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  1. Ace8800

    F10 park assist not working

    Update** 26.01.19 Tried the new cable... but still throws up a camera failure message. I can only assume the camera also needs to be changed. I have ordered one from Germany with the option for full refund within 30days. So lets see if that will fix it.
  2. Ace8800

    Hi everyone!

    Hi and welcome, im fairly new to the forum too. Can you price me the f10 MStyle performance style pack, supplied and fitted? Mine is a 2014 LCi MSPORT. Ace8800.
  3. Ace8800

    EGR Recall

    Had mine checked today and they gave it a thumbs up.. i did mention this in another post, just thought id mention it in the right place. @BFleming did mention who picks up the bill if it fails after the check? Can it be checked by another dealer for a second opinion?
  4. Hmmmm true... think its worth writing to head office?
  5. Took the wife with me to pick it up.. no beating around.. straight in got the keys and straight out. Btw they said my recall was not done because there was no sign of damage and the EGR was in in excellent working order.
  6. Took my f10 in to the dealers today for a EGR cooler recall. It was so tempting to start looking for a upgrade, but i controlled myself... for now!
  7. Ace8800

    F10 park assist not working

    After long discussions with Matt, i have ordered the cables for the fix, i could not understand why the F10 cable set is £347 when the camera and TRSVC have exactly the same part numbers as the F11 (so i ordered the F11 cable set which was £148.50 from Cotswold via the forum). Will be getting them by Friday next week. I will get the car in my garage on Sat and do some testing with dad, fingers crossed i dont need a camera. Will keep you all posted soon. Cost so far... Cable set: £148.50 Camera (if needed): £67 (ebay) Diagnosis: £42 TOTAL £257.50 (without camera £190.50) Well within my (willingly) cost. Thinking about it i might just get the camera, i guess it will eliminate the "what if the camera gives in next" thought... i'll think about it. Hope there are no other unexpected costs! Local indy wanted £750 just to diagnose it. Matt.. you the man!!! ... I keep you guys updated.
  8. Ace8800

    BMW F10 fibre optic cable

    The vin is WBA5C32010D633477
  9. Ace8800

    BMW F10 fibre optic cable

    Can i have the price for a Fibre optic cable for the left side front bumper camera and also the camera it self. Its on a private plate but old reg is BT14 RMU.
  10. Ace8800

    F10 park assist not working

    So after finally getting some time i got the car checked out and it seems like Matt Ashton was spot on.. tried swapping the cameras no luck, tried cleaning them inside and out.. no luck. The fault was picked up via local BMW specialist who said it was a fault on the left camera.. but the camera is fine. Before he could start adding ££s. i took the car back. Called BMW and they want £347 for ONE cable.. he said it could be two in the box, but we wont know till the cable come to us, so id you order it you assume its one....WTF. @Matthew Ashton fancy a job fixing mine? I saw you got the F11 cables cheaper and did a swap on the plugs for a another F10 forum member.
  11. Ace8800

    F10 park assist not working

    Just checked and the can confirm all the camera are working crystal clear. However malfunction signs of "rear camera failure" "side view camera failure" and "camera failure" all pop up on different occasions. Also the park assist option is available again, didnt test it fully.
  12. Ace8800

    F10 park assist not working

    Yes the sensors work fine.. but now come to think of it i will double check if all the cameras are working. @bmwf113.0d you just reminded me of something.. i aint seen the front bumper ones on for a while, i might go and check them. Will report back later.
  13. Hi all, I have a F10 2014 that has the surround camera view along with Park assist. It was working fine parking itself, but recently its stop working (not giving the option to select it). Everytime i put it into reverse i get a sign on the cluster "rear camera malfunction". The same sign pops up when im looking for parking space after pressing the park button. All the cameras work perfectly fine by the way, but because of this malfunction its disabled by park assist option. As soon as i take it out of reverse the sign is gone. Does any know what it could be? Thanks in advance.