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  1. Blackman

    Under seat seat belt pulley

    Not exactly sure what you're talking about? Try to find the part on RealOEM.com? You've got a few choices really....Either buy brand-new from BMW, try to source the part from your local breakers or from someone on the forum, or see if you can find it on eBay.
  2. Thanks for the reference. Is that including tyres? Also when you say refurbed, do you mean inside/out or just the face? And also is it done in original black/silver, like it is from factory? I've seen these sprayed in just one silver colour, which obviously works out cheaper. And I'm assuming the throwing stars were included in the sale, complete with centre caps, badges, bolts?
  3. Blackman


    Can the headliner be removed without having to take out the front or rear windscreens? I've got a sunroof model, if that makes a difference?
  4. Blackman

    Age old steering question.

    There's no "sweet spot" for the adjustment screw - you just have to tighten it a bit, then road-test and see how it is. Pay attention to how the steering wheel returns to the centre after you make a turn. When you notice that it no longer returns freely back to centre, then you know that you went a bit too far with tightening that screw. Also as you said, it's a steering box, NOT a rack, so don't expect a response like from modern cars.
  5. Thanks. Also the hassle with Castrol is that the biggest bottle is 4L, so you end up buying 4+1+1, which works out too expensive and just unnecessary, when you've got the choice of getting Shell or Mobil 5+1.
  6. The latest shopping spree has been completed for the work soon to be done, so here's the summary of what was purchased. It's nothing too crazy - the main thing that we are going to do is replace the front crankshaft seal that's leaking, so I thought it would be a good idea to change engine oil at the same time. Then since the crank pulley and the drive belt are going to come off, I reckoned we should replace the crankshaft position sensor while we have easy access to it. Apart from that, I also bought the throttle position sensor, 6 new ignition coils, lambda sensor and AFM cleaner to hopefully improve throttle response and general performance - the car drives perfectly fine as it is, but I feel that it could be better and something's holding it back...And also will renew the anti-freeze, as it's been more than 2 years last time we changed it. This is what we have at the moment: Shell Helix HX7 10w40 engine oil, Mann oil filter and Triple QX 5L ready-mixed anti-freeze (not pictured) was purchased from EuroCarParts, as these are simple things and are well-priced from ECP, so there wasn't much to think about there...Castrol oil is a bit on the pricy side of things, but I also like Mobil Super 2000 X1, although slightly more expensive than Shell. The BMW order was pretty small this time, as I only ordered the following: Front crankshaft seal - 11142249532 Crankshaft bolt - 11211720633 Crankshaft bolt washer - 11231288660 x6 bolts for the crankshaft pulley - 07119913011 (keep in mind, these will be different if you have A/C fitted) All the rest of the parts were bought from SparePartStore24, which I highly recommend, but make sure to do your research properly by checking parts catalogues against RealOEM part numbers and choose the correct parts for your car. Starting with the ignition coils, there is quite a bit of choice of manufacturers to choose from. When we changed the spark plugs during the service in December 2016, I remember that the originals supplied/fitted by BMW were made by BREMI. So naturally, I thought if I could get the same thing, then it should do the job. Unfortunately, SparePartStore24 only had 2 in stock and advised that they are not expecting any more soon, so I made a decision to go for BERU, which is also a quality, OEM German manufacturer. The price for one was around £36. BMW part number for the ignition coils (no longer available from BMW) - 12131703359 BERU part number: ZS014 Choosing a lambda sensor made by Bosch was a no-brainer, although it's also available from NGK, which is a quality brand as well. BMW part number for the lambda sensor - 11781735680 Bosch part number - 0258005322 Then for both the crankshaft sensor and the throttle position sensor, I decided to go with Hella. I would go with genuine BMW, but the CPS was something ridiculous, circa £150, so I didn't even bother checking the price for the TPS, as it would probably be something silly as well. BMW throttle position sensor - 13631721456 Hella part number - 6PX 008 476-111 BMW crankshaft position sensor - 12141726065 Hella part number - 6PU 009 110-541 Not sure why I bought an AFM cleaner, as I think these kind of "cleaners" are usually a waste of time and it's better just to get a new air-flow meter, but I don't even know for 100% whether I've got a problem with mine or not? I thought this would be a cheap start and if I do have to replace my AFM, then I can always do it in the future, as you have open access to it. Let's see if I will notice any significant improvement in idling/acceleration/response after this work, because I feel I'm getting to the point where I'm starting to replace things which work absolutely fine, but I buy new parts anyway thinking the originals are "past their best".....It could well be the case, so we'll find out soon. This will all be done some time in March, so will keep you updated. Also planning to get a set of 4 new tyres for the Throwing stars, as at the moment I've got 12 year-old Dunlops on the front and some random budgets on the rear, granted all with sufficient thread. The 255/40/17 size for the rears is a bit unusual one, so the choice for reasonably priced tyres is a bit limited, but I'll have to do more research on that and will let you know how it goes. Thanks for following.
  7. Blackman

    e34 red rear lights legal in uk

    I did this with my Golf mk3 back in 2009-2010, and yes green bulbs do the trick, although you don't get perfectly orange indicators. A very picky MOT tester might fail on them, but I doubt it. As for getting pulled over for this, again, very unlikely...But, I would say they look a bit silly anyway and not worth doing...
  8. Not going to argue about what they are worth and not going to split them, as yes, you have to be really careful not to damage the alloys. I have experience fitting/removing tyres myself, so I know it can happen. Besides, can't see them selling quicker without tyres. The price is based on condition and availability. If you think you can find a set like this for less, then best of luck to you. Those who are interested, please PM me. Thank you
  9. Blackman

    Clutch judder.

    Actually, checked this today, and it seemed fine when releasing the clutch smoothly, no judder. Possibly I'm confusing it with when you release the clutch pedal a bit too quickly without giving enough throttle and that's when that slight judder happens, which I believe would be normal. Gearbox mounts are new, the diff bush looks healthy, so haven't changed it, but I'm not sure about the engine mounts, although I doubt they are that bad...
  10. Blackman

    Clutch judder.

    I got the same thing, but thought this was normal? I've got a 6 months old clutch, including the pressure plate and the release bearing?
  11. Blackman

    Wiper Rack

    I highly doubt it's anything to do with the bonnet. For whatever reason, the wiper rack loses its position over the years and sags, hence the reason why the OS wiper arm comes into contact with the bonnet. If you shake the wiper arm and feel there's play in it, then that explains everything and bonnet position has nothing to do with it. There should be no up/down play at all in a healthy rack.
  12. Blackman

    E34 Washer Jets Wiring

    I'm being a bit of a pedant again, as just the other day I noticed that the wiring for the washer jets that goes through the front panel of the car, somehow gets squashed when the bonnet is closed? See the photo attached: Does that look normal or something is not right? Surely that wire shouldn't be like that?
  13. Blackman

    bmw e34 spax adjustables.. top mount question

    Seems like everyone goes through this problem when they want to upgrade their suspension... Use the last 7 of your VIN to look up your car on RealOEM and then when you go into the suspension section, where the top mounts are, select the diagram where it says "For Vehicles with M Sports suspension". Like Flandy said, you need the M-sport top mounts, part number ending in 437, but I would also get all the other bits that go with it, such as the top nut (6) with the rubber washer (5), the nuts for the mounts (4), the spacer as above (3) and the top dust cover (7). Since you're using non-original suspension, check what else you might need against your existing parts, so you don't miss anything.
  14. Blackman

    TDS steering adjustment

    Also renewing the power-steering fluid can make a bit of difference...
  15. Down to £1400, if anyone's interested, but this is a BMW5 forum members price only and no offers. Thanks