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  1. PeeTee

    E34 M5 3.8

    Approx 10-15k budget. Any for sale in the UK ? Thanks
  2. PeeTee

    E39 M5

    great to see more E39 M5's. I still remember the time when I was in secondary school (high school) dreaming of owning one. Car didn't disappoint one bit even after the 17 year old odd dream eventually became a reality
  3. PeeTee

    E39 M5

    Love mine. Just saying !
  4. PeeTee

    E39 M5 owner what's app group

    Quick way of organising drives, meets and sharing E39 M5 related chat for local owners
  5. HI E39 M5 owners, I've you're from around the Midlands area and own an E39 M5 there is a whats app group with a few of us already on PM me if anybody is interested. Note this is strictly E39 M5 owners ! Thanks !
  6. PeeTee

    E39 Winter tyres and wheels

    Hi mate, Still available?