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  1. Hi GuysHope someone can help me.I have a E90 320d 2007. The ecu got wet and car wouldn't start. so purchased a second hand ecu with cas and key. The case and ecu is from a E91. Installed them and the car starts and drives fine, however a few faults have occurred. I have the DSC Light on, mileage has changed and the steering wheel feels heavy. I have been told that it needs programming with correct vin. Can someone point me in the right direction please. When i scanned it the code below was shown. Used Ista+ V4.07.22005E1F - DSC: Control Unit: Incorrect Vehicle Identification number, calibration required.
  2. I have E60 520d 2007. Currently have 41F2 code. I have read online that it maybe related to the radiator fan or the blower fan for the heater. I have never heard the fan come on, car does not overheat. The only thing is once in a while the heater comes on by it self. Wondering if it is that blower regulator. Changed the EGR thermostat and main thermostat 2 months ago. Checked the fuses for the fan and they are ok. 41BA Particulate Filter, exhaust backpressure sensor 41F2 Electric Fan Activation 480A Particulate Filter system 481A Particulate Filter system
  3. luv2vexx

    E60 520d High Battery Drain

    Hi Yes you are right it is at the back of the unit. I couldn't find a fan anywhere so i just purchased a second hand ccc for £95. i wonder if it is serviceable. i just want the issue fixed. Many garages could not find a fault and kept telling me it was a bad battery.
  4. luv2vexx

    E60 520d High Battery Drain

    Hi Just a quick update. Last night i took out Fuse 34 & Fuse 77. Left the battery connected from 10pm to 7am this morning and the car started. no battery drain. Look like my CCC is faulty. The fan stays on which i think is draining the battery. I have ordered an used CCC from eBay. In the mean time i will drive the car like that and monitor the voltage in the evening when the car is sleeping. I just wont have the radio or i drive working. Will install and get it coded, so i will update you soon.
  5. luv2vexx

    E60 520d High Battery Drain

    Right over the weekend i did a parasitic draw test by my self. Let the car sleep for about 30 min. Got my multi meter and put it on to the battery and on the ground. The draw was 4.85a. Took each fuse out of the glove box / Rear compartment and found out which fuses caused the draw. having all these fuse out it dropped to 0.32a. The car would start but would the dash lights would stay off, i drive off and central locking, interior lights do not work. Fuse 18 Fuse 29 Fuse 34 Fuse 74 Fuse 77 Does Anyone know what these fuses relate to? I know for a fact the radio fan stays on and draws current. The instrument cluster may have a problem but i dont notice any fault with it. attached is a fuse diagram from my car. can anyone tell me what they relate to?
  6. luv2vexx

    E60 520d High Battery Drain

    The codes that came up from inpa is attached. 19.03.17.pdf
  7. luv2vexx

    E60 520d High Battery Drain

    car was coded about 4 months with digital dash. and last week clearing error with inpa after seats were changed.
  8. luv2vexx

    E60 520d High Battery Drain

    i dont use any Bluetooth diagnostic. Got a call this morning from the garage and they seem to think it is the cas module that is not going to sleep. They want £600 to fix the problem. i dont think it is the cas. The fuse box in the glove no41 seems to draw power which is the instrument cluster.
  9. Hi GuysE60 520d 2007 lciThis is driving me crazy. Had the car for about 5 months until this problem occurred. One day i woke up and saw a high battery drain on my idrive. That particular day it was cold but the car started everytime displaying the high battery drain message and the time will reset. Drove the car for about a month after that message and it was ok until one morning the car wouldn't start at all. no dash lights nothing. Would only jump start using another vehicle. The car would then drive fine the whole day until i leave it over night for about 7 hours. So i did some research online and alot of people pin pointed out to a faulty IBS sensor or a bad battery. They were both changed and it made no difference. For some reason the car if not going to sleep. did a few test with multi meter and is currently draining at 6amps. Fulling out the fuse one by one and found that the fuse in the glove box - Fuse 41 -7.5 , when i take that out the amp does drop to 0.85MARecently had leather seats installed and came with air bag error but i cleared it with inpa. Passenger seat mat seems to be faulty ,would this have anything to do with it?Inpa codes found:SZL - 951ADME/DDE - 3F01Car i currently with local garage and still waiting on investigation.BMW at Harold Wood had the car for 2 days and could not find the fault. They charge £180 an hour so i gave up after the 2 days. costing me alot of money already.Any help will be much appreciated.
  10. luv2vexx

    E60 Heating Problem

    Many thanks for your reply's. It turned out to be the EGR thermostat. I got the old one out and i could blow through it, so it was knackered. Car back up running nice and hot again. Did a test and it was going up to 93c
  11. luv2vexx

    E60 Heating Problem

    HiI am new here and starting to learn about these cars. I have a 520D 2007.Recently my car heating system has been failing and getting luke warm in the car after hours of driving. So i read a few threads online and thought i go ahead and change the main thermostat. After installing the new one it made no difference. Maybe i bought the rubbish part from Eurocarparts - Circoli Thermostat. So i goes to my local indy and he said the part maybe rubbish or it may be my EGR thermostat. I didnt want to waste more money on parts i dont require so i did the hidden menu test. This morning the car started at 13c. Drove 8 miles to work about 46min and the temperature got to 80c. i dont know if i should change both thermostat with oem part. Anyone can help me. Thank you