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  1. saintetienne

    535d Rear Silencer Flap Operation

    Yes , good call , the rattling was driving me crazy . I did this years ago and problem solved !
  2. saintetienne

    Standard Headlight explanation?

    As you have projectors already then fitting Xenon/HID bulbs is not too difficult. I think there is a write up somewhere .
  3. saintetienne

    Standard Headlight explanation?

    The vin decoders have not been working too well recently. You could try observing the light's behaviour whilst switching on at night , Xenons have a distinct "flicker" for a fraction of a second then stabilise and if you have height adjustable lights on the light switch they are halogen. cheers
  4. saintetienne

    Standard Headlight explanation?

    yes ,as it is an lci it would have projector headlamps , but whether it is xenon or halogen dipped depends on your particular spec. does yours have the xenon option ?
  5. saintetienne

    Cold start problems with e61 525d 06

    Your battery is not going to start it with that voltage , first thing have you tested battery to see if it is any good ?
  6. saintetienne

    Key Fob range

    That will be the diversity antenna at top of rear window is failing , it will need replacing.
  7. saintetienne

    Hard to start in cold after around 15 hours

    Got to be worth checking glo plugs.
  8. saintetienne

    Hard to start in cold after around 15 hours

    is the starter motor cranking good and strong , it is common for the them to lose some guts with age and they just don't spin as they should which results in slow/poor starting.
  9. saintetienne

    Hard to start in cold after around 15 hours

    How cold is cold ? Does the glow plug/preheating symbol appear in the instrument cluster ?
  10. saintetienne

    Odd noise!

    you may have already checked , but what state are your tyres in ? I have had plenty of worn tyres emulating wheel bearing noises.
  11. saintetienne

    Boot issues - BMW E60 LCI

    You have a broken wire in the harness that runs in the right hand boot hinge.
  12. saintetienne

    E61 545i brake pads....

    Meyle ?
  13. saintetienne

    IDrive not working

    Sorry , I did not realise , I will try and track down new number. I think I had a bit of phone trouble lol Try 07873 286680
  14. saintetienne

    IDrive not working

    Tom on 07873 286680 sorted mine a few years ago , really nice guy , don't remember the exact price but I was very happy. cheers Steve
  15. saintetienne

    Apple 30 pin plug In the glove box

    I have an iphone 4 left in glovebox full time ,works as well as any ipod.