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  1. Blackman

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    The difference between the 520i and 525i is only 40 bhp, so it won't be a night and day difference...Besides, a Touring is not something you thrash around, so even if you were to put a 2.5 engine in, it won't all of a sudden become a Caterham. Not worth it at all, unless you have some sentimental value with the car, planning to keep it for next 20 years and you are absolutely in love with the M50B25TU engine. If you really wanted to do an engine conversion, then it would have to be something special from the "S" range of the engines (M3/M5) to make it worthwhile, although with a lot of headache and modifications.
  2. Blackman

    Turning a e34 into a e39

    It's just a normal E34 dash, but with a customized top section to house the E39 clocks. The same goes for the door card - you can see the part where the window switches go has been modified, but otherwise it's a regular E34 door card. Agreed, looks rubbish, but some people got too much time on their hands.
  3. I have recently decided to go back to original 15" BBS wheels for my E34, so the M5 Throwing Stars are now for sale. This is a set of x5 genuine BMW Throwing Star (style 21) staggered forged alloy wheels set, including tyres. All the wheels are in used, but excellent overall condition without any structural damage - no buckles, cracks or welds. These are straight forged wheels, which I used on my car for 2+ years without any issues - no vibrations or balancing problems. There's very minor cosmetic kerbing damage on all the wheels and slight paint bubbling on the star covers. The worst bits are shown on the photos #6 and #7, but apart from that, the wheels and the covers are in very presentable condition. This is a genuine BMW staggered wheel set, specifically for E34 M5 fitment, with correct directional magnesium star covers (2 left + 2 right), plastic centre caps and factory-size tyres. The front wheels are 17x8J ET20 (part number: 36112226706) with 235/45/R17 94Y tyres, which are Continental ContiPremiumContact 6 (dated 1018) and Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 (dated 1318). The rear wheels are 17x9J ET22 (part number: 36112226707) with 255/40/R17 98Y tyres, which both are Toyo Proxes Sport (dated 4318). All the tyres are in perfect condition throughout, having approximately 7-8mm of tread left, and without any cuts, bulges or puncture repairs. The spare wheel (shown on photo #11) is 17x8J ET20 (part number: 36112226706) with 235/45/R17 94W tyre, which is Falken Ziex ZE912. It has approximately 5mm of tread and is in overall good condition. Please note, there's no plastic centre cap for the spare wheel. All 5 star covers have correct genuine BMW fillister head screws (part number: 36112227124) installed, which I bought back in 2017. The badges on the centre caps were also replaced with genuine BMW stickers (part number: 36136758569) at the same time. The wheels will need to be collected in person from London, SW6 and cash paid on collection. The price for the whole set is £1450. Open to sensible offers, so if you have a reasonable price in mind, then let me know. Thanks for looking.
  4. Blackman

    Strut mounts and spring cups

    According to RealOEM, the correct EDC shocks for the front should be part number 31321134811 coupled with front EDC top mounts being 31331134096. I'm sure both will be crazy money new from BMW, so might be worth comparing the OEM number online with aftermarket alternatives to see what's available out there. Or I believe you can also refurb SLS shocks, but don't know who can do it and how much it costs. P.S. As for the above photo, remember that you've got the spring cup and a couple of washers that go on the shock first before the top mount, so that obviously reduces the amount of thread you'll have left on the shock for the securing top nut. Regardless, this standard shock setup is all irrelevant in your case, if you have SLS...
  5. Blackman

    Strut mounts and spring cups

    Just used a decoder for your VIN and the spec sheet mentions that you've got self-levelling suspension option, number S220A. Quite unusual to have this on a 525i, but I'm sure this is correct. Might be worth having a quick look under the car to confirm and see if you have any pipes connected to the shock absorbers? If you do, then most likely you've bought incorrect shocks as well as top mounts, because those would be for a standard suspension. Here's a video, so you can see what I mean >>> This should be the correct diagram for your car >>> https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=HD62-EUR-12-1991-E34-BMW-525i&diagId=31_0124 One thing I'd like to be confirmed is why the option number is different on the spec sheet and on RealOEM? Spec mentions S220A, but RealOEM says S223A? I believe it's the same thing, as both mean self-levelling suspension, I just thought they would match. Anyway, if you've got SLS you may want to re-consider your options regarding suspension upgrades, as SLS refurb can be quite expensive, so sometimes people completely get rid off it and put regular shocks.
  6. Blackman

    Strut mounts and spring cups

    That looks like a diagram for a non-standard top mount, because the spring cup is part of the top mount. On a regular suspension the top mount and the spring cup are separate. If you let me know the last 7 of your VIN, I'll post the correct diagram for you. As for the rest of the diagrams, pay attention to the "Description" column, when you scroll down to the part numbers, because often you'll find stuff there like "For vehicles with" in a red box, and it would say the type of suspension or the country of export, so if it doesn't apply to your car, then keep looking until you find a basic diagram without any special details, unless of course your car has M-sport suspension or any other non-standard spec.
  7. Blackman

    Strut mounts and spring cups

    The first diagram you posted has the parts for "Official vehicles", so that's not applicable to your car, unless of course it's some kind of special edition/armoured vehicle. The diagram that Flandy posted should be the correct one for your car, where the top mount is separate from the spring cup, assuming you have standard non-sport suspension. Also the spring cup can be re-used, not sure why you'd want to change it anyway? P.S. The top mount that you've shown on the photo will have a separate spring cup, which you can re-use from your car. The top mountings that have integrated spring cups are for Sport suspension vehicles.
  8. Blackman

    E34 Alpina B10 3.5 - a real one

    One thing I noticed about the one for sale on eBay, is that it stood still for 4-5 years between 2013-2018 as the MOT history confirms. And then again for 2 years, before it was MOT'ed at the beginning of July 2020, most likely to make it ready for sale. Nothing catastrophic, but worth noting - also would be good to find out where/how it was kept while not driven. The MOT history is immaculate (could be mate's garage) and the car looks clean as well. The stereo is an aftermarket unit, which is not a big deal and the rear exhaust section doesn't look right, as the pipes are too big, so possibly was replaced in the past? It's difficult to put a price tag on something that is very rare - you could try to compare it with E34 M5 prices, but they are quite different cars, so not the ideal way to do it. In any case, if you were to buy it today for what is being asked for, the price will only go up in the future, so as long as the car is in a good state all around, then you can't really go wrong if that's what you're after.
  9. Blackman

    Purchasing a BMW 525i SEA

    I would say maybe £2-3k, but the prices of E34s vary quite a lot, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was advertised for more than that.
  10. Blackman

    Purchasing a BMW 525i SEA

    Tried looking up this E34 on Repossessed UK cars website, but for some reason it's not there? Unless they are asking crazy money for it, it looks to be a decent buy. You don't necessarily have to take it to BMW for an inspection - whatever it needs mechanically, it won't cost a fortune to sort out...At the end of the day, the car is 25+ years old. As for corrosion, just get on your knees and check the state of the sills/jacking points - if they are fine, then the rest is not a big deal.
  11. Blackman

    E34 Alpina B10 3.5 - a real one

    The bidding history on that listing looks a bit strange...It was going for £17k, and then all of a sudden it jumped straight to over £44k, which makes no sense? Won't be surprised if it gets re-listed, but if not, and it's a genuine buyer, then that's definitely a more-than surprising price tag.
  12. Blackman

    Purchasing a BMW 525i SEA

    I wouldn't be surprised if the corrosion failure in 2016 for NSF was probably for a rusty jacking point, but it was incorrectly selected as a reason for failure. One thing I noticed going through the MOT history is that the mileage goes up to 45k in April 2015, but then goes down to 44k in June 2016? Clocks changed? Or possibly miles/kilometres issue? Overall, looks like it has barely been used throughout the years. The rear 525i badge is placed incorrectly (too high), so possibly had a whack at the back or maybe just a minor re-spray? Does look clean from the 2 photos above, but I personally wouldn't fancy an Auto...
  13. Blackman

    Ignition Coils

    My coils must've been replaced back in 1998 or thereabouts, as the car is 1992, but mine were all dated 1998 with BMW and BREMI stamped on them - no issues whatsoever, but that's BREMI from 1998. I replaced mine with BERU last year just for preventative maintenance, while I was doing a service. I would've thought the quality of BREMI parts should still be good today, as they are an OEM supplier? Even with decent manufacturers, you can still get faulty parts as it can happen to any company, but how do you know they weren't counterfeit? Did you get them from a good source?
  14. Blackman

    Nice low miles e34 535i

    I put my hands up on the leather seats - could be original, but Tech 2 wheel on an SE? I would've expected the regular 4-spoke non-airbag wheel or the "sportier" 3 spoke steering wheel (non M-tech)... Possibly, it's been retro-fitted, not a big deal at all...I think when I saw those door cards, I started looking for other things that didn't look right.
  15. Blackman

    Nice low miles e34 535i

    Door cards look like an amateur bodged up job to me. The steering wheel clearly doesn't belong there and also looks re-trimmed. I'm not 100% sure if the leather seats are original? They don't come up as listed under options, unless they were a standard fit? The leather on the seats looks a bit too thin and really fresh - a possible re-trim as well or they are just in very good condition, given the mileage? Still, a nice and clean car overall.