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  1. Jason Thompson

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I'm near port sunlight....you
  2. Jason Thompson


    Hi I have a BMW 520D TOURING 2007. I have a problem if I want to get parts for it. It ask if it's a 150 or 163 or 177hp and if it's 110 120 or 130kw car. How do I no what it is. I'm after replacing front disc's and pad. We're is the best place to get them from if I find out what it is. It's e61
  3. Jason Thompson

    New 5 owner

    Hi. I just got my BMW520D 2007 TOURING. I would like to know how much and were to start really on doing things to it but just don't no were to start. There is one problem with it and that is it needs a new micro switch I think for back split window as keeps poping open when you start the car?...thank
  4. Jason Thompson

    New 5 owner

    Hi need a price for rear split window switch for BMW 520d touring 2007. Also rear boot stuts to put, please
  5. Jason Thompson

    E61 tailgate hinge wiring problems once again :)

    Check the fuse in the glove box for central locking as it could have blown when messing with the wires on the loom. I also have a spare diversity antenna but not cheep as got it from dealer and cost me over 300£ but you can have it for 200£ as thay wouldn't take it back once opened.
  6. Jason Thompson

    E61 tailgate hinge wiring problems once again :)

    Hi all. I had the same problem as all of you. To repair is the easy bit. Getting to it is the hardest bit. As on the 61 you have to get the split window open for access to get to the screws that hold the rear spoiler on and as most of them the split, switch doesn't work. Well all you have to do is as follows and hope it works for you all to at least get access to what you need to. Open boot normally and remove what you can from the tail gate as it has to come off anyway. Now ......look at the catch on the tailgate lid......on the left hand side of it on mine there is a very small hole about 3 to 4 mm. It is there somewere believe me. Once you have found it you need something thin and solid to put into the hole. I used a small electicans point screw driver. It has to be pritty strong and thin. Then just fish for a while up and down and it should release the rear window without any problem at all. Now that's the hard bit lol. I had to do it as I need to get to the box under the spoiler to. If your having just problems with central locking....please check fuse in the car first as this could save you a lot of wasted time. If it's the split window please, check the switch as that could be the cause. If it's radio witch it was on mine it is probably the box under the spoiler. I have been onto BMW about the problem of water getting into the box and more importantly about the wires braking in the boot hinges and they said there is no recall as there is not many BMW S SUFFERING FROM THIS. Get in touch with BMW UK and let them no as thay may then recall them as I did but still not enough support. I replaced the circuit board for a new one and befor I put it back in I sprayed it with a silicon clear spray. Put it back in and before putting it all back together try radio and what ever else did not work. My cental locking stopped working group but after a much frantic angry moment I checked the fuse in the glove compartment witch had blown. So have spare fuses there. That solved most of the problems apart from the reat split window stitch witch I needed a new one. Also check wires in the hinges if you can as that is what is causing all the problems in the first place..... I have a spare board to if anyone would like to purchase it and it's new in box. At BMW there £400 and selling it for 200 ....so half price. Please get onto BMW UK as we need to get this recalled as it sounds as there are a lot suffering from this in the UK. Please, please get in touch and let me no how it go's
  7. Jason Thompson

    New 5 owner

    I have a 520d touring 2007 e61. Would like to no what alloys I can put on as at min got 225 50 17 0n but would like to put some m series 18 on but don't no what will fit...
  8. Jason Thompson

    Poor or No FM reception

    It could be the diversity antenna that may have got a bit of water in. You have to look at it.