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  1. Andyrt200

    Emergency call system not available

    I was just reading through this hoping our battery isn’t about to go as it’s getting near 4 years old now when I spotted the bit about Eastern BMW. We got the current G31 from them (traveling up from Shropshire as the mother-in-law isn’t too far away) & weren’t hugely impressed with the service. The sales man wasn’t the best, he had very little to do really as we came looking for that exact car but couldn’t tell us anything about it really & insisted on us wasting a months car tax just so he could hit his targets for the previous month, he said he’d fill the tank to make up for it but only put in about £15. He lied about the wheels having just been refurbished for some unknown reason too. When buying approved used most dealers offer free MOTs with them & our local even gives you free car washes too. The sales man said sorry no about the MOTs & just laughed when I ask about washing it. I was glad actually as it meant we didn’t have any reason to go back…. It is a huge show room but felt a bit lifeless, my friend works at our local dealer & has worked for a few different BMW dealers over many years, she said all BMW dealerships should have the same layout with the same material used so you feel like you’re walking into a BMW dealer no matter where you are but they seemed to miss that memo! Worst of all the free coffee machine was broken! Luckily the car is great so hadn’t thought about it till seeing that post….
  2. Andyrt200

    Comfort access key repairs

    Yes, old battery was fine, but tried new one anyway, no difference, tried the one from the other key too. I’m in north Shropshire.
  3. Andyrt200

    Comfort access key repairs

    It’s actually the key for the E93 but I assume it’s going to be the same one as a 2007 E60. I don’t have a favourite E93 forum so though I’d pop over here to ask, hope you guys don’t mind! The car came with two keys & they did both work perfectly but recently my other half’s key has started playing up intermittently. My key is still working perfectly so I’m assuming it must be an issue with her key. Being comfort access the keys have the replaceable batteries. I’ve tried cleaning the perfect looking contacts & new batteries but it still just stops working sometimes. She has to open it with with the key setting off the alarm every time & I get it in the ear every time after! To start with I thought she must have been pressing the buttons in her pocket while running too much but its happening too much now for that to be the case. The car has memory seats & mirrors so I want to keep two working keys really. I have replaced the rechargeable batteries in the E39 keys no problem myself but the repair for these keys seems to be far more involved. There are a large number of companies offering key repairs, I was just wondering if anyone here had used any they could recommend?
  4. Andyrt200

    How long did your Propshaft Flex disk last?

    Yes the donut was never replaced in our old 2002 E39 530i in the 9 years we had it from just over 100k to 220k miles when sold. Never changed a single exhaust rubber on it either they all looked perfect on it. The rear suspension bushes did need doing after it passed 10 years old, fronts weren’t too bad when I changed them at 200k miles & 20 years old! The modded E93 335i is pushing 600Nm, the donut is fine at 14 years old, all the rubber on that still looks perfect at 93k miles too. Our 2012 F13 had the rubber covers on the rear shocks completely disintegrate at 20k miles & just over 2 years old, letting muck into the damper causing one to fail. We didn’t keep that car long! Just hoping G3X build quality is better but I’m not surprised to hear yours has split. It will probably will last a long time still but if you can get it changed it would be nice…
  5. Andyrt200

    Buying a 530e G30

    Yes the head lights & memory seats are things that would be very expensive & difficult to fit after. We haven’t got either on the 540i but the 335i has them both & we really miss them in it now. If it’s only you driving memory seats aren’t worth it of course, but my better half is much shorter than me….
  6. Andyrt200

    Buying a 530e G30

    Very interesting thanks, I will have a look into that then. It’s nice to have a car completely standard for a good while then you can appreciate any changes all the more! Useful to the OP too, finding a car with all the options you want is very hard, you nearly always have to compromise somewhere. If he can reasonably easily add in the phone charger & upgrade the speakers it widens the net a lot…
  7. Andyrt200

    Dealer Etiquette

    Ours was an approved used, we traveled to Scotland to get it so weren’t in a hurry but the dealer was very slow in getting back to us about things. In the first set of pictures he sent there was pen code letters above every wheel arch, I forget exactly what but I took them to mean they were going to get refurbished (fine by me as the diamond cut wheels are notoriously bad). I asked the direct question but he made up some crap excuse saying it was for something else. Then when we picked it up he said again “Absolutely no work had been done to the car at all, he wished all the cars were like ours, they would make a lot more money.” However looking at the perfect wheels when we got home I could see the weights on all 4 wheels were brand new but they were the still the original tyres. So they must have been refurbished, I not sure why he lied about it, as far as I can see it’s better. Maybe he didn’t want to highlight the inherent problems with Diamond cut wheels… Then again as far as I remember wheels stop being covered at 3 years old so maybe they managed to sneak ours through on a warranty claim just outside three years & wanted to keep quiet about it. Either way dealers car be a bit odd so do have a good look around the car your self before paying! I’m sure they will be happy to tell you any work done under warranty though. Generally speaking the dealers love warranty work, BMW German pay for it so they keep the money & (usually!) have a happy customer, no reason for them not to tell you about everything done. Sometimes you get silly internal politics at a dealer with sales not wanting to talk to the workshop or just a jobs worth on the desk you’re talking to. If you don’t get a good answer try someone else. (My friend works at our local main dealer & she said they did have a terrible manager who kept all the bonus money to him self, the staff morale was terrible, I could tell! She had actually got a completely different job all lined up but a new manager came in who was really nice, immediately gave them all a bonus & let anyone who wanted to move about to different internal posts. She didn’t move jobs & loves it there again, the difference going in there now is amazing!) Not everything is warranty work of course, scratches, chips tyres etc aren’t covered & the dealers moan a lot about having to cover the cost. The sales man wouldn’t shut up about the new rear tyres they had to put on the F13 we bought approved used a few years ago…
  8. Andyrt200

    Buying a 530e G30

    Yes ours obviously has the standard “stereo” speakers but as you said massively better than the E39 base speakers & they had the extra tweeters by the wing mirrors as standard. The better speaker option in the E39 had extra mids in the front doors & an amp, but terrible bass. Personally I always turn the treble down anyway so the lack of the extra tweeters is fine by me! The amp with the hifi system would be nice & certainly worth the OP looking out for, I find these day the kids are in charge of the music anyway…. Also as well as the better headlights I’d look out for electric memory seats, the standard half electric just seem pointless!
  9. Andyrt200

    Buying a 530e G30

    Ah no covers, so easy to spot if you know where to look? Any pointer on that? Edit: I guess they would be just inside from the wing mirror (they were on the E39), this being the blank panel: I got onto a different vin decoder & didn’t find any mention of any sound options so I assume ours is just the normal stereo system. Mind you its certainly got the big touch screen but there is no mention of high head unit on the options list either….
  10. Andyrt200

    Buying a 530e G30

    You got me interested so I looked on the official BM dealer info system there seem to be two head units: HU-B is the basic system HU-H is the high system The most obvious difference between the two seems to be the big touch screen isn’t there on the basic system. For audio there is actually a number of options: - Stereo mode: 4 mid-range, 2 bass speakers - Hi-fi: (SA676) 3 tweeters 5 mids 2 bass -Top HiFi: (SA688) 7 tweeters, 7 mids, 2 bass - Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround: (SA6F1) 5 tweeters, 2 Diamond tweeter, 7 mids, 2 bass, 4 3D headliner speakers
  11. Andyrt200

    Buying a 530e G30

    I did know there was anything other than HK or standard! On the building new car options I’ve generally only ever seen the Bose / HK as options for upgrades. Haven’t they all got the grill for the tweeters just maybe missing the speakers, as was the case in the E39 when I took the door panel off? Do they all have the sub(?) under the front seats?
  12. Andyrt200

    Buying a 530e G30

    I haven’t been in a G3X with the Harman Kadon setup but the standard setup in the 540i is very good (I’d assume it’s the same as a 530e). I’ve always upgraded the sound systems in my other cars with huge installations in the E34 & E39. My other half had a new company Passat about 5 years ago with the optional £1500 Harman Kadon optional sound system, it really wasn’t worth the money….
  13. Andyrt200

    Appreciating Asset?

    Yeah Glass’s guide sounds familiar, he used to guard his with his life & wouldn’t let me look at it. He was reluctant to just tell me the value of any car I was interested in either… He did let me drive his E28 525i though, that was fun when I was 17!
  14. Andyrt200

    Appreciating Asset?

    No intention of selling ours but just stuck it into kazoo for a laugh. They offered £31,925, we paid about £34k back last May so glad we’re not selling! We’ve only put about 2k miles on it. We went up to Scotland to buy it as all dealers from midlands down were asking £40k+ for the same car back then. Maybe the bubble is bursting already? Its a 2018 G31 540i MSport, 21k miles in absolutely perfect condition without a chip on it (now I fixed them & buffed it to perfection). I spent a very long time retro fitting BWW electrics for the towbar along with the upgraded cooling fan it cost probably about £1,500 with me doing all the work. I guess they wouldn’t know that (although it is registered with BMW). As nice as they may be to drive you can’t pull 2000kg trailers with a Tesla. As far as I know you can’t pull any kind of trailer…
  15. Andyrt200

    Buying a 530e G30

    Ha, I thought so he did seem to be full of it! Does that front USB move or go when you retro fit it? I don’t mind plugging the phone in to charge it but then the wire is in the way of putting the phone where it would be in the wireless charging place. The other thing he said (looking at my phone) was you can’t fit big phones with optional impact cases on in the wireless charging holder - bull too?