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  1. MPowerph

    Very strange multiple electrical failure.

    Not exactly the handles, the inside of it, maybe this protect the sensor from the elements... nashdm2: Yes, same. But the shame is, you cannot replace only the sensor, which is probably cost only few quid.(like the bloody swirl flaps)
  2. MPowerph

    Very strange multiple electrical failure.

    Thank you for all your tips and advice. I took the car to the Germany car specialist, which was not far from home. They found a 5A fuse, that has blown, which belongs to the ABS/DSC box. It has been replaced, then has blown again straight after the car has been locked/unlocked. The diag said, the ABS/DSC computer. After all they checked the description of the fuse box, and found the door handle heating(comfort access) is also connected to the same fuse. And after I remembered, the rear-right comfort access does not work at all(first i could not lock, after some days i could not unlock, after died, this was 2 weeks ago). So, what they did now, disconnected that handle, and this solved the problem. I purchased a replacement handle with 12k miles from the USA, was only £120 with the same color a week ago. Good bargain, as a brand new one cost £500, because you cannot replace only the sensor and the heating elements, you have to buy that full unit. :((( It died due some water got inside, do not know how....
  3. MPowerph

    Very strange multiple electrical failure.

    Will do it tomorrow. Still do not know where should i take the car. I live in Warrington, the main dealer, Halliwell Jones is useless, but here are three other BMW/Mini specialist, as David Paul, Graham Martins, Prestige. Will phone up all of them...
  4. MPowerph

    Very strange multiple electrical failure.

    I checked both fuse box, and the small electronic box in the engine compartment, and the big cable lead, which coming from the front box. There is no water, all dry, no sign of an animal.
  5. MPowerph

    Very strange multiple electrical failure.

    The aux belt is running, i have checked, and there is no error message from the alternator. Do not know the condition of the battery, i have never had any error message regarding the battery. I tried to reset the car, took of the negative and left it for 30 mins, but it did not help.
  6. Hi, It happened just today, after i was about to go home from work. I have pushed the start button, has the engine running, but the car has started to throw the faults straight away after.(dashboard like a christmas tree) Here is the full list, after the engine has been started. - Brake sysytem. Drive moderately - Driving stabilization. Drive moderately - Restraint system - Pedestrian protection system - Flat Tyre Monitor (RPA) failure - Collision warning failure After i have put into D, and pulled off: - Press brake to engage gear - Drivetrain, Drive moderately - Parking brake only partially available Also noticed, the speedo does not work at all, it does not measure the fuel consumption, and the fuel gauge is jumping up and down depending of the position of the accelerator. There is no power steering at all, and the air conditioning system does not work, the driving mode switch is dead as well. And half of the comfort access dead, i can open the car by hand, but cannot lock it. Has anybody ever heard/met a problem, like this? I am going to take it to the service on tomorrow, hopefuly they have available slot for the emergency cases.
  7. MPowerph

    4-zone Climate control retrofit

    Yes, extra fans also needed. If i do not need the B-pillar vents, the following parts would be enough for the modification. 1. Rear climate control unit 2. Rear center vent grill 3. Rear blower "64 11 9 311 853" 4. Rear cabin footwell temperature sensor left/right 5. 4-zone front vents 6. Wire harness -(it will be difficult to find) And i am not sure, but looks like the Lower Distribution Housing, a/c unit is different. "64 11 9 241 198" There is not a problem to get the part, just the labour again...
  8. Hi everyone. I bought my 2012 535D 1,5 months ago, and I am very happy with it. Awesome car, good spec too. There is one thing, what makes me the feeling, is something missing. It has a upgraded 2 zone climate, so I only get cold air from the rear air vents, even if the outside temperature is low. This is annoying because if I have passengers at the rear, they always complains due they are cold. So because of this, I try to find solution, and I would like to do some modification, as a 4 zone climate retrofit. Have anybody ever done this before? I saw, need a couple of things, like a rear panel, blower, air duct, maybe the front air vents as well, because there is an additional ’warm-cold’ switch for the passengers. I know, the car with the 4 zone c. has an air vents on the B-pillar too, but I think, it is not necessary for the proper operation. I do not know the wires, how does it look like under the centre compartment.I already found a rear climate panel, and I purchased it. I do not want to buy the rest of the item until I know what I will need exactly. And also, I will need somebody, how can do this retrofit job, because I am not a good handyman, and after the installation it needs to be coded. I live in Warrington, so if you know somebody, Who can do a job like this, I would be happy to send me the details.The other thing is, I have perforated leather seats, due the front ones has the active ventilation features, and I found on the internet, the heating elements already installed into the rear seats, just there is now wires and switches to activate them. The panel, what I bought has two buttons for the seat heating, so may it will work after the wiring?! Thanks!