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  1. mtecr5

    Need to change ALL locks and keys.

    Totally understand where you are coming from, but for me the pleasure of owning and driving the beast is one of the few pleasures i enjoy everyday. thanks for the advice, thing is i do use a quality steering lock, but kinda off redundant when the scum just broke in to the house and had grabbed all the keys. think next thing on list my will be to adopt the Mr Bean method, take the steering wheel off when not in use. lol
  2. mtecr5

    Need to change ALL locks and keys.

    hi, yes it is, but am investigating options and the costs against having to pay excess, loss of 3 yr ncd and loading my insurance for the next 5 years. new keys and cylinders not an issue, but does it effect the ECU also?
  3. mtecr5

    Need to change ALL locks and keys.

    but then the coded out keys can still be used to gain access i.e. open doors, boot and glove box right?
  4. Hi, help needed urgently. i am a proud owner of a 2002 e39 M5, been so for the last 4 years, can't think of a better all round sweet spot place to be. my nightmare started a few days ago, when some less than desirables broke into my home, having ransacked the home and grabbing the keys to my pride and joy parked outside. When my wife got home the shock off the intrusion was a heart breaking sight, she called me at work and broke the bad news, then the BAD news, they had made away with the m5 , Gutted gutted and gutted. i called on a few friends and family to put the word out, to see if any body had not so much seen as heard the beast, as am running a full Eisenmann race exhaust, and the norm is, you can hear the v8 burble before its arrived. to my dismay, NOTHING!!!!!!!. But as some of the young are so clicked into Social networking, the news was cast, and in 24 hours the beast was located, AMAZING!!!!!! some eagle eyed salt of the earth pitched in, and the friends rallied, quick response to the location, boxed the beast in, called the blues and in 45 minutes was secured away to the forensics. HOORAY!!!!!!!!! BIG BIG UP to all who networked. so now whilst the blues dust for clues, here is my problem, NO KEYS, all lost to the scum that trespassed on my family home. the scum still have all the keys. help and advice needed- do i need to change all the locks, doors, boot, ignition, and ECU?. is it purely a dealer solution, or can i source other options? any and all advice, help will be most gladly appreciated. thank you.
  5. mtecr5

    Genuine e39 m5 style 65s

    hi, still available?