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    E28 520i
  1. Not all of them, my current line up includes 3 x 305's, a Lada Riva and Samara, Volvo 360, Suzuki Alto FX, Citroen C15, Ford Ranger, E28 and a Proton.
  2. It's where I store my cars. DSC_0696 by srblythe, on Flickr I have 3 305s
  3. foadwerx

    My E28 520i

    I've had a small selection of BMW's since passing my test in 2009, mainly E30's and E36's... My first one was a 1998 318ti M-sport compact which was good fun with the m44 engine in it, I'd always liked the look of E30's so bought the only one I could find, a 325 touring. Twin e30 tourings by srblythe, on Flickr It was a great car but having moved out of my parents house and working in a crap low paid job I couldn't afford to run it and it became neglected in my parents garage. WP_20130510_004 by srblythe, on Flickr It eventually needed moved and without anywhere else to keep it, it sadly went to a local BMW breaker... I also had this 318is DSCF7392_2 by srblythe, on Flickr It looked great after a good polishing but it was actually a bit of a shed. I ended up swapping it for an E34 530i which I sold on a bit later. Next E30 was a 316 DSCF7417 by srblythe, on Flickr I swapped a set of E21 mahles and a 5 speed Polo gearbox for the 316 then went on to swap the 316 for a 318is with m52 fitted. WP_20131109_009 by srblythe, on Flickr FB_20131112_06_56_49_Saved_Picture by srblythe, on Flickr It was incredibly quick and great fun to drive but I felt that continuing to drive it might result in a driving ban so I sold it and bought a Volvo 240. New Car Volvo 240 by srblythe, on Flickr I'd always loved the look of E28's so when the opportunity to get one came up I took it. It was basically a trade of a dead Alfa for an E28 with some bits missing. DSC_8774 by srblythe, on Flickr unnamed (1) by srblythe, on Flickr DSC_6032 by srblythe, on Flickr DSC_5179-1 by srblythe, on Flickr I knew it was missing the engine and gearbox but what I didn't know was the diff and the fuel tank was also missing which left me feeling a little bit disheartened with it. I knew I could pick up an m20 and gearbox easily enough but I thought finding a diff and fuel tank might be tricky so I swapped the car for this. DSC_6090 by srblythe, on Flickr 10635759_718116174933496_3415806232005432430_n by srblythe, on Flickr I sold it onto a friend for mega cheap mates rates of £400, I'm sure it's now for sale on ebay with an extra zero on the price and still in the same condition... I've probably had around 20 different cars since then but there was always an E28 shaped hole in my collection so when this one came up for sale locally and under a grand I thought it was worth a punt... DSC_0623 by srblythe, on Flickr
  4. Here's one of my own crimes against cars! Proton mpi by srblythe, on Flickr Here's another that I made for fun... DSC_6225 by srblythe, on Flickr DSC_6224 by srblythe, on Flickr DSC_6221 by srblythe, on Flickr
  5. My E28 standing out in the retro parking... DSC_0626 by srblythe, on Flickr DSC_0554 by srblythe, on Flickr
  6. foadwerx

    New Forum member 520i

    DSC_0612 by srblythe, on Flickr DSC_0607 by srblythe, on Flickr Got some 14" BBS Alloys today. It drives really well now.
  7. foadwerx

    New Forum member 520i

    Hi, I recently bought a 520i which had a very short mot. Monochrome 5 series by srblythe, on Flickr Monochrome 5 series by srblythe, on Flickr The condition overall isn't too bad, the main problems when I bought the car were poor running and the diff mount was missing but I replaced the diff mount and bush and had a go at getting to the bottom of the poor running issues. I replaced the rocker cover gasket, plugs, distributor cap and air flow meter. When replacing the AFM I noticed the air intake bush was split so after plastering it in tape I'd hoped it would help it run better. The car started up fine but after a minute or so it started bogging down or over fuelling and wanting to stall. After reading up on causes for over fuelling I found that a bad blue temp sensor could be the cause so ordered one from my local motor factors and that was it, fixed! Now with it running better I'm hoping to get it on the road soon. DSC_0310 by srblythe, on Flickr DSC_0308 by srblythe, on Flickr I'm after a set of E34 15" Alloys because it feels pretty unsafe to drive on the old metric tyres.