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  1. Misterbish

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    Well its been well over a month now and nearly 1,500 miles later and my transmission is a sweat as a nut, i'm really happy the surging and fluctuating revs hasn't returned when going up the same incline on the motorway when using cruise control, i was worried i would need a new torque converter, but i glad its all sorted now. So well worth changing the bridge and sleeve seals.
  2. Misterbish

    Quiet Tyres?

    I switched from always using part worn premium tyres to budgets this time, the reason being part worn prices are getting stupid, i settled for Landsail LS588 with an economy and wet rating of B and 68dB for only £55 each delivered, done a few hundred miles on them in some very wet conditions and are very happy with them.
  3. Misterbish


    +1 i hate having to break in new tires
  4. Misterbish

    Fitting M sport steering wheel to SE

    On my 2006 530D SE pre LCI i have fitted a standard LCI SE wheel(bigger airbag) and a LCI Msport wheel with no problems
  5. Misterbish

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Just ordered myself of 80w for my LCI halogen headlamps, the ones i have fitted now were bought 2 years ago but i cant remember the wattage.
  6. Misterbish

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    I update and install apps on my headunit by connecting to my wifi at home, while the car is parked in the drive.
  7. Misterbish

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    I hope not lol because i supplied the pan and ZF fluid myself when i had the garage do the transmission service at 125k and looking at the Youtube video i used as a guide, the fluid is the same color.
  8. Misterbish

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    Well the stage 2 tune tightens up the gear changes in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gives it a more sporty feel, 4th, 5th and 6th are unchanged, the torque converter is meant to lock up quicker and you get a gear indicator on the info screen between the clocks. More info can be found HERE The bridge seal was easy pull off and fit the new seal. i had a small issue with the longest valve body sealing sleeve, it wouldn't come out i had to take it out in pieces, but got there eventually. I thought that too, because ZF fluid is a translucent yellow color, i just put it down to old oil, it didn't smell burnt or anything. When adjusting the fluid levels and letting the access fluid drain out, it was already changing color to brownish red.
  9. Misterbish

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    Mine has always done that, it wont go into 1st until the car fully stops, so it gets confused sometimes and drops to first as you a accelerate if the car was still crawling forward at the time, i have tried a few things without success. Re-set the adaptions Software update on the transmission Stage 2 tune from XHP.
  10. Misterbish

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    Hi I thought i took photos of the mechatronics unit, but cant find them, with regards to the solenoids i didn't check them as the Youtube video i followed stated they would throw a trouble code if they were going bad. This Youtube video is very good, this guy really knows his stuff. I really hope i have cured the flucatating RPM's, if not its going to be a new torque converter.
  11. Misterbish

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    I finally got around to doing my transmission yesterday, i paid a garage to give it a fluid and sump change nearly 2 years ago at 125k its now on 147k and it seemed to make a big difference to the car, but lately i have noticed while cruising along the motorway going up a slight incline the RPM was fluctuating, it would always do it on the same stretch of motorway and i also noticed that when selecting reverse it was starting to take longer to engage , while giving it an oil service 2 weeks ago i noticed there was an oil leak coming from the transmission, it could of been from the mechatronics sleeve, so i decided a transmission full service was required. So after a lot or research and advice taken from this Youtube channel, i decided to tackle the job myself. It wasn't the easiest of jobs as i did it on my driveway and there wasn't much wriggle room under the car. The only real problem i ran into was the mechatronics sleeve, i had to remove the rear transmission mount to help remove and re-fit, need small hands really . Box of transmission goodies arrived last week, obtained from this vendor located in Germany. Ebay Listing On removal of the sump pan i couldn't see hardly any particles on the 2 magnets, which can't be a bad thing The oil was still quite clean and didn't have any burning smell to it. So i have had time to test and can thankfully say the fluctuating RPM has now gone when going up the same incline on the motorway, and the torque converter feels like it locks up a lot quicker, with nice a smooth gear changes, i didn't reset my transmission adaptations and used 6.5ltr of oil.
  12. Misterbish

    E60 530D

  13. Misterbish

    Who's fitted eibach springs to their sport?

    i didn't really notice any difference on the straights with regards to a harsher ride, i was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it still was.
  14. Misterbish


    Yes i have Eibach 30mm lower progressive rate springs fitted, i have also run 25mm spacers on the rear with no rubbing, 30mm spacers rubbed to much over potholes.
  15. Misterbish


    I'm running 12mm fronts and 20mm rears on 18" Msport 135 alloys, my car has also been lowered by 30mm(15mm lower than a standard Msport)