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    bmw 530i sport touring manual
  1. marmite

    FS:Style 37s Genuine E39 18" Parallels

    I would like them but I live in birmingham ? how could we make that work
  2. marmite

    My E39 on Paras now :)

    looks really nice
  3. Have owned this car for around 4 years, had a few m3s kept this in storage as it was to good to sell. Its back as my daily doing dog/bike/baby duties. To me and my friends its affectionally know as "the blue whale" Working my way through all the common faults, so far replaced the tailgate gas struts, heater control buttons fixed the rear wiper etc. Just had discs and pads and new tyres, also have a new steering wheel on the way from jack. next on the list, looking for some 18" M parallels and need to get round to fixing the dash pixels Only ever seen a handful of manual 530i tourings over the past 4 years seems like a very rare car.
  4. wanted stye 37 M parallel 18s must be clean and genuine bmw with usable tyres south Birmingham thanks chaps

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