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  1. "2010-2014 Twin One Side Diffuser. Give your BMW a Stunning Look. Only fits BMW M-Sport style bumper. Stylish Matt Black." So only fits an M-Sport anyway? Ours is not matt finish either. It's gloss, so add prime and paint or it might look like some base model SUV kit. Cheers, Steve
  2. Barboots

    Headlight Angel Eyes Failure

    Halogen TMS is now my specialty http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/applications/tapatalk/index.php?/topic/143777-ID-Angel-Eye-Halo-Type-/-Fault-Finding-#entry1538713 OEM Part Number: 63117258278 - 7258278 - 63 11 7 258 278 63117267045 - 7267045 - 63 11 7 267 045 63117304906 - 7304906 - 63 11 7 304 906 China Copy Part Number: 535051806 535051807 Cheers, Steve
  3. Barboots

    ID Angel Eye Halo Type / Fault Finding

    Got a price for a new module from the dealership... ... only AU$1416. [emoji849]
  4. Barboots

    Whats under the bonnet?

    520 "twin turbo" would be the petrol/benzene 520i. We haven't debadged ours... the shame level is acceptable... but many people do. [emoji23]
  5. Barboots

    ID Angel Eye Halo Type / Fault Finding

    That's good info for the collective brains trust. I guess being lower power output, there's a higher reliability for these particular LEDs. Even as a dedicated hoarder, I wonder if it's worth keeping those LED boards given you have to destroy the lens to get to them? I suppose a replacement lens and some DIY hours would still be a better option for some than a whole new housing. Hmmm, thinking back to the linked YouTube video... maybe not [emoji23] Cheers, Steve
  6. Barboots

    Side and Daytime Driving Lights failed

    Bump for any info on the TMS you purchased which didn't work right. I'm facing the aftermarket vs OEM choice regarding this module... Cheers, Steve
  7. Barboots

    ID Angel Eye Halo Type / Fault Finding

    Thanks Andy. I'm going to hold on momentarily and see if any tales of "bad reproduction TMS" filter in. In the absence, I'll probably opt for a cheap local reproduction... which I at least have a chance of being able to return. Decisions...
  8. Barboots

    Headlight adjustment fault

    First thing I'd do is check that the bulb hasn't moved under the retainer clip. It's possible that it could tilt or rotate if it hadn't been correctly situated upon replacement... though I'm unsure if you shouldn't still see some movement in the pattern when operating the levelling system. Worth a "quick" look [emoji6] Cheers Steve.
  9. Barboots

    ID Angel Eye Halo Type / Fault Finding

    As far as my part-referencing has referred so far, the following parts are compatible with any halogen fixture: OEM Part Number: 63117258278 - 7258278 - 63 11 7 258 278 63117267045 - 7267045 - 63 11 7 267 045 63117304906 - 7304906 - 63 11 7 304 906 China Copy Part Number: 535051806 535051807 I'll stop smashing this thread for a while now [emoji6]
  10. Barboots

    ID Angel Eye Halo Type / Fault Finding

    Good news: it is not the unobtanium LED itself which has failed. Bad news: the TMS has somehow got wet and is now deceased. Sooooo... do I need to hear some sad stories to prevent me from buying a knock-off TMS? I'm already half-way to thinking it's a terrible idea given the complexity of the board. There again, everything can be copied... If anyone has a great source for this part, I'm all ears. I also need to review what others have done to prevent the TMS from getting wet. The water ingress is almost unbelievable given the dryness here in Western Australia, so I also wonder if it might have been condensation? Cheers, Steve
  11. Barboots

    ID Angel Eye Halo Type / Fault Finding

    Assessing the job. Does the TMS fit past the body seam here? It would need to be tilted downward after about 15-20mm of extraction... and that would be with the guard lining removed. I don't see it passing through the service opening as pictured. Edit: the halogen TMS actually fits through the service opening by an absolute smidgen. It can be turned sideways once removed from the slot, and carefully extracted provided the correct angle.
  12. Barboots

    ID Angel Eye Halo Type / Fault Finding

    Firstly, thanks for all your interest and assistance. I really appreciate it. I didn't realise that RealOEM had so much info, so I should have had more to respond with after the first reply. Anyway, I've done some digging there now. There's obviously some irregularities in the presentation of data for this less common headlight arrangement. I'll spam you with screenshots now. The last has the VIN-relevant information as far as parts, however whilst there is a TMS listed for the halogen light, there is no LED. Searches for the part number for the halogen-specific driver produces either eye-watering prices, or L-Ear generics at widely varying prices. The part is: 63117304906 My thoughts are now that I will need to swap the TMS between left and right to see if the fault follows. This appears to be a shitload of work, which would then have to be revisited when (if) I can then source whichever part is required. Needless to say I am bummed out with the prospect, and am hopeful that further commentary might provide a better path forward. Cheers, Steve
  13. Barboots

    ID Angel Eye Halo Type / Fault Finding

    Thanks Andy, these are all good points. I'm going to plug the VIN into RealOEM when I get up tomorrow morning and see what it spits out. Cheers, Steve
  14. Barboots

    ID Angel Eye Halo Type / Fault Finding

    Thanks mate, I'd appreciate anything you can glean from a similar (same?) removed part. Does this mean there's also the circuit board involved... the one which gets wet? I do think this would be a lesser likelihood of being the fault given Western Australia sees so little rain, but I did wash the windscreen a day before it crapped out. Again, thanks for your help. Cheers, Steve
  15. Hi fellas, I've just been reading over posts containing Angel Eye, Halo and DRL in attempt to work out what system our 2012 F10 has. It's an Aussie spec 5'er with halogens in projectors for main beam, and halogen in reflectors for high beam. Indicators are incandescent (bulb) type. There is no levelling system. The above would suggest that it has the "dull / yellowish" halos, however they are very white and reasonably bright, so I think they might be a less common combination having the LED halos. What do you think based on the picture??? Anyway, one halo has just stopped working, and we're getting the sidelight fault message. Any guidance on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Steve