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  1. Kalpesh

    Crankcase Breather advice needed

    I agree with you on removing the inlet manifold. Thanks for the info Kalp
  2. Hi, My Crankcase breather needs replacing and with the dealerships shut, I have been looking at alternative sources and need advice for the following: Has any body any good or bad experience with using https://bmwsupply.co.uk ? Are branded parts such as Febi, Meyle ok to use as I can find those on ebay/Autodoc? Many thanks Kalp
  3. Kalpesh

    E39 pre-facelift lip spoiler

    I, I'm on the hunt for an Alpina front lip spoiler. Can anyone please recommend a seller where there wasnt any major fitment issues, I understand they're not perfect fitment but I don't want to end up with a larger labour bill than necessary at the body shop to get it to fit right Thanks Kalp
  4. Kalpesh

    Ignition key help - What are my options?

    Hi I will give this a go Thanks
  5. Kalpesh

    Ignition key help - What are my options?

    Sorry ive been unable to post until now. I've put all the keys next to each other: 1- Remotely unlocks and starts the engine. (Forgot to add earlier that this key also does total closure to all Windows and sunroof) 2- unlocks the door by drivers door barrel. Does not start the car. This key came with the car when I bought it. 3- Replacement key ordered using chassis no with Main Dealer. Same function as key no. 2.
  6. Kalpesh

    Ignition key help - What are my options?

    When i bought the car, I got one key that remotely unlocks & starts the car. This key does not unlock the via the door barrel The other key unlocks via the door barrel and does not start the car.
  7. Kalpesh

    Ignition key help - What are my options?

    Must have been done by a previous owner. I can't see BMW incorrectly cutting the key when it unlocks/locks from the barell on the drivers door. What about ordering the correct barell for the Ignition, how much of a headache would that be to install? I presume it would need coding too?
  8. Kalpesh

    Ignition key help - What are my options?

    I'm really sorry but I haven't written this post well at all. The replacement key from BMW when placed in the barrel does not turn into 1st position. It only unlocks & locks manually. Thanks
  9. Kalpesh

    Ignition key help - What are my options?

    Hi I got a key ordered through BMW and gave them the chassis number to have it made. I just can't figure out why it won't start the car? Thanks for your replies
  10. Hello, I recently lost my key, the "spare" I got when I bought the car let's me manually unlock the car only. Bracing myself about the cost of the replacement I remembered I had a certain policy that I didn't cancel on time. I rang them up and they approved the cost of the replacement. I had to wait a couple of days for the replacement, in that time my lost key was found. A day later went to pick up the new key, came home put the new key away safely as I had my "main" key in my possession again. A little time later spotted the new key and thought I'd program it, only to find out that the new key did nothing apart from slot into the ignition barrel. - My "main remotely unlocks/locks & Starts the engine. - The second key that came with the car, unlocks/locks the car through the barrel on the door. - The replacement key unlocks/locks the car through the barrel on the door. So I'm lost and don't know what to do, next time I lose my key I might not be so lucky to find it and having 2 additional keys that won't even start the engine will cause me some stress. Any advice please? Thanks Kalp
  11. Kalpesh

    Rear sill welding

    Hi, can you remember where you bought these from as I need the same and live in Bolton. thanks
  12. Kalpesh

    V8 Valve Covers

    Hi Are the 540i pre-vanos valve covers the same as the vanos ones? Thanks Kalp
  13. Kalpesh

    Brand New Camshaft Position Sensor problem

    I paid at the time £102 inc delivery