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  1. NikBarclay

    Looking for an E60/E61 530D / 535D

    Are you still looking for an e60 mate?
  2. NikBarclay

    Free car evaluation

    Thanks for reply, looks like I need to advertise it again on internet.
  3. NikBarclay

    Free car evaluation

    One website said trade in £8,500.00 another said private sale £9,500.00, forecourt prices range from £10,000 - £14,000 - I’ve seen loads on eBay/auto trader going around the £9/10k mark with a lot higher mileage!
  4. NikBarclay

    Free car evaluation

    What’s everyone make of this evaluation for an e60 535d 60,300
  5. NikBarclay

    Bonnet stone chips, repairing.

    Golfpaul have you attempted to repair your stone chips yet? I have a fair few over my car and was thinking doing it myself or paying chips away!?!?
  6. She looks better in the flesh, but I gave her some much needed detailing! Still needs more work and them alloys all need refurbing when you look up close!
  7. NikBarclay

    Thinking on selling E60 535D

    It’s had a remap from evolve in Luton, maybe I should make it stage 3! Lol
  8. NikBarclay

    Thinking on selling E60 535D

    Cheers fellas, it will be hard to sell it even though it as low mileage and is a clean one! Niche market, don’t want to part ex it as they will give me a lot less than I want. Staying on my drive until further notice lol.
  9. NikBarclay

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I’m thinking on selling mine too! Not sure how much I will miss her if she does go lol
  10. Hi all! Not really posted much on here but just looking for general advice. I’m thinking on selling my E60 535D 2009 just wondering if anyone as sold up and regretted it in the past?? I’m in 2 minds to keep or sell.
  11. NikBarclay

    Indy in East Essex/London

    Hello mate! Just see this topic posted! I live near basildon and I found a place called "Power Developments" in Laindon area. BMW/mini specialist. I found Rodger to be very helpful and he fixed my oil leak and did a little video before to show me the problem! Hope this helps.
  12. NikBarclay


    I went to Evolve in Luton with my 2009 535D still got DPF and EGR valve in place so just a map was done and it made 338bhp / 540lbft it's awesome to drive and surprising it says 42mpg on the trip computer! I use v-power diesel too and have no issue with any black smoke!
  13. NikBarclay

    Newbie with e60 535d

    Afternoon! recently bought a e60 535d 2009 model and it is fantastic much better than my previous e46 320cd!! I've just had it mapped by Evolve in Luton, it made 337.5bhp & 540 lb/ft car flys now! Just keeps on pulling .....will upload a graph that Paul printed me out. Strangely the car made 303bhp as standard? Seems surprisingly high! Hope you guys like the graph, to me it seems very smooth! Especially when driving on the road.