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  1. Andyrt200

    530i Manual - Feels 'Flat'

    My other half drives the E39 quite a bit more than I do so I haven’t been out in since the first drive after fitting the X8R DISA kit. She has done probably about 200 miles in it since, I just went out in it again today & had a very pleasant surprise pulling out into a smaller gap on a 60 limit road, it really took off! I wonder if the adaptive maps may take a little while to catch up to having a working DISA after trying to compensate for it not working for so long. I have always reset the adaptives on other cars after changing non working parts. I did look at resetting them after doing the VANOS seals but there are so many different ones in INPA I decided to leave them alone!
  2. We used to be able to press in the column leaver (or stick, what the proper name?!) to switch between the different read outs in the lower dash display but its stuck on range now. That is probably the most useful anyway so it’s not really a problem it being stuck on that but it would be nice to have a look at consumption with the newly worked DISA. I’m guessing it’s probably the switch contacts inside the steering column, but wondered if anyone had heard of it before I go poking about?
  3. Andyrt200

    530i Manual - Feels 'Flat'

    Could be useful for someone. I was looking on eBay at general M54B30 bits & a Febi Cam sensor popped up, it seemed to have the part number ground off. Wish they were there when I wanted one!
  4. Andyrt200

    530i Manual - Feels 'Flat'

    I need to do the CCV next too, do the inlet manifold gaskets go hard like the DISA ones? My inlet manifold was horrible inside, covered in burnt on oil. I was thinking it could probably do with a clean up inside. Apparently that is what causes the DISA to fail in the first place, the deposits restrict its movement & it strains old the plastic flap parts causing it to fail over time.
  5. Andyrt200

    530i Manual - Feels 'Flat'

    Wow you’re keen! I did take it out again, mine is moving fine all the way now, closing up no problem, no idea what was stopping it to begin with. The car does run better, gives it a nice little extra punch mid range. Nothing like the massive difference fixing the VANOS made but still well worth doing. Incase you want to test either your old one or the new one, I found that short video I linked above doesn’t work (for an auto at at least, it may on a manual) when he just turned the ignition on to activate the valve. I wasted a lot of time as you can put 12v to the pins of the DISA off the car as in the second video & it worked fine. But very confusingly you can measure 12v from plug on the car that goes to the DISA when turning the ignition on, but it won’t activate it. I put in some jumpers & measured the voltage from them, it dropped to 0v as soon as the DISA is connected, must be no current there at all. Luckily I had a dig through INPA & found there is a DISA test hidden in the activations tab / page, it works fine with that.
  6. Andyrt200

    E39 no crank fault

    Disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes should re-sync your keys with the EWS. I’m unfortunately quite experienced in EWS matters now, I wasted a good two years on it Disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes before you can start the car isn’t exactly ideal! I couldn’t find anything in INPA to help with re-syncing the keys with the EWS, only the battery disconnect worked for me. I tried a new ring antenna - no effect. I got a new EWS from BMW (they only come in V4 something now) that fixed the sync with the keys issue but caused a whole new problem with sync between the new EWS & the DME. INPA can reset the connection between those very quickly. It will crank over but not fire when the EWS - DME sync has gone. We had to keep the laptop in the car for over a year & had some very close shaves with the laptop battery being flat. A month or so ago it went in for the airbag recall & we got BMW to run an update on it with their kit, unfortunately I wasn’t able to establish exactly what they did, it wasn’t a DME update but it’s looking promising starting every time since (really hoping I’ve not cursed it now). My other half has just gone to the gym without me laptop for the first time to really test fate! Only issue is the new EWS is about £100 & the hours labour to code it was £100. Or you can find someone to send the DME off to for an EWS delete, I was looking at doing that myself but there is a reasonable chance of bricking the DME doing it. I think Jimmy can get an old EWS 3 set up to work for you, but I didn’t fancy putting a used one in as my old one had failed...
  7. Andyrt200

    530i Auto or Manual

    I spent 7 months looking for a manual 535i in the days before the internet when I got my E34, but we needed car quickly when looking for the current 530i E39 & there wasn’t a single manual out there, when as there was lots of autos to choose from. I really didn’t want the auto but was very pleasantly surprised by it in the end. I actually find it quicker if you’re not really trying too hard as I often wouldn’t bother changing down with the manual where as the auto obviously does that for you. The gearbox does learn your driving style too & changes according - dropping down sooner if that’s your style. Don’t forget get too you can put the auto in manual shifting mode too if you really want a stick to waggle!
  8. Andyrt200

    530i Manual - Feels 'Flat'

    Thanks, I’ll need to pull mine off again later to test. I was careful to not push that star washer down too far, I was looking at how it works as I was putting it together. I thought it it must have needed a vacuum to work & was wondering where it came from: If you have just taken it off a car that was running there should be enough vacuum stored for this test: (Edit: this test didn’t work, only INPA could activate the flap) I hadn’t seen this video then but had tried it last night, it didn’t work, I hopefully it was because I’d lost all the stored vacuum installing the new kit.... I have seen quite a few other videos now with different repair kits where they put the new O ring in place of the old orange one. I guess X8R just do it a bit differently, but as Dan said I shouldn’t bother with any extra sealer on yours.
  9. Andyrt200

    530i Manual - Feels 'Flat'

    Oops, yes just found that other video! I think you’ll probably be ok, if it was a tight fit pushing the DISA back in before doing up the torx bolts then the O ring is probably sealing up fine where it is. You could check for vacuum leaks, or if you want to be sure I think you’d be fine pulling it back out & putting the O ring where the X8R video shows it. Your lack of original orange seal shouldn’t matter as their new one will be doing the job. Did you test the movement of yours after? Mine seemed to stop just short of closing: but I’m assuming it’s because you’re pushing against the actuator that isn’t really wanting to move or my actuator is not right. I found a video of someone showing this saying it didn’t fit properly but I tried it with the arm off & it shut fine.
  10. Andyrt200

    530i Manual - Feels 'Flat'

    They show the old black O ring being removed at 4:54 They leave the orange alone. There was no sign of anything but the orange on mine. I guess maybe if there was a black O ring there it went hard & fell off? But yes well worth doing, my flap wasn’t fixed to the shaft at all, it just span around of its own accord. The pin was still there thankfully but it wasn’t hard to get out. The car seem fine before so looking forward to testing it once the thread lock has dried now
  11. Andyrt200

    530i Manual - Feels 'Flat'

    Thanks for that, my kits is has turned up, looking forward to trying it out now!
  12. Andyrt200

    Odd water leak in Touring boot

    The other suggestions all sound good, I’d just add - Is your boot seal wet on the inside? There should be an obvious wet / dry line along its length when you open it. I found tiny rust spots meant the boot lid wasn’t sealing properly against the rubber. Muck on the seal tends to rub through the paint casing the little rust bubbles right where the seal touches the paint. Unfortunately you can’t just touch in the rust spots as that doesn’t leave perfectly smooth finish. I found the spare wheel well was full of water shortly after we got the 530i & that was the only place I could see it could be coming in. Luckily I found just parking the car facing up the slop of drive instead of down stopped it leaking! I have since resprayed the inside edge of the boot lid & it leaves that nice dry line now. Edit: I didn’t realise there was water built up down under the spare wheel to begin with, it was splashing up to different places confusing me on dry days too!
  13. Andyrt200

    Buy cheap buy twice???? CCV

    Ah, seems to be a mixed boat with the 530i some like you say no oil used & others like me are always topping it up. Old threads say it was recommended to run 0W30 but changing to 0W40 helps a lot. I have Mobil1 0W40 in as that happens to be good for all our cars & it’s easier to have a few in stock of the same brand. I’m no oil expert but think the 0 or 5 at the start of the oil grade is the viscosity rating when cold. Its longer journey that seems to use it up...
  14. Andyrt200

    530i Manual - Feels 'Flat'

    I just ordered one too, been meaning to for ages, thanks for reminding me! It’s just for peace of mind with me, but it will be interesting to see what effect you find it has.
  15. Andyrt200

    Buy cheap buy twice???? CCV

    That kit looks pretty good, what are the chances of it actually helping with excessive oil consumption? Ours has always had a thirsty appetite...