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    Mixing Oil viscosities?

    Castrol Magnatec with out being offensive is any old stuff. Have you seen the demo's for magnatec oil with all its clinging properties. So you mix normal castrol edge with it, what happens to those clinging properties of the magnatec. Does ALL of the oil now cling like it did with just magnatec? does none of it now cling because its been diluted? or worst of all does the magnatec cling and the edge not causing separation? "I'm no scientist, but I actually might mix a small bottle of the 2 oils 50:50 and put the my freezer (along with a sample of the 2 unmixed oils) overnight and see how their viscosity is affected if at all " Its not about what happens when the oils are cold, there is a reason why its advised you should not rev your engine until everything is warmed up. There is also a reason why when I finish building one of my racing engines I spend the money to run it in on a decent mineral oil before moving to an old favorite Slick 50 or castrol R (which strictly cannot be mixed full stop) or similar oil. Like everything else, these oils are tested in set situations in a lab, up to 100c for example. After 100c these formulations may do completely different things. A modern bmw diesel if doing an active regen will get quite hot in the turbo. I am not expert enough to say what happens to the oil but I would not want some concoction of cheap oils in there. Sure it maybe ok and your engine is not going to blow up now. But in 20k/40k miles time will there be bearing issues where the oil is starting to separate and your getting differing cooling and thinning properties. What about your 20d and its sensitive Timing chain tensioner? If 1 oil breaks down at 110c and the second breaks down at 120c, you think the mix will give you a break down point of 115c? These are all extreme examples but this is what you pay your money for, to save you money if something goes wrong and something goes extreme. A blocked dpf maybe? what temps do you get then? You still want your self mixed oils in your engine? For someone to advise yeah its fine mix your oils nothing will happen in fact it will "blend"""Which funny enough is what most of the oil packers do"" is just insane. Its like saying you can mix your run flats with your standard tyres, radials with your crossply's. The car is still going to drive but should anyone advise it? Well google says its ok so...….. edit: If anyone has legitimate proof that all the oils are the same and they break down the same and they do the same thing as long as your within spec, please post it. It will save me lots of money and I can just go and buy my oil from asda.
  2. 000000000000

    Mixing Oil viscosities?

    I think its my bedtime, I'll leave the experts to give advice.
  3. 000000000000

    Mixing Oil viscosities?

    A webstore that sells oil saying its ok to mix oils does not change my mind on the matter. Edit: I am no expert, I would like to learn. From the research I have done though, it is not advised to mix oils. Now if there is something that shows otherwise great but I have yet to find it. If you have this evidence that it is ok, I would like to read it. But don't get all butt hurt because I have questioned your "its science" quote.
  4. 000000000000

    Mixing Oil viscosities?

    Your chart is showing what the numbers on the pack of the oil tin do. Not what happens when you Mix the oil. Please provide a paper or scientific document that tells us that mixing of oil has no detriment to either of the oils being mixed and then we can claim its science I am sure these companies spend millions to formulate their oils over long periods of time just to be proven that they can mix it with any old stuff and it does exactly the same thing I would not advise anyone to mix oil for the sake of a few quid
  5. All good posts above regarding pressure bleeders etc. I have an air compressor so mine works off of that. I am sure most of you are aware with the caution you are taking regarding the fluid but it is quite toxic and will eat into any painted surface. I always have a watering can near by to dilute and wash away any spillages.
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    Thorium molten salt nuclear reactors I hope will gain some traction
  7. 000000000000

    F11 Reliability

    F11's should do slightly better on fuel. Tourers are better in the aero department plus they stick to the same size tyre all around. The F10's have the wider rears which hurt economy. Also the rake of the vehicle stays level with the rear air springs which help quite a bit at higher speeds. The best I have from my 535d was low to mid 50's sticking to UK speed limits on the motorway m25/4/6 and back. Luckily for me, most of my motorway work is in Europe and one of my trips is 1000 miles each way. I can do and have done this journey in 12 hours with an mpg of 38. I think this is just amazing and what the 35d motor is all about. I suspect the 30d unit will be similar.
  8. Nice write up and good guide. All I will say is you should not really pump the brake pedal to the floor. It has been known to damage the seals in the master cylinder. A pressure bleeder can be purchased relatively cheap these days and is a much safer way of doing it. (plus your able to bleed on your own)
  9. 000000000000

    Smoke / EGR

    The recall is causing a shortage of parts. I was quoted as having to wait until Feb for mine to be fixed/replaced. However the loaner cars are not ideal for me as I need the boot space so I have declined and I am waiting for all of it to settle down a little. I had this part replaced in 2017 anyway so I am sure it will be fine for 6 months. Bmw I believe have tried to steady the flow of work by declaring a section of cars for recall that need doing at a time. In reality most of the cars in the F** range will probably need doing.
  10. 000000000000

    F11 530d M Sport Touring potential purchase

    I am wondering would you think the same if you had purchased a 30d/35d with comfort seats, HK Audio, pro nav etc etc.
  11. 000000000000

    Tyres and Non Runflat

    Agreed with Mattew, you will not notice a difference between the tyres (xl/std). Wear rates will be the same, ride quality will be the same. The whole thing is actually do to with heat but its quite a lengthy conversation to go into.
  12. 000000000000

    Tyres and Non Runflat

    Going from runflat to non runflat will improve the ride. It did for me. If however you find that the non runflat standard/xl tyres are rolling over or are too cushioned for your liking, you can raise the pressures up which will bring back some of the stiffness. I run mine around 40psi and my wear thus far has been even. Side note: Run flat tyres work on the basis of having really thick and stiff sidewalls so if the tyre goes flat. The side walls of the tyre keep the car from running on the rims and you are able to trundle home at slow steady speed. BMW have specially designed alloys so when this does happen, the side walls do not pop off the beeds and go into the wells. Caravanners and police vehicles will be aware of this with the use of their tyreon bands. (a reason why police use bmw) For this reason, putting a runflat tyre on a non designed rim is pointless.
  13. 000000000000

    F11 530d M Sport Touring potential purchase

    I agree with what people are saying, but if you found that bmw with the options list you wanted, I would place a small wager you would be willing to pay that bit extra for it
  14. 000000000000

    F11 530d M Sport Touring potential purchase

    a base model when new could be purchased for 40k A fully ticked options list car could cost upwards of 80k. Would that not have an effect on second hand resale values?
  15. 000000000000

    F11 530d M Sport Touring potential purchase

    Agreed, that bmwauc car looks sparse on the extras front. Imo this will hurt when it is time to sell. A quick look through the adds and I have come across https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201810111402880?advertising-location=at_cars&price-from=500&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&sort=price-asc&body-type=Estate&maximum-mileage=60000&postcode=tn223ht&make=BMW&radius=1500&model=5 SERIES&minimum-badge-engine-size=3.0&year-from=2010&page=1 Rev camara, pan roof, wide nav, lane assist from what I can see. My reg to vin finder has been removed so I cannot find full specs of cars. I would say there are a few more options on this car but the sellers unfortunately have not listed the options. Options are not everything however, I would still prioritise on condition over an options list. While the bmwauc does not have the options list, it does look like a nice clean example.