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  1. Hi I've recently purchased 2004/54 Bmw 525d manual bought this car off a friend to tow my Trailor the car is really slow and has no power fault code that come up on reader p14a7 any ideas wot this could be
  2. Anth Greenwood

    535d actuator vacuum hose size and replacement

    Hi mate don't no if u can Help me my Car has no flat spots etc still fast of the mark and still gets to top speed etc etc mine is the 55 reg 535d it's had the dpf removed and was remapped when I purchased it so put the car on my friends rolling road and it only made 297bhp which a 535d remapped is anywhere from 330bhp upwards so tried mapping the car again and still only made the same bhp I've ordered new vacum silicone hoses just in case it's them that's at fault can u point me in the right direction what else to check on my car all the help would be grateful thanks mate
  3. Anth Greenwood

    Help 535d down on bhp :(

    Just looked under car on ramp and noticed it wasn't there and also the stage 1 map on the car had a dpf delete
  4. Anth Greenwood

    Help 535d down on bhp :(

    This has got my brain rattling need to get to the bottom of it car still pulls like a train to top speeds with no faults at all just it's should be at least 350 bhp and it was on rolling road and only made 297 bhp surely if it was vacum pipes it would run different and not let me go full chat
  5. Anth Greenwood

    Help 535d down on bhp :(

    Has yours still got the cat near turbo mate? I think it could be vacum pipe issues not sure yet or cat blocked am I right that dpf is under neath car and cat is on side of the engine near turbo ?
  6. Anth Greenwood

    Help 535d down on bhp :(

    Had it checked no faults I have ordered some new silicone vacum hoses old 1s look crispy so hopefully that might sort the car out also I still have the cat near the turbo on side of engine could that be blocked ?
  7. Anth Greenwood

    Help 535d down on bhp :(

    Hi every 1 bought my 55reg Bmw 535d 268bhp 2 weeks ago the man told me it was standard what he knew of and he owned the car nearly 5 year when I got the car home I noticed the dpf had gone and pipes were welded in its place also he said it wasn't remapped so I went to get the car remapped to find out it's already stage 1 with swirl flap and dpf delete so he tried his map on the car and it didn't feel any quicker than what it was when I 1st got it we also today 5/02/17 had the car on the rolling road and only made 297bhp I thought this should be 330bhp upwards and the torque was down has any 1 else on here had this problem. All your help would be gratefull find the rolling road print out attached thanks in advance