these lower grills...? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/182590032936 I want to replace my t-bar grill on my 530i m sport bumper but don't want those "sink holes" for the brake cooling ducts
  10. domt101

    530i Intermittent starting/stalling issue

    Got inlet and exhaust sensor codes when I plugged it in. Happy days now I can changed them. Strange how it doesn't throw up an engine light though
  11. domt101

    530i Intermittent starting/stalling issue

    Fair enough, getting my mates OBD see if it comes up with any codes
  12. domt101

    530i Intermittent starting/stalling issue

    You guys say check the codes, and that's what other forums have said. But surely if there was a code I'd get a check engine light? Oddly in this case I think I'd like a light so I could confirm that is is the cam sensor (or something else) rather than an educated guess.
  13. I have a e39 530i (76000 miles on the clock) with a slight issue. It starts perfectly every time from cold. However after it heats up and I turn it off to go into the shops come back and 'sometimes' it takes a fair few cranks (5-10 seconds) before it starts. Also very rarely it stalls at low speeds, starts up fine though. NO WARNING LIGHTS. I've done A LOT of forum searching and I think it may be a faulty camshaft position sensor and wanted to see if anyone has had a similar issue before I buy an OEM sensor?