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  1. mailman

    Intravee switch

    I have one... Located in Finland though. But first I will try to sell my full Intravee in one packet.
  2. mailman

    Intravee and sport button

    I believe it cannot be done with Intravee. By coding should be possible. At least my E39 M5 has the "sport button memory" which came with Powermapping.
  3. And paid! Found your email from spam-folder (gmail). Noticed your comment in m3forums about some issues with Gmail.
  4. Have been following Bluebus project in M3forum.net and seems that everything should be now ok. Already waiting payment time
  5. How is this interesting project going on?
  6. mailman

    E39 M5

    What rims are those?
  7. mailman

    E39 M5

    Since 07/2009
  8. Do you have some feature list? Did not see that in your web page?
  9. You are using it as standalone or with Intravee?
  10. mailman

    intravee switch

    Yep, sure. I can get sound out, but it is so low if comparing to radio channels. Even if I put volume to max. in my phone/tablet/etc. That is the issue... You know, when turning back to radio from Intravee, it is sooooo loud.
  11. mailman

    intravee switch

    Lets borrow really old topic, no idea to open new one. Just received Intravee Switch + cables, seems to work as it should. Only thing is, that when using my cell phone or any other source using aux in, sound is really low comparing to radio. Can this be triggered somewhere? I am pretty sure that oem aux input did have some level setting... Annoying when changing from aux in to radio... It is so damn loud.
  12. mailman

    Intravee thinks it's 1850

    I would bet that this is the case; https://www.gps-repeaters.com/blog/gps-week-number-rollover-april-6th-2019/ Mine was messed up too, but then remembered that I did read something like that...
  13. mailman

    Firmware V6.02-7058 and User Guide

    Thanks mate. Is there some release notes of this release? Just thinking that what changes is included.
  14. mailman

    Firmware V6.02-7058 and User Guide

    Uh, long time has gone since last visit in this forum, nice to see that here is still at least some discussions about Intravee Just found Intravee Switch from Ebay, and finally bought that and ordered needed cables for it. Question is, that what is newest firmware to Intravee? Tried to find out... but but. My current version is v6.02-7140
  15. mailman

    Long AInet - Apple 30-pin dock connector cable?

    That did dont help me out