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  1. Andyrt200

    PDC sensors - where from?

    Just fitted the single eBay cheepy to my mates car & it works perfectly. I can see it triggers at exactly the same distance as the others in INPA. Thanks very much!
  2. Andyrt200

    BMW Torch

    I kinda did the same but just cut the wires behind the glove box & connected to them instead.
  3. Andyrt200

    PDC sensors - where from?

    Thanks @Ray112 & @d_a_n1979 I’ve ordered an eBay special for my mates car. Oddly his aren’t painted but his SE bumper inserts are, our Sport has the black plastic inserts so it makes sense our sensors match them. His would look better painted but no point painting one!
  4. Andyrt200

    PDC sensors - where from?

    Anyone tried fitting one eBay sensor with the others remaining original? INPA shows the output from all the original sensors, my mates were playing up on the front so I plugged it in & could see one going full signal occasionally accompanied by the alert noise. On closer inspection I could see the dodgy one had taken a bit of a knock. His wife works for BMW so was going to get a price on a genuine one (I’m assuming lots!) so I was wondering about fitting just one of the eBay ones, but if the range doesn’t match the originals it could well cause more problems. So a set of 4 eBay ones may be the better option. Some of the eBay ones are £7 I’m assuming they are rubbish!
  5. That took me a minute, I didn’t spot the for sale sign to start with!
  6. Looking perfect, very nice job. The bumpers look really nice when properly shiny with new paint & the bar removed, but yours looks even better with the rest of the front done to match. Really nice shine on it as it is without any polish You’re right they do look better slightly lowered on the front
  7. You’re probably better asking that on Piston Heads really, I could be well off the mark but I think you’re in the minority of people on here who actually polish their E39 at all! No polish can protect from stone chips, it is good for stopping bird muck etc damaging the paint if it gets left for a while but you wash yours so often I don’t think that’s really an issue for you I’d be thinking about a protective film if I were you, my newly resprayed bumper has it’s first chip I was annoyed to find. I don’t know for sure but think you can get a clear wrap that should give some protection against chips. The thicker old films were a pain to get round the curves of a bumper & didn’t cover the whole bonnet, just the front, the edges picked up muck over time & end up looking as bad if not worse than chips on lighter coloured cars. I think modern wraps are much more flexible easily covering whole panels without joints.
  8. Andyrt200

    New heater buttons

    I got the ones from the eBay link above, came next day. They fit fine but the print is a little thicker than the originals Thats it with new fan speed, air recirculation & heated rear window buttons in. No idea really if the ones from the more expensive Amazon link I put in my top post are any better, the pictures show they are. However the picture 2 on the eBay add shows the original buttons when picture 1 actually shows the poorer print on the new buttons & the little triangles in the heat control buttons being smaller, never really going to spot that till you can see them up close though! They clip in fine though & do the job perfectly well.
  9. Andyrt200

    Boot locked help :(

    Glad you got in ok. Soldering up the broken wire will work for a while, I did it for a quick fix too, but it will go again if it’s anything like a Touring. In the end I replaced the whole section of all the wires with new more flexible wire making the joints well away from where the wires have to bend every time you open the boot.
  10. Andyrt200

    Bentley PDF Manual

    Thanks for that, I have heard of it many times but never seen it before, very useful! @Dbcrd page 49 shows where the offset pulley would have gone if it was actually fitted to our engines!
  11. Andyrt200

    Boot locked help :(

    Yes @Ray112 makes lots of good points. I’d stick with the boot lid, colours can be a right pain to match. It looks like the holes can be made behind the number plate, if is possible to use a hole saw you can get all different sizes of round rubber blanking grommets to fill them after, I have some that are about 40mm. If not fibreglass matt or similar would be fine, hopefully all hidden by the number plate. Plus the shaved lock does look good, BMW them selfs moved the lock out of view on later models, it’s hidden up by the number plate lights on my 335i.
  12. Andyrt200

    Boot locked help :(

    I was going to look in the boot of the saloon E39 that’s here to see but it’s my friends & forgot he has key, I don’t really feel like breaking into anything else at the moment! My 200sx had a little lever inside the boot you could release the boot from inside on. I think someone may have mentioned there being something on an E39 back up the thread. Probably better drilling a hole really.
  13. Andyrt200

    Boot locked help :(

    “Cos it looks sick init” or what ever the kids say these days. To be fair I have shaved a good few door handles & locks in my time, when you’re younger you don’t bother about the what ifs. Kinda wished I had after while of trying to break into my own Beetle the side of the road armed only with the key to my old E34 535i, which I managed to snap in the process leaving me with two immobile cars! Good luck to the OP, I feel your pain. If you have an open ski hatch you may be able to find a child to crawl through, mine quite like doing things like that for me. Its worth a try your self, I was surprised I managed to get into my house through a very small top window when locked out. (I try not to make a habit of breaking into my own things)
  14. Andyrt200

    Cheapest diagnostic reader

    The C110 does give proper English readouts, its not a bad little thing for the money. It can display lots of the sensors readouts on a graph which can be useful with diagnostics. I do sometimes use it along side INPA as it can read the error messages in a way that makes more sense. I think INPA is really German & some things are lost in translation! I haven’t tried the Carly, it seems very popular on the American forms. I think it’s nearly as good as INPA but I don’t think it can do things like set the rear ride hight on Tourings.
  15. Andyrt200

    Cheapest diagnostic reader

    Yes it can read trans temp, I was quite surprised & pleased to find it could do that. In the end I got a K line cable it can do everything much better https://www.cable-shack.co.uk/products.php Costs less than the C110, but you do need the lap top, you said you didn’t want! C110 can’t reset service lights, I was a bit miffed to find. But will clear any error messages codes, assuming you have actually fixed the problem or they come back immediately...