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  1. Misterbish

    Merry Christmas!!

    Merry Christmas to all
  2. Misterbish

    Red steering lock fault symbol returns!

    Nearly 2 years ago i parked my car at night with the steering on full lock, returned to the car and had the dreaded Red Steering Lock Fault, was lucky as the car started ok, got home and re-set the ELV counter with Tool32, but ever since then i was still getting the occasional yellow steering lock fault show up, even though i was very careful to park with the steering always in the straight position, so i guess the damage was already done. 2 weeks ago i bought a ELV bypass and its been fine ever since, very simple to fit. Remove trim from under the steering wheel Insert fob Press start button without touching the brake pedal Steering lock is now released, pull the electrical connector from ELV Remove fob(steering lock remains in unlocked mode) Connect ELV bypass Re-set ELV counter with Tool32 and clear error codes You are now good to go....
  3. Misterbish

    2 front pdc sensors not reading. E60

    I just checked and the seller isn't on Ebay anymore
  4. Misterbish

    2 front pdc sensors not reading. E60

    I bought some nearly 2 years ago and they have been fine, i think they cost me £7.99 each, i painted them myself to match my car, note that pre-lci and lci are totally different.
  5. Misterbish

    Bonnet cable.

    Yup been there done that grrr, tip is to zip tie the drivers side bonnet release cable on to the release latch to stop this happening again.
  6. Misterbish

    Help! fit sport steering wheel with paddle

    I have personally fitted a SE and Msport Lci steering wheels on my pre-lci SE. The only difference is E60's that use a normal key and not the fob(start/stop button) then the steering wheels are different.
  7. Misterbish

    Running Temperature / Thermostat Issue?

    BMW thermostats didn't even last a year before going faulty again, opted for the Reno 5 inline thermostat mod, 3 years down the road and all is still well
  8. Misterbish

    Help! fit sport steering wheel with paddle

    Do paddles work with a pre-lci with the mechanical shifter?
  9. Misterbish

    Canbus colours?

    On my Pre-Lci they are black and yellow twisted
  10. Misterbish

    Pre LCI Comfort seats retrofit

    If they go backwards and forwards then they are classed as fully electric, so that should make your job a lot easier, you might have to add some wiring for the seat memory function to work. Then as you know some coding so you can bring the seat settings up in the Idrive.
  11. Misterbish

    Pre LCI Comfort seats retrofit

    Are you current seats part or fully electric?
  12. Misterbish

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Flew through the MOT today, even got a compliment from the MOT guy, not bad for 147,000 miles, no EGR or DPF
  13. Misterbish

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    Don't really know, the transmission to me now works perfectly since i changed all the seals, i am running a stage 2 tune on my transmission so its not exactly factory standard, i would expect that to have an influence on the numbers....
  14. Misterbish

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    Here is what my adaptations showing....