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  1. Dbcrd

    Thoughts on ownership - First year

    Plus 1 from the owner of the slightly?? less pristine version of your old car https://bmwtuning.co/m54-common-engine-problems Keep oil changes regular and cooling system in good nick and should ne ok. All typical problems other than overheating are not terminal. Oil pump nut issue on m54b30 i researched a lot and appears to happen almost always on tracked cars held at high revs.
  2. Dbcrd

    E10 fuel causing EML

    I've been using e10 for quite a few tanks now. Probably since early summer as it has been around in my area of tbe South East for quite a while. No issues to report. CCV and all vacuum hoses etc. Plus intake boots were all replaced this time last year though.
  3. Dbcrd

    Interface or not ?

    These Chinese made head units polarise people on forums like little else i have seen. They are like marmite. My personal view is that the audio is not wonderful but the versatility vs the price is excellent. Reliability has been improving over the years and it is now possible to buy them from an established UK seller with a guarantee that is worth something and good after sales support. That is what I did two years ago and Iam happy. Your unit seems to be at least four years old and working OK and if you are happy, what is the problem? It is often mentioned that reliability in electronic systems can typically follow a "bathtub" curve. That means manufacturing issues not picked up in quality control (eg factory tests) tend to come out more often in the early days. There is then a period of lower risk of issues before later on ageing components wear and tear cause failure rates to rise again. So if it's working and you are happy i would say it will be likely to keep doing so for the time being. Since i think you mentioned budgetary constraints (a cheaper solution than getting the display fixed), changing for a high end head unit might be prohibitively expensive for the functionality and value it delivers for what you seem to want. In terms of the resler connection, it seems that the version i fitted for €25 is no longer available, having been replaced by one costing nearer €60. Plus extra for the adapter connector if you want to avoid a load of splicing. So if it were me, I would maybe consider taking a risk on the €25 one from the other suppiier, noting it needs splicing in to the wires from the head unit - so depends on availability of skills. You might need to connect the head unit to the internet to download drivers. Plus it's not clear whether the app on your unit will work with it. I suspect it will, but otherwise it would be a case of buying and installing the ibus app. I didn't find it hard to get it working. The reverse camera working and looking oem on the touring was much harder. But then I've been soldering and fixing things with wires on and off for many yrs.
  4. Dbcrd

    Interface or not ?

    I wonder whether the problem you have is related to the display and or stalk as you indicate. Others may have a view but it could be possible to access the ibus with a resler and display on the android Can't comment on your specific model of xtrons as they changed all the time with upgrades i think There were two versions or resler i found. Both are USB plugging into the android. One that had a q connector that fitted in the radio connection to the android. The other a bunch of wires I used the latter and soldered the wires to the appropriate power, ground ibus wires if i recall. It was 2 years ago and i fitted an android unit from atd (uk company). Not sure which chinese maker but not xtrons.
  5. Dbcrd

    Interface or not ?

    I am not sure why you can't zero cluster readouts or whether your android is connected to the ibus. More info would be needed as to exactly what is fitted to your car. I can provide some related personal experience that may help. Though i have a later post facelift car: I have a 2002 530i to which i fitted an android head unit (not xtrons though) Cluster info still worked and is reset from steering wheel stalk. No OBC info on the android at that point. The radio volume and suchlike all worked plug and play from the multi function steering wheel control. I found out that an adapter module was needed on earlier models for that usually supplied with them. As mentioned above, OBC data was not available on my android and still worked on the cluster (reset etc.) from the steering wheel. To get all the cluster info. on the android I fitted an interface. It's called a resler. I got it from this shop, together with the app. https://shop.ibus-app.de/en/shop/?p=1 Steering wheel and cluster all still work with the resler fitted it's just that i also have that and more now available on the android. On a separate note. I also bought a dongle which i can plug into the OBD port and keep in the car so I can do basic diagnostics if needed. The below link gives some more background to resler: https://www.m5board.com/threads/xtrons-pb7639bp-android-head-unit-installation.586378 There is an alternative to resler here but I've not used it: https://modbmw.com/shop/ibus-interface I didn't find that fitting any of this compromised the reliability of my car. It does not control any critical functions only accesses and displays data.
  6. Dbcrd

    E39 530i

    Yes i can see your point. Horses for courses. Happy with my car. Treats me better than it should given i don't wash it often enough and it lives outside. Considered an f11at one point but still hooked on the e39. Glad you're still active on the forum.
  7. Dbcrd

    E39 530i

    I might well have been in the queue for your car were it not for ulez. Still can't believe you sold it. Done a good deal of what was not too much rust on my car now though at quite an expense. I guess more will come back at some point.
  8. Dbcrd

    E39 530i

    Even Seymour Pope doesn't charge that much. https://www.seymourpope.com/vehicle-details/used-bmw-5-series-e39-530i-sport-automatic-saloon-for-sale-in-hertfordshire-u539
  9. Dbcrd

    E39 530i

    Facelift touring auto. 3l straight six was the car i landed on. A touring. Near Identical to Dan's old one in spec. Not necessarily in other ways.
  10. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1402151 23000 miles. £25k Unless always garaged will still be rust issues maybe. Plus all the plastic and rubber bits to change based on age rather than mileage.
  11. Dbcrd

    Jump leads

    Much more simply put.
  12. Dbcrd

    Jump leads

    I was thinking about this one. See how you get on. It might depend on how much "punch" your little power pack has. With the battery at the back of the car and the starter motor at the front, there is a fair amount of cable that can drop the voltage at the starter motor especially as starting current is high I think this is one of the reasons as well as accessibility for having connection points under the bonnet. Car batteries have a very low internal resitance and dont drop volts much themselves plus a very high short time output current. Not so sure about these power packs in that regard. They also have a flat battery wanting to have current put into it. If it struggles you can always modify the connectors to charge by connecting in the engine bay. No need to access the battery then.
  13. Dbcrd

    Rubber Piece in Fuel Filler Area

    Thanks Thanks Dan. The penny dropped eventually. I think you are right it's the last remnant of the rubber string that once connected to the centre of the filler cap. The end attached to the car. It's never had that string in all the 11 years I've owned the car. Might replace the cap at some point.
  14. Hi All. Filled up the car earlier and found this small rubber piece in the fuel filler area. Looks to have broken off something. Can't see anything immediately obvious other than there is a hole in the middle of the filler cap. Can not see this piece on realoem. Any ideas would be appreciated as it will like as not have a purpose and if so I would order and fit another.
  15. Dbcrd

    Boot lid swap

    There are two non return vents behind the rear bumper to let out air when the last door is closed, At least there are on the touring as I changed them to fix water ingress,. So that is a surprise unless yours are blocked (with things in the cubbies or something).