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  1. jeroen524td

    Build 2

    Which model are those alu control arms originally from, 8-series?
  2. jeroen524td

    M30 2.8 CCV??

    With blue smoke I think of burning oil and thus worn valve stem seals.
  3. jeroen524td

    What have you done on your E28 this week........

    @readie: So happy I have an alu one for my project! [emoji847]
  4. jeroen524td

    Dutch project

    Thanks Mick, Got a lead on something myself as wel. Friend of mine had this one made. I got the drawings, now I just need to find someone who can make it for me.
  5. jeroen524td

    Dutch project

    Few days ago removed al the hydro stuff from the engine bay in prep for the paint job. This will give me the chance to do some proper cleaning on these parts as well. When removing the steering house i found out that the bracket it is mounted on came loose, so I will have this fixed and also reinforced so it won’t happen again. Than yesterday my engine arrived home again! Hope to find some time this next week to do some more prepping of the engine bay before painting. There is no big rush yet as they will first have to cut out the US bumper brackets and replace them with the Euro ones I provided.
  6. jeroen524td

    Dutch project

    Finally!! My car is off to the shop for some minor bodywork and a full respray, outside, engine bay, trunk and a full mtech body kit, in Graphit metallic.
  7. jeroen524td

    E28 hella lamps (main beam)

    Put some rice in it and swirl that around, afterwards empty the rice again of course. [emoji51]
  8. jeroen524td

    Dutch project

    Oh, for the undercarriage I also got a complete set new nuts and bolts from www.sperber-classic.de .
  9. jeroen524td

    Dutch project

    Over the years i have collected a bunch of nice parts for a project I knew would come one day. The 524td is a wonderfull car, but I knew that at some point I would like something fast on the side. With this project car they will finally come in use! And since I knew I would start this project I even found some more nice goodies to go on there. New headlight units for both sides. Bilstein b6 with H&R lowering springs. Coin trays for the door and the center console. Bellino 6liter spare gas tank to fit inside spare wheel. Eibach M5 swaybars. New speedometer up to 260. Original moonroof. Crack free dash. Full mtech body kit including wheel arches. Red e30 premium sound system speaker housings to match the cherry red interior. I think I covered most for now.
  10. jeroen524td

    Dutch project

    Quick overview of the engine rebuild. As it was a kat engine we took the opportunity to turn it into a non kat 218bhp version. Replaced the pistons for the piano ones. Replaced the camshaft for a Schrick one and the exhaust manifold will be replaced by a Schniedmann spaghetti one. I also have a 061 non kat ecu, but when funds allow I want to have it on the dyno and get a performance chip. Other parts renewed are the main crankshaft and pistonrod bearings, timing chain, waterpump, valve stem guides and piston rings. After a first test with the valve cover open and the engine being turned on the starter it showed that the oil pump was no good... fortunately I have a second kat m30b34 stby, so tool the oil pump from that one and now we have sufficient oil pressure! Compression showed 10 bar on each cilinder so the engine is ready! To complete things I got a silicone water cooling hose set and I found a company that sells a comple set of nuts and bolt for the m30 engine, all in yellow and according factory specs, you can see how nice they look on the engine pictures.
  11. jeroen524td

    Dutch project

    The sales ad in the States it started with Arrival in Zeebrugge, Belgium, after a 5 week boat trip Stripping the interior, didn’t like the perlbeige and will delete the electric seat option. New aquired Mtech steering wheel allready in place. Came with an edition steering wheel without leather. Condition of the engine bay after a quick clean with some baby wipes. A nice surprise was that the lsd must have had a complete rebuild not that many miles ago!
  12. jeroen524td

    Dutch project

    Mick, I found the 2 complete french headlight units a couple of yeara ago on a german sales site. On mye28 there was a used pair for sale for a long time by a Dutch guy, 70ccrossi, might have sold by now. These are the ones in my td.
  13. jeroen524td

    New from the Netherlands, e28!

    Mick, check my new topic in the e28 section!
  14. jeroen524td

    What have you done on your E28 this week........

    The rebuilt of my project car engine was finished today!
  15. jeroen524td

    Dutch project

    Hi guys, I’m back again! Had some problems with the forum not working anymore on tapatalk, but now it works again and so I’m back! A lot has happened in the last 2 years. Still have my 524td which has been upgraded with electrical adjustable front seats. French headlights, new from the box, and an original power antenna. Also got myself a 528, originally from Sweden, in Safari beige with a cherry red leather comfort interior. Needed some technical maintenance which was carries out and have been driving it for the last 2 years. Unfortunately it has some nasty rust issues near both front strut towers and in some other areas as well. Than I imported a 535 from the USA as an experiment. Plan was to part it out as it was just a try out to find out how the whole process of importing from the States would go. However, the body is in such great shape that I’m taking this one to rebuild instead of the 528. I made this call just in time because I had already sold a great number of parts, fortunately no essential parts. The 535 will get the interior from the 528, body will go for bodywork and paint next week. Bumpermounts need to be replaced from US to Euro spec and a few tiny rust spots to be treated. New colour will be graphit metallic which, in my opinion, will make a nice combo with the cherry red leather and antracite carpet. I also gathered some nice extra’s over the years which will all be fitted on this 535. - original moonroof - full mtech body kit - Bilstein b6 dampers - H&R lowering springs - red rear speakers from an e30 for the sound system - center console coin tray - door pocket coin tray Engine was a kat version but rebuild to non-kat spec has just been completed. All new bearings, waterpump, timing chain, piano pistons with new piston rings, new schrick cam, machined the inlet channels and got a Schmiedmann spaghetti exhaust manifold standby to be completed with a Simons exhaust system I will update with more pictures soon!