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  1. I fully support that prioritisation It would be nice but our fridge is usually too full of food & drinks for the kids At least the ice will sill be frozen for something stronger!
  2. As 535i Andrew said you shouldn’t really, I’ve seen that in a good few wiring instructions. However with the ground cable to pin 13 on the trailer plug being 2.5 & the power to both 9 & 10 being 1.5 you’d likely get away with bridging. Yes, it’s useful & that idea would work for most cars. Of course you also added thicker wires doing that too. It’s basically the same idea as the official dealer retro fit relay, except you have connected directly to the battery rather than the fuse board. I shall update more once I’ve installed everything & had it coded, I see if I can get an opinion from the master technicians at BMW when its in.
  3. Thanks for pointing that out, I was looking at my picture & the 6 looked like an 8! Looking at the actual fuse board I see it is 206 at the top, I've corrected my original picture now.
  4. Thanks very much, that explains a lot & fills in the missing parts from the other thread, I think the wiring diagram posted on the other thread was probably wrong showing connector X268 as X269 then. Interesting to see X268 pin 6 going to Pin 10 on the trailer socket, that wire is missing on mine, as discussed on the other thread, also mentioned is the lack of pin 11 on the trailer socket on any of the wiring diagrams. I can connect X268 pin 6 to pin 10 on the trailer socket no problem but with pins 1 & 2 on X268 already being populated for the retractable towbar (as you confirmed) I haven't got any spare connections for the extra ground wire needed for pin 11 on the trailer socket. It's not exactly hard to run that pin 11 directly to ground, it just odd its missing from the wiring diagram, maybe it's because there wasn't any space left for it in X268!
  5. BMW (& many other manufacturers) don’t put full electrics in their towbar sockets, it’s been posted about many times before, but I’ve only found information on F cars so I’m starting this for Gs. First off they don’t put all the pins in because most trailers, bike carriers etc don’t need them, this is my car trailer: There are actually 5 pins missing in that, one is never used the other 4 are power & ground for a caravan. Obviously I only want to tow exotic cars to the race track, but life dictates having a working caravan fridge would also be useful (I actually drive the track cars to trackdays). I’m fitting the factory retrofit wiring to our G31 540i just for the sake of it really, it will go back to our local dealer to be coded & then it will hopefully be listed with an official retrofit removable towbar. I’ll do a different thread about that. However that then leaves me in the same boat as anyone who ticks the towbar option on their new G3X with some of the connections missing for caravan use. I contacted the site sponsors Cotswold BMW parts who were very helpful, though suggested I went to my local dealer as it would be complicated & I’d need to go back for the official coding also. My local dealer have been very helpful too but they didn’t know anything about the missing pins. Cotswold did though & explained that having all the pins is a dealer only option on new cars, they kindly gave me the official instructions but they actually say to cable tie an aftermarket relay in, exactly what I was trying to avoid by paying out huge amounts of money for factory kit! I could have just got a dedicated aftermarket wiring kit for a G3X car that would have had all the pins connected…. So this is where I am at the moment: The socket with power & ground missing for the caravan fridge. There is this Very useful thread from @535i Andrew @dandle & @DayvG I think they were saying on the F cars some actually had all 4 pins (same ones missing from my car trailer) missing. Getting the connections into the plug isn’t too hard with a detachable towbar & it’s well covered in that thread. According to the official instructions you have to get a new socket for the retractable towbars. In that thread they seem to have used connector X268, only this where the difference with F cars seems to be they are I think talking about connector X269. X269 in my kit is a 12 pin. This is my X268 6 pin connector: This is the wiring diagram I got with the reto fit instructions: Back up in the picture with the two half’s of connector X268 in my hand the left one is the one running from the AAG module, it has all 6 pins fully wired, the one on the right goes to the 13pin trailer socket “R” or B* on the wiring diagram, that has three missing. The left one fully wired one has two 1,5 thick wires, both labeled as red black on the diagram, one is pin 3 connected directly back to fuse F284, that connects to pin 9 in the 13 pin trailer socket. The other 1,5 wire is actually red violet & goes back from pin 6 in X268 to the AAG pin 1, I’m wondering what that’s for? I think they were discussing that wire in the other thread. It’s possibly provision for fridge power but it’s only a 1,5 cable when the tow other brown ground wires are 2,5. More confusing are the other two 0,75 wires from pins 1 & 2 in X268, I guess they’re probably something to do with control of the retractable towbar, meaning the other could be too. I don’t know where to find any other wiring diagrams for the newer cars, my links & programs are only for the old E cars. The other thread has lots of links to newTIS but it’s been closed down now. It’s probably safer to just follow the official instructions for G cars & put in a separate relay (show in the linked thread) taking power from fuse 220 (red cable) & switched input from fuse 208 (violet cable) marked here on my new “high” fuse board: Here’s the back for reference: Interestingly (for a select few anyway!) those same fuses are also in the normal fuse board: Again the back for reference: There are a lot more fuses there than wires on the back! The fuses are already there in 220 & 208 but luckily nothing is connected to the back, yet! You need pins to connect to the back of the fuse board, I come back & edit this once I have them & know what I’m doing, I’m still waiting for my AAG control unit to come into BMW at the moment too.
  6. Andyrt200

    Price of replacement brakes (540i)

    You'll find the part numbers here: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=JM12-EUR-02-2018-G31-BMW-540iX&diagId=34_2451 You can go back on that link & put your own chassis number in to be sure. There are some wildly different prices on the parts if you google the part numbers! Note also on that link it recommends changing a few other little bits too.
  7. Andyrt200

    Towbar DIY Installation G32 (G30/31 similar)

    I think your right, I would too if PFJones had them in stock! I’ll see what the eBay seller says & maybe try a few different places tomorrow. I heard from a local place that Westfalia have now been hit by the floods in Germany too, so anything on back order is going to be even more delayed.
  8. Andyrt200

    Towbar DIY Installation G32 (G30/31 similar)

    Ah yes that has that same Excl M-bumper that PFJones were sure meant MSport bumpers, they spoke about M5s being a separate exclusion as they aren’t approved to tow anything. Edit: You’re right though, it would exclude the most of the UK market!
  9. Andyrt200

    Towbar DIY Installation G32 (G30/31 similar)

    Was that about the cover I missed or MSport bumpers? I’m being blind again if it’s about bumpers! Edit - I just looked again at the Oris install instructions & they have an X for the M bumper. The problem is your never quite sure if they are talking about MSports or actual M cars…
  10. Andyrt200

    Towbar DIY Installation G32 (G30/31 similar)

    So it has, your eye sight is better than mine! (or your on a PC?) My excuse is that I’m used to red ones! The MSport bumper fitment is an odd one though…
  11. Andyrt200

    Towbar DIY Installation G32 (G30/31 similar)

    I would have been inclined to get a new Oris rather than that used Bosal assuming they were basically the same thing. However I just got off the phone with PFJones, they said the Oris detachable isn’t compatible with the MSport bumper & they haven’t got any stock anyway. They said they did have stock of the Witter, he said they have the same bar that bolts to the car as a westfalia, but he also said he was sure they had the provision for the towing eye in them, sure your pictures & the instruction pictures say otherwise! I think he then checked & realised it was only the fixed Witter they had stock. It boiled down to just the Brink removable he was sure cleared an MSport bumper that he has in stock. It makes the used eBay one more tempting assuming it’s ok with an MSport but if there is any covers its not very likely they would coming with it, I’ll ask though.
  12. Andyrt200

    Towbar DIY Installation G32 (G30/31 similar)

    Ah very interesting, thanks! (Sorry I’ve re-read your 1st post a few times & pick up on something different each time, but I missed that bit.) Yes that square neck on the Witter put me off too! I’ve got a Westfalia the E39 & like the round neck, the red plastic cover to keep the muck out of the socket when the towbar is off is great too, I can’t see anything like that in the instructions of the Oris, or any others. There is a used Bosal detachable on eBay at the moment https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-5-G30-G31-towbar-towbar-15425km-/303909656173?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 It has the towing eye fitting on it which makes me wonder if it’s an OE one? Here’s a picture of it for anyone after that link stops working: I can see from the other pictures it has the same genuine 13 pin connector I got with the retro fit kit, again making me think it’s an original factory unit. I was trying to look for new Bosals for comparison but couldn’t find any, if they have changed to Oris it would explain why!
  13. Andyrt200

    Towbar DIY Installation G32 (G30/31 similar)

    They are £294 now on eBay but still £311 on their website. However they nor anyone else can get any stock, non of the UK suppliers I asked wanted to even give a date for getting them in. I thought I’d found one on German eBay but they got back to me saying they can’t get one till 8th Aug, then it would need to get here from Germany, with the added fun of possible tax being added as we’re not in the EU anymore. One supplier said Witter had bought out westfalia now, but the Witter towbar on PFJones doesn’t look anything like the Westfalia one. They have got an Oris that looks much like the Westfalia but I’ve not heard of Oris. Just wondering if it’s worth waiting for a Westfalia now. I suppose I could get all the electrics done before actually fitting the towbar, that will probably take a good week or so as I’m still waiting for the main relay from BMW! BMW said they couldn’t give a date for getting there detachable one in either.
  14. I’ve got quite a few new body side fixings with the metal clasp inside left in a bag I’ll probably never use, let me know if you ever want them. Hmm never tried Gorilla tape, I’ll try to remember about that next time I need to fix something properly!
  15. I didn’t realise for years they were meant to have the pins in the centre, ours never had them. The new pads fit in so much better don’t they! 3M tape may be enough to hold them its very good stuff. I had tried loads of different things (inc some crap double sided tape, not 3M) that never lasted. In the end I managed to leaver the metal clasps out of the sockets in the boot then put them back much closer to the top so what was left of plastic tabs actually caught them again & held properly. I didn’t do that till after properly replacing all the wiring though!