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  1. Yes connect the negative on the battery and test again from the car side of the loom not tailgate side. also test from brown/white to the other brown whites. If you have continuity they can be connected together regardless of getting a chassis reading
  2. I believe they are all common earths and all go back to chassis ground so you can connect them up to any of them. if you have a multimeter just test them all the chassis ground. I am 99% Certain they can be connected to each other though.
  3. Hi everyone, I need to remove my front subframe. move down it before using an engine hoist to support the engine as the only lifting eye is right at the front of the engine. this worked ok but was a nuisance underneath the car as the legs of the hoist got in the way. I have an engine support bar but can’t get it to work due to the angle of the front wings and headlights being in the way. ive looked at 3 point support bars like this one https://www.amazon.com/Sunex-International-5207-Transverse-Support/dp/B000TDAHGA but they need to come from America and not 100% sure it will work. ive looked at putting straps round the engine and engine mount arms then straight round the support beam further up but they look like they will damage the plastic parts in the engine bay once tightened up. has anyone come up with anything to do this other than a hoist? any help is appreciated cheers
  4. Maybe the feet on mine aren’t as big as it seems to fit the same. Felt fairly solid once I tightened up so hopefully that will be enough with some wood under the engine just in case.
  5. Thanks for this Gonzo. I have a similar brace but the feet are bigger on mine and don’t sit on that part of the wing structure well and slide off. I will get some pics later with a test fit. this is the bar I have https://www.sealey.co.uk/product/5637187991/engine-support-beam-500kg
  6. Thank you very much for your info. I was unaware of the eye at the back. That helps me a lot. The setup you made does look solid. I managed to find an aftermarket support beam that used the strut towers instead of the wings. It’s was £400 from the U.S though so gave up on that idea! Thanks again
  7. Does anyone have any ideas on this please? Forum searches and google image searches don’t help as none seem to be an m57 Diesel engine with the lifting eye at the front... im considering removing a bellhousing bolt and putting it back in through a chain link to see if I can support it near the back of the engine? any ideas please?
  8. 535dean

    Rear subframe question

    If you google bmw realoem it’s a parts database. you can then check to see if an e60 subframe will fit an e61. I don’t know if they are different apart from the e61 uses air springs so not sure if that changes anything. If you click on the part number of the e60 subframe it will list all other models it fits. hope this helps
  9. Hi everyone, I have a 59 e61 535d lci with active steering. It needs a steering rack due to play in the pinion and rack. Real oem shows different part numbers for the lci and pre lci active steering racks although they look identical. Does anyone know the exact difference between the two? It’s a lot easier to buy a pre lci rack as there are more about (second hand) I was hoping to get the internals swapped between the the two racks. failing that I’m considering converting to a servotronic rack, pump and bottle and recode, has anyone got experience of doing this? thanks for any help in advance cheers
  10. Can anyone help me at all?
  11. Hi everyone my car has a noise when turning right either stationary or at very low speeds. It happens when getting near to full lock and happens when returning to centre from right hand lock as well. It’s sounds like a loud click/ creak noise. All ball joints and arms are ok with no play. The noise sounds like it’s coming from the centre of the car which makes me think it’s in the rack itself. I have removed the rack boots on the tie rods and found the O/S worm gear coming out of the rack housing with orange rusty grease along it. Cleaned this up and re greased but still the same. N/S was fine. Both tie rod ball joints seemed ok as well. Chf fluid level is ok. Has anyone had had problems with active steering racks? All the usual motor factors can’t seem to supply one which is a bit worrying. I have attached a video of the noise. Could it possibly be a problem with the lower steering column assembly with the UJ’s? Any help would be appreciated. cheers 303F06B3-9A59-4587-BB99-910EAF2C204F.MOV
  12. 535dean

    Steering rack what do I have/do

    Hi sorry to hijack the thread but did the clicking noise sound like the file I have uploaded? I only have this noise on right hand lock. I don’t have any vagueness in the steering though. If you have active steering you have the larger reservoir that takes chf fluid. The sport button doesn’t mean you have active steering. Standard rack has the normal smaller reservoir I believe. Sounds stupid but do you have decent tyres with correct pressures? Cheers BB5D7E0F-6247-4712-BD11-DD648D118CAC.MOV
  13. Hi everyone, I am currently repairing the broken wiring in my e61 tailgate. Someone has previously had a go and damaged and bent the metal brackets that’s the looks run in. Im considering using plastic flexible conduit rather than the original bmw brackets. Mainly so the wiring is not as tight and can sit in a more natural position. Has anyone done this? No searches show anything but I can’t be the first person to consider or do this? Any help or input would be grateful. Cheers dean
  14. 535dean

    E61 tailgate hinge brackets

    YesI’ve left enough on the looms. Almost too much as without any trunking it gets caught in the hinges so needs something. The only one that is a bit bit tight is the coax cable. I may drop headlining down a bit to see if I can get some more length on the cable. It was in good condition but for some reason is tight. Thanks
  15. 535dean

    E61 tailgate hinge brackets

    Thanks for the info. I’ve got some decent loom tape and extended all wires around 150mm. Cheers
  16. 535dean

    E61 tailgate hinge brackets

    Thanks I wasn’t aware that people leave them out completely. I knew they were available from bmw but I think they are held to tightly. Especially now after being crimped and soldered. Thanks
  17. 535dean

    Gearbox gremlins

    You need to get the car level and run it up to get the oil warm. Select all all gears and back to park and leave engine running. remove gearbox oil fill plug and oil level should be at the bottom of the fill plug hole. You should have a small dribble of oil run down the casing. i think exact oil temp range is 35/45 degrees but as long as it’s warm will be ok. if you google the zf6hp26 oil fill plug it should show you a picture of it ( I’m not very good at explaining!)
  18. 535dean

    Gearbox gremlins

    Have you checked your gearbox oil level? also do you have any error codes in the transmission?
  19. 535dean

    Anybody had a carbon clean on e60 d

    Having cleaned carbon out of heads and inlet manifolds before I don’t believe. Carbon clean would be worth the money as it will never remove everything. Your better of blanking the egr properly and removing manifold and cleaning properly and investigate the cause of black smoke (most likely an injector or a boost leak causing over fuelling) i was toying with buying an rs4 a little while ago which suffer from carbon problems in the engine. There was a good thread on the rs4 forum where someone removed manifold etc after a carbon clean and it had removed hardly anything. I think they even dynod the car to prove it didn’t do anything. in my opinion it’s a bit like fuel additives etc they are a waste of money but I’m probably wrong!
  20. Hi everyone, i serviced my 09 535d today and noticed some soot around the large actuator arm. have noticed it before but seems a bit worse. Car seems to drive and pull well. Does anyone else suffer with this and did you do anything about it? Thanks in advance. Dean
  21. 535dean

    E61 535d soot around actuator

    Thanks for the reply. Yes i I also wondered if it was to do with dpf back pressure although my pressure readings are well within spec. how bad is the leak on yours? I remember when when I was looking at 535s seeing a few with this issue so must be fairly common? cheers dean
  22. 535dean

    Lost a inlet manifold washer

    I have also dropped one and spent hours searching before. I know use a small amount of superglue to hold them in when I go back on/ remove manifold again.
  23. Hi everyone, i have an 09 e61 535d touring. I have had an error in my ecu for throttle actuator for a while (before car was remapped). The car drives fine and still does dpf regenerations when needed. I’m aware the throttle actuators can get oil in them and causes them to fail. I checked a while ago and had very minimal oil (expected amount) in the boost pipe up to the actuator. I have brought a new throttle and gone to fit it today and found oil everywhere around the throttle actuator. I took the boost pipe of and there is a fair amount of oil in the pipe but still not huge amounts. The car does not smoke and has all of its power. Anyone have any ideas on where I should go now? It already has the modified breather and has regular oil changes and doesn’t seem to be using oil weirdly. I suppose i need need to remove boost pipes from turbos and see if one is showing more signs of failure than the other? Anyone been through similar? Thanks in advance
  24. 535dean

    09 535d possible turbo failure?

    Thanks Jason. I have blanked the swirl flaps off already. I have a tiny bit of oil sweeping through them but nothing major.