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  1. Hudds.taz

    Changing Rear Brake Pads

    I went with Pagid pal
  2. Hudds.taz

    Changing Rear Brake Pads

    I had mine done last weekend as only had 800 miles showing left cost me £45 for pads and sensor and had my mate at local garage change them for £30 total £75. BMW wanted around £200!
  3. Hudds.taz

    off to pastures new

    I do like this which is why I’m thinking of waiting to make sure my new one has it
  4. Hudds.taz

    off to pastures new

    Wow almost the exact spec is looking at except don’t want panoramic roof. I’m also considering the 6 series GT but it’s a bit marmite. What’s the 40d like on fuel I currently have the 30d
  5. Hudds.taz

    off to pastures new

    I’m thinking of moving to an X3 next what spec have you got?
  6. Hudds.taz

    Windscreens, FYI

    I had the same wait as you, although I don’t have the HUD I still got a BMW windscreen instead of some OEM I seem to remember mine may have had something to do with having ICONS although I’m probably completely wrong
  7. Hudds.taz

    G32 First Service

    Exactly what I did you can add it up to the first service I only managed to get 2 services due to the miles I do but still better off than having to pay for them it seems a no brained
  8. Hudds.taz

    Wheel Corrosion

    I’ve had my fronts changed at BMW and are fine this one is rear and still on original tyres
  9. Hudds.taz

    Wheel Corrosion

    I wash it myself and never use acid based for the exact reason you state I always use a fallout remover all the other weeks are perfect with no blemish
  10. Hudds.taz

    Wheel Corrosion

    Hi Guys, anyone else suffering the above on the 20” wheels? Mine was in for a service yesterday and I told them and they have agreed to replace under warranty.
  11. Hudds.taz

    Handing back

    I used this when I handed my wife’s car back https://www.bvrla.co.uk/fleet-services/fair-wear-and-tear.html I was advised to not dispute anything they claim isn’t wear and tear which we had a few of and never got a bill. Hope that helps
  12. Hudds.taz

    Headlight beam converters?

    Couldn’t agree more it’s the first thing I’d spec
  13. Hudds.taz

    Collection advice

    Hood! When did you become American?
  14. Hudds.taz

    Joining the G30 Club (Hopefully)

    I’m only going by what I’ve read, agree it’s all subjective just seem to have read more bad things than good about the standard ones.
  15. Hudds.taz

    Joining the G30 Club (Hopefully)

    Agree about both M sport plus and Adaptive LED’s I’ve seen a few posts about how poor the standard LED’s are