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  1. Barboots

    Non-Genuine Wheel Centre Caps - eBay, etc

    I never inclined that searching was too difficult. I did say that I was after a referral for a particular supplier's product which proved to be lasting. Apparently reading is too difficult.
  2. Barboots

    Non-Genuine Wheel Centre Caps - eBay, etc

    That's like trying to pick winning lottery numbers from all the ones which just take your entry fee [emoji16] I was hoping to get references from anyone who had purchased a half decent knock-off set. I don't like buying China's junk, so in the absence of a referral I'll buy some genuine ones and get another 8 years from them. Cheers, Steve
  3. Barboots

    Non-Genuine Wheel Centre Caps - eBay, etc

    Thank you good Sirs [emoji106]
  4. Barboots

    Non-Genuine Wheel Centre Caps - eBay, etc

    Link not working. Could you maybe just advise the item number? Cheers, Steve
  5. Barboots

    Non-Genuine Wheel Centre Caps - eBay, etc

    Sounds like a good knock-off... I figured there must some out there [emoji6] Could you check your eBay purchase history and link me, or copy the Item Number please? Many thanks, Steve
  6. Barboots

    Non-Genuine Wheel Centre Caps - eBay, etc

    Yeah I suspect that it's wheel cleaner that has started to work its way between the decorative part and the actual cap. Laziness has its own cost. I appreciate all the comments regarding cost/benefit on the knock-off ones. I think I'll pony up the AU$80 for a genuine set. Cheers, Steve
  7. How bad are the non-genuine centre caps for M351 alloy wheels? Should I snog, marry, or avoid??? [emoji16] We don't have salted roads here. Just heat. Cheers, Steve
  8. As mentioned, Goodyear Excellence seem to be a good fit for our usage pattern, however you can't really appraise a tyre from marketing blurb and size-irrelevant reviews. Hence my post. Amazon isn't a great option here in the West of Australia. There are a few tyre sale aggregator sites, and this is where I found the best price for matching RFT. In AUD, it's $1380 for the set fitted and balanced. Most everything else is around $2k and then upwards. Cheers, Steve
  9. Probably my second choice RFT. Unfortunately they're not competitively priced here at the moment, otherwise they would be further up the list. Cheers, Steve
  10. Yes I've done as much homework as practical. There's not a huge amount of quality product on offer that fits front and rear, and is RFT, with adequate specs. UV and heat aging are definitely issues, but extremely hard to get data on. Your comment about the rapid wear on the Kuga could be a positive for us, especially as we are generally sedate drivers. Heat tends to harden a tyre, provided you don't wear it out first. We're just heading into Winter now Comfort (for a RFT) was probably the aspect I wanted commentary on most as there is no real avenue for researching it. I would fit Falken Azenis NFRT, but the daily driver ultimately made a decision to retain the "drive home" feature. Cheers, Steve
  11. Barboots

    Coding Options Summary

    Thanks for the report. Sounds like the ease and convenience is going to be worth the spend. Cheers, Steve
  12. Barboots

    Coding Options Summary

    Hijack away. I think I've left this problem so long it has damaged the HiDs. I'll definitely fit LED next time...
  13. Hi, Is anyone using Goodyear Excellence... particularly on the staggered 19" wheels fitted to M-Sport 5'ers. Our Pirellis P Zeros are 7 years old and just developed a massive crack diagonally in the sidewall. They must be hard AF. The objective is reduced roar and a softer ride if possible. According to the EU Label, the Excellence are 69dB front and 70dB rear, which is 3dB down on the Pirellis. Other general commentary regarding tyres is welcome. Bear in mind that it's never truly winter in Perth Western Australia, and recently wetted roads are our worst conditions (aside from general inability to merge). Cheers, Steve
  14. Hi, I want to disable the headlight bulb/globe check our 2012 5 Series. Some time ago I changed the halogen globes in the projectors to Phillips HiD. The light output pattern is compliant and everything works fine. Well, except for the routine circuit checking which causes the light to flash, then a chime and a dash warning. Could anyone summarise the coding options available now? I have downloads of ISTA and eSys available to me, and a CAT cable, but was too cautious to use them. Perhaps there are simpler options now? Cheers, Steve
  15. Barboots

    Integration Levels - Pay To Upgrade

    Does anyone have a recent Integration Level CiC upgrade anecdote? I'm interested if there's going to be any noticeable benefit... Cheers, Steve