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  1. Folks, Last Saturday at 03:03 I was visited, whilst asleep, by two gentlemen in tracksuits and ski masks, who took the time to walk up the quiet culdesac, having parked locally, to specifically target my car and house. I have the esteemed gentlemen on camera from a number of neighbours where it is clear to see they we only interested in my 69 Plate 540iM and no one else cars. On finding the car locked they proceeded to spend about 30 mins systematically trying to snap the door locks to all 3 of the rear doors to my property after scaling the 6' fence to the back garden. Thankfully, 3 or 4 years ago I learnt about how European locks can be snapped or bumped and spent c. £30 each to replace them with 1 star AntiSnap / AntiBump locks. The c£90 and 10 mins to fit certainly paid off as they snapped each lock at the designed weak point and so failed to get in. The other point to note was the 8 houses on the culdesac have a myriad of security lights which duly lit up and were ignored at best, welcomed at worst as their movement was aided. I do not know how far they would have gone to get the keys and on seeing they were masked up, fair rattled me. So, the point of my story is. The police now recommend you leave your car keys downstairs and out of sight from anyone looking in from outside. The Police and locksmiths both said that in Cheshire and Lancashire car crime is rife, with BMW 3, 4 and 5s, Mini Coopers, VW GTIs (any model) and S-Line Audis the prime targets. The second point to note is that in planning to improve security I realised that CCTV is useless; they cover their faces, and no matter how you improve your security you and the keys are the weak points. What I mean is, you can fit immobilisers, steering locks and even driveway bollards all very secure, all requiring keys and all available through confrontation with you. So please, if you have not, research lock snapping and lock bumping, in order to replace all your doors with European locks with Yale 3 Star locks at c£35 each. Police reckon ~80% of burglaries in the UK are through lock snapping. Finally, and this was the locksmith's suggestion, get black shotgun traps with trip wires.. They are legal and will scare the pants off such esteemed gentlemen as visited me. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bisley-Alarm-Mine/dp/B017LTJAL2/ref=sr_1_6?crid=3GHUXFD26ZHOG&dchild=1&keywords=shotgun+trap&qid=1583255071&sprefix=shot+gun+tr%2Caps%2C144&sr=8-6
  2. c00lh4nd

    New 540i - Couple of questions if I may

    Thanks All. So Cruise control with brakes is ordinary cruise control. It just adjusts the speed to compensate for hiils. As for the separated backseats, yep dropped the ball there Hey ho, I am sure the car will compensate in other ways Thank you again for the responses.
  3. c00lh4nd

    V-Power for 540i?

    I see no difference what so ever in my Tesla 3 aside from a wet foot and a strong smell of petrol. <huh>
  4. HI All Well I have said goodbye to my first BMW after 3 years. So long 535d M Sport Tourer and hello brand spanking new 540i M-Sport saloon. Yes I have been bitten and starting to think I have BMW blue blood in my veins. I do have a couple of questions that have occurred to me that perhaps you more experienced can help with.. 1) What is Active Guard? 2) What is "Cruise Control with Braking"? 3) I neglected to get Split Read Seats <doh> so what will I get? I hope you can help Regards C00lhand
  5. Huh, the saga continued. It satisfied I contacted Williams BMW in my local town. No automated queue, straight through to a Receptionist and on to Servicing. I made no mention of the other quote, simply asked for a quote for a Major service and MOT. Response; no such thing as a Major service. Asked about the age of the car and the last service,before instructing me to look up the service on the iDrive. The iDrive showed the need for a Brake Fluid service and nothing else. Williams confirmed that given the age and mileage no filter or oils change was needed as was done 12 months ago. Upshot. £86 for service and £54 for MoT along with an end of Warranty check! Complained to the first dealer about the quote of £724 for major service and MOT, all he could do was apologise and say it was down to them recently recruiting a number of people lately who clearly needed further training... car remains booked in at Williams thanks all all for the advice, next year I will go to a local independent specialist
  6. Thanks all, Sanjx, I did and I am really confused as it states I am not on any service plan, but then states my next service is £0. My car is stating I am due for a service.
  7. Holy oil change!! i have a near 3 year old F11 535d with 13k miles, and have just been quoted by local dealer in Wilmslow £734 for a major service and first MOT Is this standard and why so high? What other options do I have ? regards. (Not so.. ) c00lh4nd
  8. c00lh4nd

    Being Tailgated

    I am with you on this. I had some dick in a black Astra tailgating me @20mph, trying to do anything to get past me on the A34 whilst in traffic: he could not go anywhere we were in traffic. I got sick of his antics so when the traffic eased in front I burried my right foot In the carpet . only to get caught by a camera, doing 46 in a 40 zone. I should’ve just ignored him. He got stressed and angry, I got 3 points and £100 fine
  9. It spoils the cut of my trousers. But it keeps her in doors happy [emoji3] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. c00lh4nd

    Radio switches 1-8

    I am with Golfer1; * is for the screen off for night driving.
  11. c00lh4nd

    BTCC or BSB

    BTCC Every time.. Watched it today and in what sport can you see 2 multi Champions at their sport knock each other out of a race within the 1st 100m.. Epic !!
  12. c00lh4nd

    Audio question

    The HK system also provides digital sound processing from DTS
  13. c00lh4nd

    Carly adapter generation 2 problem

    I agree <again> with Sshooie :-). I experienced the update but unlike the problem you are having mine reconnected fine.. Some obvious questions 1) Have you turned your phone off and on - Some times with IOS this is needed to see Wifi components 2) Have you forced IOS to forget the Wifi
  14. c00lh4nd

    First Attempt at Coding - Using Carly

    I am am wondering if lane departure warning is a similar example. If you have the adaptive headlights with adaptive main beam then you have the KADAR camera. Apart from the code I am struggling to find anything else lane departure uses.. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. c00lh4nd

    First Attempt at Coding - Using Carly

    Nash I think TopGear addressed this with their review of the last but one M5. Their message was there was simply too many options that got in the way of a pure driving experience. I am with sshooie (spookily on many things) KISS is my motto to life. Plus it is kinda naughty to think you are hacking your car (when you are not in reality). Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk