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  1. Andyrt200

    How to: Aftermarket stereo and sub install

    Nice, did you go for the infinite battle (no box) with the sub? Or has it got a box attached? I used an infinite baffle with my old E28 behind the arm rest, it worked ok but the 2 10” subs in the box I made specially for them in my E34 was much better. I managed to convince them to let me do my main project on “Speaker Enclosures for Automobiles” in my Audio & Video Systems HND. Short answer - Denis is right, the enclosure has to be matched to the speaker, nothing to with the car size / volume. But I’m sure yours sounds better than the originals! Also just to let you know (I was on here for a good few years before realising) there are separate sections on here to post both project threads & audio stuff on. I have an old audio thread on there. I really should get round to making a project thread too!
  2. Andyrt200

    Lowering springs on a Sport

    To be more technical this is the rear on our Sport when it was sat a little too low before I corrected it with INPA You measure from the bottom lip of the rim to the top of the arch. This is the page from TIS for the touring: I need to find that page again soon to check the fronts. Let me know if you want the saloon hights, though they are probably the same.
  3. Andyrt200

    Lowering springs on a Sport

    You’re only just under SE ride hight there (they are 16”s too) Here’s the front if my mates too for reference:
  4. Andyrt200

    Lowering springs on a Sport

    Yeah I’m really glad the 530i touring has air bags on the rear, (after I’d replaced every part of the system bar the actual pump) it’s always sitting level. My 335i has springs on the rear & it sagged 10mm lower on the battery side when I got it. I cut about 3/4 of a coil off the other side to even it out just as an experiment, it which worked to even it out but the front looked far too high then & technically the cut spring was stiffer than the non cut on on the other side. So I got a set of lowered springs & shocks, but when I fitted them the rear battery side ended up being 10mm lower than the passenger side again. Apparently (according to internet experts I don’t know) its very common with all BMs. Seemingly there were official BMW thicker rubber shims to put above the springs on the earlier 3 series. They didn’t make them for the E9x cars though so I had to make my own. However glancing under my friends E39 525i saloon I see it has normal coil over type springs, the 3 series have separate springs & shocks so my shim design wouldn’t be relevant. Incidentally his standard SE sits perfectly level on the rear.
  5. Andyrt200

    Replacement front wheel bearing & the speed sensor

    That sounds pretty conclusive, thanks! Yeah Meyle Dan, I spent ages sourcing a FAG for the 335i at a reasonable price then had to wait weeks for it as someone from a different forum said they were the original fitment but it was nothing like the one I took off. So I just got Meyle from the usual bmwmotormec, easy & quick. 99% sure that’s what I put on the back of the 530i a few years & 30k miles ago. Did both of those so thought I do both the fronts as its in bits. There was no play but a slight grumble, they have done 215k miles... The while I’m at & because it’s lockdown jobs are starting to get a bit out of hand. There’s a new radiator waiting too go on too as well as the PAS bits.
  6. Just got the original front wheel bearing out & found it has a big nut on the back where as the replacement hasn’t. I just wanted to be sure the wheel speed sensors didn’t use the points of the nut to measure the speed. The new bearing looks very much like it has a reluctor ring hidden in it so hopefully the nut has no effect: I just don’t want to get it all back together & find it’s not reading!
  7. Andyrt200

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Finally got the clamp bolt out of the upright or (carrier as they call in OEM), only taken about 3 days! The nut came off no problem but the steel bolt was fused into the alloy. Still got the lump on my leg from when the head rounded off & socket slipped off. I tried welding nuts on to the threaded end, both just sheared off. Then had more fun drilling half of the high tensile bolt out before welding the angle onto the head to just get it to turn enough to persuade it out with an air chisel. Best part it nothing was wrong with this side, just thought I should change all the lower arms at the same time!
  8. Andyrt200

    Lowering springs on a Sport

    They said no problem getting them but it would be the usual 2 - 3 weeks! I can quite believe that, I got the 335i suspension from them & it took best part of a month to get here. I think I’ll try my luck with a German seller on eBay, & probably regret it...
  9. Andyrt200

    Lowering springs on a Sport

    He just heard back from him German contact: “bad news….. Brexit means Exit…. Thanks to Mr. Boris ….No shipping possible to UK…” I was worried about this, he said the other way was to get Eibach UK to express order them in but that would be an extra £24. I’ll give Demon tweaks a call, they are only just up the road from me & have them listed.
  10. Andyrt200

    Lowering springs on a Sport

    They just got back to me saying there is no UK stock, they would have to order for Germany. Same as the other two sellers said over the weekend. Looking at 7 days just to get to them before sending out to me. There are German sellers on eBay, I was getting stuff from Germany direct myself in 3 days back in early December. But I’m wondering now what would happen with import duty after Brexit? The gov website just said they maybe import duty. I got one of those crap early E39 head units a good few years ago from China, it was about £250 but I got stung with an £80 import invoice from the courier, just hoping we’re not heading for that situation getting stuff directly from Germany now. Not sure I want to test the situation with these springs!
  11. Andyrt200

    Lowering springs on a Sport

    I can set any hight I want with INPA on the rear, but the standard sport hight I went for works well. Hopefully the front won’t end up too low when loaded up, I found this picture,the boot is packed here my other half & daughter are in the back but my son isn’t exactly heavy in the front & the drivers seat is empty. Obviously the rear has pumped its self up but surprising how much the front drops with a little bit of weight on it.
  12. Andyrt200

    Lowering springs on a Sport

    Great thanks Dan, I’d been searching for sellers with UK stock. One had got back to me & said it would be a good few weeks before they could get any from Germany. I ordered the ones from your link, I see they said automatic refund if they can’t get UK stock, a much better way to work! My friend who runs the warranty Department at the local BMW dealers said they are having terrible trouble getting stock in from Germany at the moment a good three week wait on a lot of things.
  13. Andyrt200

    Lowering springs on a Sport

    Yes I’ve been looking at Dans pictures on his build thread for a long time trying not to be too envious Think they would work well, the ground isn’t very even here so slightly exaggerated:
  14. Andyrt200

    Lowering springs on a Sport

    Sorry I know this has be covered probably more than once but I can’t find the posts now. I I didn’t really mean to but one thing lead to another & all the front suspension is off one side now, other shortly to follow. I have got one shock off & it’s in excellent condition with a nice smooth action, (I think they where replaced some time before we got it) I will check the other but was thinking the springs are looking a bit rusty so I wondering about just putting some lowering springs on. Don’t want to go down much though. I was looking at these https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/h-r-lowering-springs-h-r29742-6/ But they don’t mention anything about sports ride hight, I don’t want 30mm lower than it was with standard sports springs...
  15. Andyrt200

    PAS fluid leak

    Yes quite likely, it just occurred to me the other day the E39 will be 20 in a few months! On the whole BMW rubber is very good as far as I know the exhaust hangers are the originals & still looking perfect, I have bought many for other cars that only lasted months. Touch wood, never had a rubber BMW rad or fuel pipe go on me in 25 years of owning many different BMs. Again very different story with other cars!