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  1. Dbcrd

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Out of interest I think you fitted the flat socket from an e61. Naturally at a lower point where the surface is flat. The oem e39 touring socket housing is curved and fits higher up where the side panel curves a bit. More difficult to fit and location has to be accurate. I got mine a few mm wrong and clearance behind is tight. E61 socket if that is what it is looks good actually.
  2. Dbcrd

    Spooky wiring

    It is tow Bar electrics I think you asked about one of the devices a while back. If you want to keep them then not too hard to get rid of rubbish scotchlocks and household chocolate block mains connectors and replace with good quality crimps using a good quality ratchet crimping tool or better still (only in my view) solder and heatshrink. Depends what has been bodged elsewhere. Worth checking if they drilled through the car to get to the tow Bar. Never had one on an e39 but fitted a tow bar on an e34 touring. I had to drill through the floor and so well rustproofed the hole and used a good waterproof cable gland.
  3. Dbcrd

    E39 Touring boot power socket

    When I did mine long time ago I used this how to https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1169450-Adding-a-E39-Touring-Cargo-12v-accessory-socket Main issue is getting the position right. I spliced into existing live wiring with an inline fuse. Used nice thick wire like 2.5mm2 I would probably do the electrics differently if I did again by adding a fuse to a spare way in the existing fuse box. How to do this has been posted before and it's dead easy and looks great - you use vag connectors available cheaply on eBay (did similar for other things in the front fuse box).
  4. Dbcrd

    BMW Torch

    Mine still works ok as well and I swapped to an led bulb a few years ago they are a pretty standard mes torch bulb replacement and it is better. If it ever dies I'll just cut it open and change the battery.
  5. Dbcrd

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    The best way to do these for a permanent fix is a replacement harness. Ideally with Silicon insulated wires. The factory wire insulation gets brittle with age - i think it's another design flaw. That is what I did for my Touring. I used soldered connections and heat shrink rather than crimps - my preference plus not much room to hide the joins in the touring tailgate. I did this outdoors so used a gas soldering iron as electric ones don't get hot enough when there is a breeze. This is the saloon version of what I used: http://vi.raptor.ebaydesc.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemDescV4&item=283272311617&category=15329&pm=1&ds=0&t=1561742009000&ver=0
  6. Dbcrd

    BMW E39 centre air vent removal. The easy way.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to do this out and to post pictures. Much appreciated. Given I found the split to be superficial and not in the usual failure area I've managed to make a very good repair with adhesive so won't need to buy this anymore. I'll see how this goes for the time being. Regards
  7. Dbcrd

    BMW E39 centre air vent removal. The easy way.

    Duncan We'll I'm sitting in my car as a passenger on a journey and read this excellent write up. Then I looked at the vents and noticed there is a split. So actually I do fancy trying this. Are you looking to sell?
  8. Dbcrd

    Mounting panel tricks up your sleeve?

    I had the same issues when I replaced the tailgate wiring and fitted a camera. Used 3m self adhesive Velcro type fixings. Hold reasonably. Because I was worried about damaging the panels if I had to remove them. I guess from what Ray is saying that's not a problem though I thought it might be. Considering something like this for next time Bostik Sticky Glue Dots Removable: Amazon.co.uk: Office Products https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bostik-Sticky-Glue-Dots-Removable/dp/B004009XMW Maybe not strong enough By the way. I found a neat way of installing the camera in a touring with an oem look. Better for me than oem because the oem camera fixing messes with the hatch release switch and pull handle a bit.
  9. Dbcrd

    Intensive screen wash

    Thanks. My bad. I should have known that as I has that tank out from under the wheel arch a year or two back and changed the pumps. One of which is more robust. Don't want to be giving incorrect information.
  10. Dbcrd

    530i to a 525i ?

    I've been watching these type of ads for a year or two; on and off so might have missed something. I don't recall having seen a 3.0 touring maybe 1. A few maybe 3 or 4 2.5s maybe a few more. They always seem to be dealers either seymour pope hexagon or old colonel or similar. I do have to admit that the 3.0 is the absolute peach. Biggest straight 6 basically. So silky engine and rack and pinion steering. So that was at the back of my mind. Even though logic says you won't get one and the 2.5 is just as good. If you are completely set on a 3.0 sport touring there is the possibility of bringing one in from Japan. I looked at that. There are a few agencies and websites and I did see one or two tourings. Even in Japan numbers dwindling. Plus you would really need to do some homework going down that route re. Add-on costs and other things. Much of this was before I started committing to decent money fixing my car cosmetically and I've basically only just started.
  11. Dbcrd

    Intensive screen wash

    If the lights are on it sometimes comes on on my car when separating the screen I think. I think it's a gimmick as well but required by legislation (not quite the same as mot test criteria that say where fitted it must work) for xenons. Anyway I've been using undiluted concentrate so lesson learned and will change from now on though i thonk it's only detergent and ethanol. Can't see much wrong with fully diluted same as the main washer in retrospect though as the effectiveness comes from the pressure jets as much as anything.
  12. Dbcrd

    530i to a 525i ?

    Nothing OCD about a complete cooling system rebuild in my view. I did it as have many others. The impact of overheating on sudden loss of coolant on an all alloy M54 engine can be a big deal.
  13. Dbcrd

    530i to a 525i ?

    That car looks as good as mine was in condition and mileage when I bought it ten years ago. I've been putting money into my car over recent years similar in original spec and colour to Dan's but originak uk and kept outside most of its life. I've looked at these imports from time to time and saw this one. Main reason for wondering about a low mileage immaculate import car like this is the mileage of my uk car and challenge of keeping on top of body work and rust of an old uk car. It can be done but it costs. I think Dan was very lucky to find a 3 litre jap import. Unless a car is bright purple or something colour would be low on my list of things to get right on an 18 year old car. There are only about 170 of these left in the UK. Even if one bought that car I suspect a little spending ahead might be needed or be a good idea. Aged rubber parts mainly. Non mileage dependent plastic cooling system parts. Much better than welding on a rusty uk car. Depends what has already been done Great car though.
  14. Dbcrd

    Boot locked help :(

    I can dig out the link to the silicon flexible version if it helps. I used it on the touring and they are great. About £40 well spent.