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  1. Hi, are these still for sale? Cheers and all the best Gryph
  2. Hi folks, After the first time in 60k miles the 530 has been recovered in after not starting. Hoping for a sense check here, or if anyone's run into this before! August '02 build 530D, 122k miles 2 Days prior - Nothing Day prior - Started twice, the engine took noticeably longer to fire, turned over fine but 4-5 seconds to start where usually it's on the button. Breakdown day, Pi$$ing it with rain - Slow to start again but fired after turning over for 4-5 seconds. Just as I arrive at the new bridge the wipers cut out fully upright, pull off at junction 22 to take a look and the car won't restart. Cranks just fine, but won't fire. Checked the fuses, swapped the relays over in the boot, but ultimately needed to get to (essential) work so called out recovery. Car is at a friendly main BMW dealer as I've got links with the guys there - they've removed the inlet manifold as computer said fuel rail pressure fault, pointing towards possible injectors. They've run a leak test and said all 6 need doing - apparently 4 are bad, 2 are iffy. Prior to this there's been no noticeably rough running /warning lights so feels odd that multiple injectors would go at once? Don't know how the test was performed, but is there anything else they might have missed / to check before going out and dropping ££ on an injector refurb on the full bank? Any insight / prior experience greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi Rob, are these still available? My 530D originally came on style '66s and like the idea of being able to put her back to standard.
  4. Gryph

    E39 prefacelift xenon headlamps

    PM Sent! Could be a lifesaver this winter
  5. Damn double post, wi-fi is acting up when away!
  6. Hi Richard, Many thanks for getting back to me there, your reply meant I was able to go out and pick up an intravee as a late Christmas present, and now have both it and the grom ready to go! Plan is grom behind the radio, intravee in the boot. Having no ui or audio is fine, with the intravee I'm looking to "set it and forget it" for the numerous quality of life fixes it can also bring - I'm pretty sure it's the integrated version of the business tape (hu comes out as one) so would set up via a laptop. Is the file relatively straightforward to play with? Being able to use it in another ui mode would be exactly what I'm after - there's a market out there for various e-light modules with similar functionality but I felt the intravee would be the most well rounded. What info would you need, and is there anything I can look at from this end? Cheers and all the best Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Hi @supertramp101, thanks for the reply. I did come across that in my research, however don't think my amp is a BM24 - the connectors/heatsink ect are all in the wrong place. Still stumped!
  8. Hi folks, I've been looking at an intravee for it's bus features (AE's as DRL, triple flash, lock on drive-off ect.) and would be looking to install it along with a GROM bluetooth integration kit for audio streaming/phone whilst still being able to use the steering wheel controls. (http://gromaudio.co.uk/bmw-mini-rover-bluetooth-integration-kit.html) My car has the business casette with a CD changer in the boot, it's the 10 speaker advanced hifi so non DSP. Is it possible to set an intravee up either through the car or from a laptop to enable the features I'm looking for, whilst simultaneously running a GROM into the back of the radio as per the instructions here? http://carputer-shop.co.uk/media/wysiwyg/grompdfs/bmw_instructions_ptap_0627.pdf Any pointers or insight greatly appreciated! Cheers and all the best Gryph
  9. Hi Folks, I've recently picked up an E39 530d as I am in the process of moving jobs and have to swap an electric company car in the form of a BMW i3 for something that can sit happily for 84 miles a day on the M4. I've long had a bit of a thing for the E39, only made worse by "The Hire" series of films that BMW put out in 2001-2002 and the Silver M5 that was the unashamed star of "Star" and always told myself I'd have one one day. The car itself has done 62000 miles with the book stamped every 15k or so, along with interim visits to BMW in between. Aside from a genuine set of Alpina Classics and a Pure Highway 300di DAB retrofit it all looks very standard and not too messed about with, which is entirely what I was looking for. I know if looked after properly these are good for high miles, and whilst I appreciate it's a 14 year old car I want to look after this to the point where I can rely on her to get me to work on the button every time. I've made extensive use of the search function on here to do my homework, but wanted to put it to the forum to make sure I'd not missed anything. This is helped by the fact that the job I'm leaving is at BMW itself playing with the electric BMWi series, meaning I've had full access to the workshop and parts department (Who I'm sure are sick of me by now.) Mechanical Work done so far: - Full Inspection II carried out, with the Airbag recall at the same time. - Swirl Flaps replaced with PMW blanks (Ordered both sizes, returned the ones not needed) - The flaps themselves were pretty solid to be fair, no obvious signs of fatigue but for peace of mind I'd rather not worry about one being lunched by the motor! - "Bog Roll" replaced with Vortex oil separator - EGR Checked - clean - Handbrake expanding locks ordered / to be fitted as the handbrake was toast - Washer fluid pipes perished, replacement ordered - Bushes checked - all okay (for now...) - Rear pads on 4mm, discs on the way out - Shiny new Brembo pads+discs ordered. - Continental CD Plus flat wiper blades ready to fit - New Alpina anti-rattle pads, as one centre cap in particular is rattling like hell. Mechanical work still to do: - Pair of new flexis welded in by Longlife in Caerphilly, as the current pair are lunched (I know the Ecotune Decat is normally the go-to but trying to keep it as OEM as possible.) - Sort out problem with the front speakers cutting out on the Advanced system - Replace middle 2 PDC sensors - Check rear door membranes to avoid soggy carpet syndrome - ??????? - What have I missed - is there anything preventative maintenance wise that'd be worth doing / looking at whilst I still have access to the workshop here? The guys here have been spot on to be fair, but at the same time many heads are better than one. Any pointers in the right direction greatly appreciated! I've not taken as many photos of the process as I'd like, but have a few progress shots below. Love the finish on these There's something Satisfying about new parts... One of these 5's is not like the others... Still to do - The car is going tomorrow to have a pair of new flexis welded in by Longlife in Caerphilly, as the current pair are lunched.
  10. Hi Folks, I've recently picked up an e39 with the 10 speaker 676 BMW Advanced system, and am having issues with the front speakers cutting in and out. It's happening frequently, and seems dependent on both hitting bumps, and the volume that the system is set to. At times there's a lack of sound coming from the front at all, others it seems to go completely on the left hand side but will still play from the right. As it seems affected by anything from volume to bumps to cornering I'm guessing at either a loose connection or something amp related. A forum search tells me that the factory amp is in the boot behind the CD changer and I've had a play with the connections here, everything seems firmly in place. Would anything behind the HU itself also affect this? The car's also had a Pure Highway DAB fitted at some point during it's life, however this seems to be set up for FM transmission so presuming it's not wired into the HU. Has anyone experienced this, and any pointers on where to look before I take the dash to bits? I'm quite into my Audio (wrong car to buy for that on the standard system, I know.) so the constant cutting about is driving me bonkers! Cheers and all the best Gryph