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  1. Dbcrd

    Hairline crack in original radiator plastic inlet

    Plus one for nissens. Had a garage repalce my radiator seven or eight years ago and it only lasted a couple of years. Swapped for Nissens and still going strong. Danish company in think.
  2. Dbcrd

    E39 Touring boot power socket

    I think it still may be - from Latvia. Though at a price. I bought mine for about £20 all in including the surround and the socket inside etc. - a long time ago when I bought the car. Now the price has gone up due to scarcity: Genuine BMW E39 Estate 96-03 12v Lighter Socket Mount Frame Curved 51477077851 for sale online | eBay You will need a couple of other parts to make the complete socket that are cheaper I think and still available. This can be done by checking realoem. We covered this subject in detail in a thread not so long ago. Others have fitted the later flat version. No reason why you can't but the location would be lower down the side panel where it becomes flat. This sort of socket can be made to fit if you don't mind changing the location. Genuine BMW 12V Charge Plug Socket Fits BMW 1 Series F20 F21 7143111 | eBay That was the guide I used (for the OEM curved one): 12V socket.pdf
  3. Dbcrd

    E39 Touring boot power socket

    If it helps. I'll dig out information maybe tomorrow if I can find it. The instructions I used had measurement an everything. For an e39 touring they fit higher up in the boot and the housing is curved so position is important. Some people have been fitting flat e60 sockets lower down on the flat section of the side panel. Not strictly original but functional.
  4. Dbcrd

    Interior Blower Motor Manufacturer

    Thanks Dan. I was wondering if Nissens are any good and can't see why only Valeo would be OK. In my experience Nissens radiators are the best (some say better tan OEM), so a respected manufacturer. Really not looking forward to doing this on the drive, having stripped half the dash to fit the head unit and reverse cam last year this is worse. Will try struggle on until weather gets warmer.
  5. Following on from an other post I'm looking to change my blower motor. Part 64118385558. OEM manufacturer I think is valeo (though bmw may have used more than one manufacturer as is sometimes the case). The same blower is also fitted to range rovers of a certain age. The Blower motor from the dealer is expensive I think £200 or more) . Ill get a price nezt week. There seem to be a number of motors available on line from other established and recognised manufacturers such as Nissens, Febi and Denso. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience of any of these or similar. Given how long it takes to fit the blower motor I don't want to fit an inferior motor that later fails.
  6. Dbcrd

    Blower motor replacement

    Thanks. That's really helpful. Now I just have to psyche my self up for a wonderful day of dashboard removal. Hoping to hold out until the weather gets warmer in the spring.
  7. Dbcrd

    Blower motor replacement

    Ressurecting this 2 or three year old thread. Having changed the fsu and control panel I'm still getting heater problems. Blower intermittently making a clicking noise after which control panel shuts off for a second and comes back on. Rumbling clicking noise definitely seems to be coming from the blower fan not the small fan in the control panel. I'm bracing myself for stripping down the dash to replace the blower. Realoem seems to show two possible fan blowers: 64118385558 For models with automatic air conditioning. Or 64118382305 For models with airconditing. My car is a 2002 530i sport. Can I assume it's the former part - for automatic air conditioning. Opinions appreciated.
  8. i agree. Any views on amp rating and bosch vs valeo
  9. Could well be leaves blocking the air duct causing windings to overheat. There's a recent post on a grille retrofit to avoid this. Actually oem is either bosch or valeo. There are many posts on this and the output current ratings vary as well from 80 or 90 to 130 or more amps from recollection. I've been researching for when my alternator needs doing. Mine is only 90a I think not sure if changing for a more powerfil one is worthwhile .
  10. Dbcrd

    Alarm Siren

    Someone opened one in the attached post. They look like batteries with spot welded connectors on. By the way, mine does not chirp. Trouble with reading posts on this forum is it makes one find problems they didn't know they had and were blissfully ignorant of. https://www.bimmerfest.com/threads/no-chirp-alarm-not-working-sorta.529609/
  11. I'm pretty sure the one I got from motormec is febi and it has been fine However if you can get a genuine one for £44
  12. I have arnott on my car and they are fine. Check out the posts on other forums. I think range rover people like them. https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2261840-Arnott-Rear-Air-Springs-(Self-leveling-Air-Bags)-Anyone-used-these I came to the conclusion that arnott were the best choice. Mixed quality reviews for aerosus I think.
  13. When you check for leaks check also the receivers and piping. Forum posts have had people reporting receiver failure due to rusting internally (pin holes from moisture I think). They are a PITA to change I believe but most of the time it's air bags as they are rubber and getting old now on e39s. Don't leave it if it is an air bag I would suggest as whilst most air bags fail slowly I had one fail with a bang while doing 60 on the A1 and it made handling interesting. I changed mine for Arnott replacements and they have been great. They use Conti rubber. One size fits sport and non sport suspension. Easy to fit. Some of the other replacement brands such as aerosus get mixed reviews and the OEM ones are v expensive. I agree with Dan. I like the SLS on the touring.
  14. Enjoyed reading this post. My car is a 530i also. I would add cooling system replacement to the list just for peace of mind and overall age. All new hoses water pump rad thermostat etc. That is what a fair few people including me have done as the engine/head can be killed by overheating. The exhausts on these cars last a long time and are well made so I kept mine. Regarding supercharging I would read up on any impact on reliability given the m54b30 is a long stroke engine with a known resonance issue and potential oil pump nut and shaft failure. More if they are kept at higher revs for significant time though. Don't know though so it would be interesting to find out. Personally I used to heavily modify car engines years ago but gave up and bought more powerful cars if I wanted them because things kept breaking and more money was needed on strengthened parts than anything. Car looks very nice by the way.
  15. Dbcrd

    Metal headlight adjusters

    These seem to be like hens teeth at the moment. £70 per pair is ridiculous for what they are. Only one I could find actually possible to buy is this. https://m.aliexpress.com/item/1441938792.html?spm=a2g0n.seo-amp-detail.productBottomBar.viewDetails&_gl=1*bafcbs*_ga*MzIxNjEzMDYzLjE2MDc2MDE4MjE