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  1. Blackman

    New to E34

    I run an E34 daily - no issues getting the parts. Most stuff can be purchased from EuroCarParts, some things are main dealer only, but everything else can be easily found on AutoDoc, so plenty of choice. The cost for the parts is also reasonable (depending on what you need) and generally speaking, maintaining an E34 doesn't cost a fortune.
  2. It's only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. Unless you can find another one in similar condition with same'ish mileage/history, then you can't stop the guy from trying to get as much as possible for it, right? Wouldn't you do the same? If you had a choice between getting £5k for it or £11k, it's a no-brainer. You can't put a price tag on something that's not easily available, so in such cases it all comes down to buyer availability. And what kind of a battered E39 M5 are you going to get for £11k? All BMW M's from 90's are going up in value and they seem to be dragging up the lesser models with them as well.
  3. Does anyone know where you can get original dealer number plates made? I mean with the older font design, the name of the dealer who supplied the vehicle, etc? The only guy I've come across is Pukar Designs (https://www.pukardesigns.com/), I've emailed them, but the website says 3-4 weeks for TAT, so not sure how active they're at the moment, as the Facebook page hasn't been updated in a while as well. Are there any other guys/companies? This is what I mean: Thanks
  4. Blackman

    BMW Dealer Reproduction Retro Number Plates

    Yes, that's exactly what I'm after, but the guy doesn't have a website or an email address....Can't seem to find a way to contact him, apart from joining Facebook, and that's the last thing I want to do.
  5. I've read tons of threads on how people do this, anything from burning the bushes to drilling them out, etc, etc. However, I'd like to get them done properly without removing the subframe, especially if it seems like you can get a reasonably cheap tool on eBay for 40-50 quid and pull them out/push them in? They are listed as being suitable for an E39 and there's another set for an X5 (E53), so I was wondering would they be any good to do the job on the E34? Here are the sets: 1. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-5-Series-E39-Saloon-sedan-REAR-AXLE-SUBFRAME-BUSH-REMOVER-INSTALLER-TOOL-/252072468325?fits=Plat_Gen%3AE39&hash=item3ab0b09f65:g:6UkAAOSwjVVV4C2l 2. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-X5-E53-REAR-AXLE-SUBFRAME-SUSPENSION-INSTALL-REMOVAL-BUSH-TOOL-/252688633610?hash=item3ad56a8f0a:g:nukAAOSwBLlVPUJC Also there's a Sealey tool made specifically for this job - VS4465, but it's on a pricy side of things, here > http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/tools-workshop/steering-suspension-tools/sealey-rear-subframe-bush-removal-installation-tool-kit-bmw-vs4465 Obviously, 400 quid is a bit of a push, but is there a specific tool I could buy to do this job for a decent price?
  6. Blackman

    Replacing Rear Subframe Bushes

    We had the rear axle out on mine, which made is piss easy taking the old bushes out, as you just had to heat up the surrounding area of the bush and then just bang it out with a hammer. As for installing it, there's a metal lip on the bushes, so it just goes all way until that lip touches the round surface of the rear axle and can't go any further. My guy didn't have a BMW specific tool for the job, but used a generic bush installer tool and we got them in nicely. As for the lube, don't stress about what exactly to use, because you just want something to help the rubber go in smoothly. As long as it's a grease that's safe to use with rubber, then I can't see any issues with what you use.
  7. Blackman

    E34 525i SE

    Underneath looks impressive, very clean, although it's not the best colour, it's an auto and also it's the M20 2.5, so not the ideal combo.
  8. Blackman

    Help needed getting car spec from reg

    It won't show the last 7, so kind of pointless. However, saying that, even if you have the last 7 of the VIN, most VIN decoders no longer accept that, and ask for a full VIN. http://bimmer.work/ is a quite decent one, although you'll need a full VIN. The only one that I know that still works with the last 7 is > https://bimmercat.com/bmw/EN/vin/decoder/online
  9. Blackman

    E39 M5 on eBay

    That's how M cars should be used, or any performance cars for that matter...Driven hard/regularly and enjoyed, not polished up and garaged 11 months a year. Agreed, despite being a Cat S and high mileage, it does look like a car that's been taken care of.
  10. Blackman

    E34 530i manual

    Anyone else noticed the sunroof trim hanging loose from the headliner? Surely, if you're asking £6k for a car, you can make the effort of putting a tyre on the spare wheel and clipping that sunroof panel back into place?
  11. Blackman

    Buying old beemers in Germany

    boiliebasher, how did you get on with obtaining a COC from BMW? Or did you go for a paid service? According to BMW UK's website, they're currently free, and you just have to email them, asking for one....I did that earlier in the week, but for some reason I've got a feeling that it's going to take a while until they come back to me or I'll be lucky if they reply at all... What about non-official BMW paid services, such as https://www.eurococ.eu/en or https://www.certificateconformity.co.uk/ or https://www.certificateofconformity-coc.com/ ??
  12. Full info on ULEZ can be found here > https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/ultra-low-emission-zone I'm not sure why this is not already being discussed here, because essentially if you live in London, then you can forget about driving your E34/5 series or whatever BMW you have from 80/90's and early 2000's, unless you are willing to pay £12.50/day for driving the car in the zone. Surely this absolutely ridiculous and I can't believe these plans are actually going ahead? If this applied just to central London (starting from April 2019), then I wouldn't be bothered, because I never drive there myself due to the silly levels of traffic, so if going to central London, then I normally just use tube, but extending the zone all the way to North/South Circular roads (from October 2021) means I will no longer be able to drive my E34 without having to pay or let alone any other BMW from the same era... All amazing, great cars, which are still perfectly usable today, are going to be subject to this charge, so I'll have no choice but to buy some newish automatic, turbo-crap, because I can't imagine myself paying £12.50/day just to drive around London. There must be a petition going on somewhere against this non-sense? I have to sell my pride and joy, which I had no intention of doing so, and basically there will be no point of buying any pre 2005 car, because very few of them will be Euro 4 (petrol) and Euro 6 (diesel) emission standards compliant? What a load of bollocks...
  13. Blackman

    ULEZ Expansion Plans for 2021

    Well, according to BMW, it's free for all UK registered vehicles > https://discover.bmw.co.uk/help/ownership/certificate-of-conformity The cost is not really an issue, the question is whether it helps with registering the vehicle as ULEZ compliant or not...
  14. Blackman

    ULEZ Expansion Plans for 2021

    A bit of a bump, but I couldn't find any newer thread on this subject, so thought would use this one... As many of you might already know, TFL's ULEZ checker is not exactly reliable, because you can essentially check the same car with the same engine, but obviously different reg numbers, and it would say that one car is ULEZ compliant and the other is not.... So I've read that you can get a Certificate of Conformity from BMW free of charge, which will have the emissions data of the vehicle, and if the numbers are within the allowed limits, then you could send it to TFL to have your vehicle marked as "compliant" and continue driving? Has anyone done this? I've requested a COC for my E34 and got an automated message saying they're processing my request, but I doubt I'm going to get one, because I believe COCs began to be issued from 1996, so this would be more helpful for E39 owners probably... Also I noticed there are quite a few websites selling these certificates, so not sure what's their purpose, when the manufacturer can issue it for free, assuming it's for a UK vehicle?
  15. Blackman

    1995 E34 525i Starter Motor removal

    It can also be taken out from underneath the vehicle, if you have access to a ramp, meaning you won't need to remove the intake manifold. Mind you, if trying to get to it from underneath, you'll need quite a few extensions to reach the starter bolts. Also there are 2 types of starter motors - the older one, which is slightly longer, is secured with both bolts and nuts, plus it has like a support bracket bolted to the engine block, which helps to remove the strain from the starter bolts due to starter's length. Looks like this is the type that what you have. Newer starter motors are shorter, meaning the support bracket is no longer required, and also the mounting bores on the starter are threaded, so you just need to put the bolts through from the gearbox side and that's it - no need for any nuts on the other end. P.S. Bosch factory refurbished starter motors are available from ECP and with a discount they work out to just over £100, so might be a better a deal, than a local refurb...Keep in mind, you'll need to return the old unit to get the surcharge refunded.
  16. The part number you've posted above (13411433627) is actually for an inlet control valve (ICV), so not sure what part you bought from eBay and replaced?
  17. If it's an air leak, would be worth checking the condition of the inlet pipe, which is between the inlet manifold and the air filter housing.
  18. Blackman

    Can I remove the wheels without specific tool?

    If you have the original 15" style 5 alloys, then you don't really need that tool for taking the caps off. Just grab the hex bit of the cap with both hands and pull it out.
  19. Blackman

    Rear Trunk Lid Badge Location

    I found the one for E34 M5, might give you a better idea of how the 525i goes on the E34 Also if you have the 24v engine (M50B25), then your 525i badge should be slightly angled to the right, like the badges you've posted in your image above. The current badge that you have on your E34 is what was used on E34s with the M20 engine.
  20. Blackman

    Dangerous Wiper incident.

    The fitment may be different on racks that have high pressure system on them, so it might not work, but if you have a regular wiper rack, then it's just a straight swap and fits perfectly fine.
  21. Blackman

    Dangerous Wiper incident.

    Same thing here, had the nut become loose on the driver's wiper arm few years ago, but mind you, it was kind of my fault really, as I probably didn't tighten it properly after changing the arm, so can't blame anyone. I think I just noticed that it wasn't cleaning the screen properly and went out to have a quick look at it, then realised it was all wobbly, so just checked/tightened the nut and that the end of it - no drama, slow rain, city traffic, got home and fixed it. If anyone's interested, I fitted an E36 wiper arm to the driver's side, getting rid of the "reverse hook" wiper arm of the E34, so now I can just buy any 24" wiper blades and they are a direct fit - no messing around with special adapters for the reverse hook.
  22. Blackman

    E34 Instrument Cluster needed

    Ebay is probably your best bet, unless you can repair your one locally by someone who knows what they're doing? P.S. Found these guys on Google, but haven't used them myself, so do your own research >>> http://www.clusterrepairsuk.co.uk/repair/model/bmw-e34-5-series-instrument-cluster-repair-service
  23. Blackman

    E39 530i - Jap import

    Might be worth doing a thread on the forum, when you get a chance, on how importing from Japan works, where to find the cars and the costs/process involved, etc. I noticed the prices for Nissan Skylines (R33 mainly) have steadily gone up in the last few years and it's amazing how clean the Japanese imports are, given they are 25+ years old.
  24. Blackman

    Newbie intro

    It's normal to have more dust on the front, than on the rear, as the brakes are always bigger on the front and they work harder with the engine upfront. Mine is the same, rear wheels are clean, but fronts go black after a while. Unless you buy brake pads specifically designed to be "low-dust", then you won't see much difference between genuine BMW pads or OEM, like PAGID/Brembo/ATE.
  25. Blackman

    Cat STOLEN

    Well, if you think about it, ANY car from 80's and 90's has easy access to the cat, because nothing is hidden and it's all out in the open. The question is whether it's worth stealing a cat that's 20+ years old? The precious metals are there to absorb all the harmful toxins, so hence the reason why I said old cats are probably worthless...