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  1. EnvyCustomPaint


    Well I’ve jinxed it. had a level control problem all week. (compressor runs but no lift) came back from school run sagging. just popped out and it’s back up! I should investigate but I keep forgetting.
  2. EnvyCustomPaint

    Rear swing arm bushes

    Back to plan A then. Insert bush removal jokes as required
  3. EnvyCustomPaint

    Rear swing arm bushes

    Thanks max535. I do but… Actually I did miss read GoNz0’s post, Sorry. I did assume the rose bushes were part of the swing arm and included in the description. (Sorry I’ve not been getting enough sleep lately) thank you for pointing that out. however surly if the rose bush is “dead” the swing arm bushes will be worn. Is there much impact if the swing arm bushes are worn? (My car has 165k on the clock) if I need to dismantle the swing arm to replace the rose bushes I may as well take two more bolts out and replace the swing arms with refreshed parts whilst I’m at it. or is that over kill and can the swing arm bushes be tested? I’m interested to here your thoughts and opinions. many thanks in advance
  4. EnvyCustomPaint

    Rear swing arm bushes

    Brilliant. I’m up for this for my e61. just had to put a new tire on because it’s wearing the inside away. so sooner rather than later suits me. :)
  5. EnvyCustomPaint

    Rear swing arm bushes

    Many thanks
  6. EnvyCustomPaint

    Rear swing arm bushes

    Ok I’m following this. move just discovered I have what I think is a snapped bolt (pic attached) has any one got experience with this. how big a pain is this job going to be? also would the OP consider selling the kit bought to do the job when finished?
  7. EnvyCustomPaint


    No tricks sorry. it appears sometimes every few weeks. sometimes don’t see it for a few months. just start it up in the morning and it’s gone. I put it down to electrical gremlins in the car. Maybe the same reason why a car that was built in the 2nd millennium is unable to hold on to a radio station. or a dvd drive that fails if you have a hot summer! let’s not mention the tailgate wiring loom!
  8. EnvyCustomPaint


    Mines been doing that for 8 years! (sorry that’s no help just saying)
  9. EnvyCustomPaint


    Hi all. im also interested to find an independent in the Leicestershire area. I have a snapped bolt in my rear suspension that needs fixing. new bushes and all that whilst it’s apart. any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance
  10. EnvyCustomPaint

    New wiper not hitting right

    Mines done that for 8 years. Put it down to wiper being too long. mid we were Germans we’d be sat in the other seat and the wipers would wipe the proper way :(
  11. EnvyCustomPaint

    E60 525D fuel consumption

    I have a 525d touring 2005 auto. I get 18mpg urban and 32mpg on a run up the motorway. i used to get 36mpg on the motorway after changing the thermostats but that was 3 years ago. Maybe they’re due to be replaced again. not been an issue this year though
  12. EnvyCustomPaint

    E61 Tailgate woes (Heated rear screen)

    It’s worth mentioning with the tailgate wiring issues that I have had breaks in wires between the front of the car and the rear roof speakers. not just between the tailgate and speakers. on my last attemp to fix gremlins I repaired more broken wiring and got my glass tailgate working. But realised a few weeks later that the glass heater was now not working. I’m convinced this is a wiring issue in the roof somewhere. As it definitely was working before I started the “repairs” :( I gave up in the end as it left me completely disheartened with my e61. I hope you have better luck than me
  13. EnvyCustomPaint

    E61 tailgate opening issues

    Well I suppose it could be a mechanical failure. (so used to break downs being electrical that an actual breakage is the last thing I’d think of lol)
  14. EnvyCustomPaint

    E61 tailgate opening issues

    Hi. this may or may not be of any help as it was a long time ago when I had tailgate issues and am not 100%clear on what I did but... the central locking packed up on my car on One of the several tailgate issue days. I removed both hinge covers and all seemed to be fine. however the break in the wire was further into the car. I had to disconnect the loom from the tailgate to give me some slack in the wire. remove the roof speakers and pull the wire through the hole where the speaker lives. The damage was actually located between the rear speakers and the front of the car. Maybe two feet from the tailgate. a few connections later and it was working again. But just to keep it interesting after re assembly the rear demister stopped working. on another tailgate dismantling day due to glass tailgate not opening there were wires broken in the tailgate. where the wires ran down the side of the window. again apologies as I may have those two damage locations mixed up. the central locking may have been in the tailgate, and the glass may have been in the roof. but either way they were both nowhere near the hinges :( best of luck
  15. EnvyCustomPaint

    Tempted to buy a set of pre lci halogens and try this.

    I like this. surley there’s an LED guy in the forum who can supply us all with the correct bulbs