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  1. Hi all. We have a 2012 M-Sport, which in Australia comes with separate high and low halogens, with the lows in a projector fixture. Ages ago I changed low to "CANBus error free" Philips HID kits but still got flashing at start-up. I was too gutless to poke around with coding so left it as it was. Aside from the bulb test routine, the performance has been excellent with perfect cut-off. I've never been flashed, unlike in my unmodified Grand Cherokee. Recently a mate bought much the same F10. He got into coding some stuff, so I leveraged his groundwork and coded out the bulb testing. Unfortunately, one of HIDs has suffered from the re-strike abuse and sometimes does not come on. I'm either going to: - spend $40 on a pair of 35W H7 HID globes, which are of a lesser brand. - spend $140 on some Philips H7 Ultinon LEDs. I don't want to send more and get less, so am curious: - has anyone any experience with output comparisons between 35W HID and current generation, quality brand LEDs? - has anyone put Ultinons in their Beamer and had any issues? - are there other suggestions regarding what I might choose to fit? Cheers, Steve PS: I know that there are roadworthy issues, however I'm not interested in that discussion... because here it's a nothingburger.
  2. Barboots

    New Interior Trim

    We have the brushed silver... it breaks up the interior a bit.
  3. Our 520i is starting to be a bit of a rough stinky pig when cold starting. It often verges on stalling when first put into gear, and the fuel odour is quite heavy. BTW that's "cold" as in 20 Celcius... it's summer in Western Australia... but it does get chilly for a few weeks in winter and I want to get it sorted prior. Any usual suspects to investigate? The car has only 40,000km on it in 8 years, and most of it was from short trips. The dealer suggested an iStep update, at cost and with no guarantees. I'm wondering about some snake oil in the form of carbon-cleaning? Or should I just accept it's due early for injection maintenance??? Any tips appreciated. Cheers, Steve
  4. I have done it to recall last position, which is invariably "off". Used my friend's cheapo V-Gate and I paid for BimmerCode. My ELM wasn't supported. Cheers, Steve
  5. Barboots

    I Drive Knob

    " It's just a flesh wound "...
  6. It's more a European thing based on observations here in Australia. Japanese, Korean and American cars do not tend to do it...
  7. Yes, it's automatic.
  8. Barboots

    Are CIC Idrive controllers interchangeable?

    The later one would have the inbuilt track pad on top. I'd put a few bucks on incompatible. Cheers, Steve
  9. Barboots

    Brighter halogens?

    I put HID into the projector housings of ours several years ago. My experiences are: - getting a fake set of Philips HID, which I was fortunately able to return. - getting a genuine set of Philips "no error code" HIDs, which frequently resulted in bulb warnings and occasional "blinking" upon the lights coming on. As I came to understand it at the time, the only way to avoid the warning chime, message and momentary drop-out was to install ballasts or do some DIY coding. - I investigated ISTA and similar to code out the problem, but was scared off. - ultimately I (my partner actually) put up with the annoyance for years. - Recently I used BimmerCode to code out the bulb check. I now only get nagged and flashed by the RHS [emoji849] Perhaps the globe is rooted from the blinking it was subject to for years. - the pattern of output is perfect, with sharp cut-off and no spill where it shouldn't be. - for the method I used, the installation was somewhat awkward and injurious... and I have a fair amount of patience, plus small hands. I'm thinking about going in again to swap left and right globes to see if the post-coding fault on one side follows. I'm tempted to chuck a decent set of LEDs in instead, but am concerned that I may not get equal output. Cheers, Steve
  10. Barboots

    Brighter halogens?

    Adam are your halogen light fixtures the "projector" type? Cheers, Steve
  11. That's definitely a write-off in my corner of the world, as no insurance company would want to carry the liability for having declared it repairable. If you are uninsured, you will need a donor car of very similar specification. Cheers, Steve
  12. Finally got around to installing the battery backup for the Blackvue in my girl's 5'er. Whilst contorting myself to access the fuse box forward of the glovebox, I discovered a location for the battery pack. The "tray" can be easily removed to work on. I installed a switch to disconnect the camera when parked where monitoring isn't required... essentially at home. It's an easy reach from the driver's seat via the glovebox. I found using fuse position 31 (wipers) offered both a higher current capacity and an easier insertion of the fuse tap. The 7A battery draw has not caused any issues on this circuit. Sorry I forgot to take pictures along the way. Cheers, Steve
  13. Barboots

    OEM grill colour F11

    Chris if the black grilles are OEM and you would be interested in shipping them to Australia, I'm interested. [emoji6] Cheers, Steve
  14. Barboots

    Non-Genuine Wheel Centre Caps - eBay, etc

    I never inclined that searching was too difficult. I did say that I was after a referral for a particular supplier's product which proved to be lasting. Apparently reading is too difficult.