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  1. what kind of interior trim does it has?
  2. does it has the M door sills ?
  3. esthero

    E39 interior choices.

    would be great if you can share me the close up photos. My email is enricors@gmail.com Thank you
  4. esthero

    E39 interior choices.

    how much for the set? and is poplar the same as birch ?
  5. esthero

    E39 interior choices.

    Do you still have them? planning to sell ?
  6. Does it has the M door sills? if yes then what's the condition and the price?
  7. esthero

    Regular e39 Power Folding Mirrors

    The one that I bought https://youtu.be/o13IGbXx_5k Manual fold (taken from 528i) vs power fold comparison. You can see the shape difference Again, this is not the 540i / e38 power fold mirror. The size is completely same as stock.
  8. esthero

    Regular e39 Power Folding Mirrors

    from what I heard the base won't fit. CMIIW
  9. esthero

    Regular e39 Power Folding Mirrors

    here's the part number inside the cover and the video of the said mirror power folding. As you can see from the pics and the video, those are not 540i shape mirrors. Does anyone have any info about this? WhatsApp Video 2019-03-04 at 15.32.25.mp4
  10. esthero

    Regular e39 Power Folding Mirrors

    do you have any pics of your mirrors?
  11. I know there are two types of power folding mirrors for e39, the M5 and the 540i types. But do the european market have the option for the stock (non 540i type) mirror to auto fold?I'm talking about the regular 525i 528i 530i shape of mirror Thanks
  12. esthero

    E39 clear out

    how's the condition of the ///M kick plates ?
  13. esthero

    PDC read speaker location is rubbish!

    same with the others, mine is pretty loud even with radio on
  14. just the driver? no passenger?
  15. esthero

    Breaking 528i Biarritz blue touring E39

    Does it has roof spoiler?