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  1. Dbcrd

    E39 fog lamps

    I have a sport where the lights are different style. Assuming same concept they are sealed so not easily opened and cleaned. OE BMW replacement prices and also the hella which are the same i think are silly. Most people buy complete replacements on amazon or ebay and they are not too expensive if you shop around. Price depends if you want glass lenses or are ok with plastic. Easy to change out. The long bolts are for alignment as far as i am aware.
  2. Dbcrd

    Lurching autobox changes between 25–40mph

    This might help for when you di a bit more investigating. https://www.transmissionrepaircostguide.com/transmission-diagnostic-trouble-codes-dtc/
  3. Dbcrd

    Lurching autobox changes between 25–40mph

    Some people think it's best to always use main dealers even when the car is very old and long out of warranty.
  4. Dbcrd

    Rust under spare wheel

    Thanks. I've got that problem and may give it a go. Worth checking the vent flaps each side behind the bumper. If it's not the light gaskets then that is often the way water gets in and causes this. Rubber on vent flaps perishes with age. Bumper off to change them though.
  5. Dbcrd

    Lurching autobox changes between 25–40mph

    Inpa will tell you more detail about how and when the faults occurred - engine rpm and transition between which gears etc. Assuming the transmission module is not playing up. If you do decide to take a risk on changing oil and filter then consider taking a good look at possibility changing internal sensors that may be showing at fault. Especially output sensor it might only add £50 to £100 to the cost. If you decide to do it later it's oil out and sump off all over again (happened to me). Regarding investing in the car. Body wise, the thing to look at is the state of the jacking points and sills at the back. Other than that if you are going to fix the transmission and keep the car then the one other thing to consider doing soonner rather than later is the cooling system. If it hasn't been done by now many would say it should be. If the engine overheats then there is a chance it's toast. Cooling systems on these cars are a known weak point due to plethora of plastic parts that go brittle with age. Much of this can be DIY with help on here. New rad (suggest nissens). Header tank. Water pump. Thermostat housing and hoses. That is what i did at 110k. Others on here might have better suggestions. Other than regular oil and filter changes most other maintenance could be reactive rather than preventative. Some would also say fix the Disa for £60 as a preventative measure, though i could not find any post on any forum where the disa actually wrecked an engine. I don't consider my car in terms of what it owes me in terms of market value i compare with what something newer and not as good to drive with depreciation might cost.
  6. Dbcrd

    Lurching autobox changes between 25–40mph

    Pattern emerging then. Fix or replace switch first probably. I saw those posts as well. Needs no physical intervention inside gearbox. Might fix the issue. Could still also be output sensor or even failed box. May be worth a punt given the outlay especially if fix rather than replace. If problem persists and you have yet to change the oil (wasn't clear to me if you have done so yet) and decide to get it done ' which many on this forum would say is a good idea anyway unless you've decided on a either go all in on a new box or to alternatively to quit on the car. When changing the oil not much more effort or money to get the sensor replaced while you are at it. Tough decisions. These cars need a bit spending from time to time. I've got used to spending a bit on mine every so often to keep on top of an old car so as to avoid where i was with my previous E34 - ended up with a banger with poor bodywork and niggles i lived with rather than an appreciating classic. Also involves careful choices re. Oem vs replacement parts.
  7. Dbcrd

    Lurching autobox changes between 25–40mph

    Alternative is to replace the switch. About £100 i think.
  8. Dbcrd

    Lurching autobox changes between 25–40mph

    I did a whole load of research before taking a risk and changing my input speed sensor. Problem was slightly different from yours which mentions output sensor and my car did go into limp mode. What i found was that it could have beem the d/g drum meaning recon transmission time. However i was ok. Depends i think on if the transmission is actually slipping. In your case that slippage may have been picked up by the gearbox specialist when he drove the car. https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2074715-How-to-replace-seed-sensor-and-pulse-generator-on-2002-525i https://www.audiforums.com/forum/audi-a6-9/transmission-problems-zf-5hp19-fla-143205/page2 https://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/114629-p0721-output-speed-sensor-circuit-rangeperformance You will have to weigh up the risk. Could need a new box. If it really isn't slipping and you have all gears then who knows. In my case when i got the "needs a new box" from the specialist i discussed with a trusted indie. The risk i was taking was throwing another few hundred at the problem to try and save £2k. I did also know from research on history pf my car that it had major warranty work on gearbox at 40k meaning only another 45k miles on it since then. So i factored that in when i took a punt. Note that unlike the input sensor where valve body needs to be removed, I think, for the output sensor it's much easier and can be done just by dropping the pan. Part is not that expensive. See attached posts on zf5hp19 including from this forum. I wish people would post how they finally solved problems. I might be guilty of that at times. Note that you have already received one professional specialist opinion, which is not necessarily what you are getting from forums and certainly not from me (just recollection of experience). So just like any other professional opinion it could be worth getting another one or more. Driving a car and diagnosing wear inside is not a precise science in my view.
  9. Dbcrd

    Lurching autobox changes between 25–40mph

    Possibly depends on overall level of corrosion as much as anything else. Other than the auto box there is not a lot that can cost £2k to fix - unless the engine is allowed to overheat. Late 530i in many ways is the pick of the bunch and will become more so as emissions zones become more common as unlike the diesel they are ulez compliant. Should not depreciate much if at all. I would also look at whether the cooling system and suspension has already been refreshed as that's something that normally needs doing somewhere over 100k miles. I've been hit by a few costs over time with my 530i and one can't expect to run them for really cheap money but they are less complicated than newer cars and drive wonderfully.
  10. Dbcrd

    Headlight Leveling MOT Failure

    Ok no self levelling so the mot people may have got things wrong in ad much as they failed on the malfunction of a system that does not exist. However, maybe manual level has failed if it's both sides then maybe LCM or connections. Unusual if both motors fail. If your adjusters are good, you mighr ne able to manually adjust the lights and pass an mot with the thumbwheel system not working as i"m not sure but would buy time to fix bigger issue.
  11. Dbcrd

    Headlight Leveling MOT Failure

    Agree. From research i did there are two sensors in factory xenon cars. One front and one back.
  12. Dbcrd

    Lurching autobox changes between 25–40mph

    If you are changing the filter you remove the sump and expose the valve body. I don't think from memory it's much more work for the indy garage to change the input and maybe even the output sensors and i don't think they are too expensive. Worth looking into as if it is one of them the code will come right back and then a second oil and filter change not long after to change them. That is what happened to me.
  13. Dbcrd

    Lurching autobox changes between 25–40mph

    There is a chance that your gearbox is end of life. However, the conclusion drawn by the specialist does not seem to be based on hard evidence so much as experience and i wonder how many times in the past these specialists changed sensors only to see if that fixed an issue. Not any reflection on them but it can be a risk for these businesses to recommend that course of action at their risk. Only my opinion. I guess they didn't have the opportunity to analyse the oil in the pan? The car is 114k miles which is poasibly lower median of failure on these. They fail anywhere between 60k or less and upwards of 200k from research i did. They cpuld well be right though nothing stopping you getting a second opinion. Seems like you are in similar place as i was. I would be reading as many past simialr forum posts as i could and thinking about considering changing input output and position sensors and another lot of fluid and filters but that is a big risk so please do not take that as a recommendation or advice. Note a previous post on the subject by velvetmonkey suggesting output sensor. If it happens to me again now at 132k and 6 years later it's a new box from Dartford transmissions probably. A tough call.
  14. Dbcrd

    Headlight Leveling MOT Failure

    Self levelling mechanism is separate from adjusters though it could be that the broken adjusters are causing Mot to bring up that issue. If the levelling motors are failed then they can be bought on ebay and changed. They are fixed to the back with torx screws. Given the post mentions self levelling that implies your car has factory xenons. Factory halogen still had the motors but manual levelling from wheel on the dash. When you switch on the lights they should go up and down in a self test if the system is all good. For self levelling there are two semsors on the suspension on at the front and one at the back. Issue could be related to these or maybe the lcm that controls them (i think) or a connection issue. Some fault finding would be needed to pin down cause but changing adjusters would be first step in any case i would think.
  15. Dbcrd

    Lurching autobox changes between 25–40mph

    Well what a coincidence