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  1. 535dean

    Gearbox gremlins

    You need to get the car level and run it up to get the oil warm. Select all all gears and back to park and leave engine running. remove gearbox oil fill plug and oil level should be at the bottom of the fill plug hole. You should have a small dribble of oil run down the casing. i think exact oil temp range is 35/45 degrees but as long as it’s warm will be ok. if you google the zf6hp26 oil fill plug it should show you a picture of it ( I’m not very good at explaining!)
  2. 535dean

    Gearbox gremlins

    Have you checked your gearbox oil level? also do you have any error codes in the transmission?
  3. 535dean

    Anybody had a carbon clean on e60 d

    Having cleaned carbon out of heads and inlet manifolds before I don’t believe. Carbon clean would be worth the money as it will never remove everything. Your better of blanking the egr properly and removing manifold and cleaning properly and investigate the cause of black smoke (most likely an injector or a boost leak causing over fuelling) i was toying with buying an rs4 a little while ago which suffer from carbon problems in the engine. There was a good thread on the rs4 forum where someone removed manifold etc after a carbon clean and it had removed hardly anything. I think they even dynod the car to prove it didn’t do anything. in my opinion it’s a bit like fuel additives etc they are a waste of money but I’m probably wrong!
  4. 535dean

    E61 535d soot around actuator

    Thanks for the reply. Yes i I also wondered if it was to do with dpf back pressure although my pressure readings are well within spec. how bad is the leak on yours? I remember when when I was looking at 535s seeing a few with this issue so must be fairly common? cheers dean
  5. Hi everyone, i serviced my 09 535d today and noticed some soot around the large actuator arm. have noticed it before but seems a bit worse. Car seems to drive and pull well. Does anyone else suffer with this and did you do anything about it? Thanks in advance. Dean
  6. 535dean

    Lost a inlet manifold washer

    I have also dropped one and spent hours searching before. I know use a small amount of superglue to hold them in when I go back on/ remove manifold again.
  7. 535dean

    09 535d possible turbo failure?

    Thanks Jason. I have blanked the swirl flaps off already. I have a tiny bit of oil sweeping through them but nothing major.
  8. 535dean

    535D What Additives

    I used some old Castro’s 2t I had from moto x days years ago. Think you can still buy it
  9. 535dean

    535D What Additives

    I have used 2 stroke oil in my old e46 330d. The engine was noticeably quieter, didn’t notice any performance gains or mpg gain. I know others who have also said similar. I dont use additives in my 535d I just fill it with expensive diesel every now and again and do notice an improved mpg.
  10. 535dean

    09 535d possible turbo failure?

    Yes I know that maybe I didn’t explain it well. There is basically a grove within the grove that the clip has worn away. Hard to see in the pic but it’s definitely wear and is not on the new throttle housing. Also so the clip on the boost pipe has worn paper thin one on side
  11. 535dean

    09 535d possible turbo failure?

    Hi everyone, just an an update on this. I have taken the car apart today and think the cause is the boost pipe from the intercooler to the throttle housing. The clip that holds the pipe to the throttle has worn away and is very thin. When inspecting the throttle you can see the seal was sitting very wonky on it. The clip has actually cut in to the housing on the throttle. I expect I was loosing boost pressure from this and hence the oil blown around the engine bay under pressure. I took the intake pipe of on to on to the large turbo which had a bit of oil in but think it’s a normal amount due the the engine breather pipe attached to this. I have attached some some pics although not brilliant, what does anyone think, is it possible this is my problem? Thanks
  12. 535dean

    Thump on take off ......

    Could be the prop shaft donut or the diff carrier bushes?
  13. Hi everyone, i have an 09 e61 535d touring. I have had an error in my ecu for throttle actuator for a while (before car was remapped). The car drives fine and still does dpf regenerations when needed. I’m aware the throttle actuators can get oil in them and causes them to fail. I checked a while ago and had very minimal oil (expected amount) in the boost pipe up to the actuator. I have brought a new throttle and gone to fit it today and found oil everywhere around the throttle actuator. I took the boost pipe of and there is a fair amount of oil in the pipe but still not huge amounts. The car does not smoke and has all of its power. Anyone have any ideas on where I should go now? It already has the modified breather and has regular oil changes and doesn’t seem to be using oil weirdly. I suppose i need need to remove boost pipes from turbos and see if one is showing more signs of failure than the other? Anyone been through similar? Thanks in advance
  14. 535dean

    E60 oil separator/breather replacement

    Thanks, i just had a look on real oem and it lists the breather housing but not oil separator whereas previous engines do so looks like its normal. Thanks for your reply