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  1. Chops13

    Quantum longlife 3

    Hi whats peoples opinions on quantum longlife 3 5w30 oli. My 530d is due a service and wondering everyones thoughts? Thanks
  2. Chops13

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Fitted my style 95s today. Wee change frok my spyders.
  3. Chops13

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Got myself some new wheels today..
  4. Chops13

    Intake manifold gaskets

    Hi looking for price on intake manifold gaskets on my e60 530d reg H8 KKY. Thanks
  5. Chops13

    Style 95 alloys

    Hi does anyone have style 95s fitted to there e60? Do they require spacers? Thanks
  6. Hi ive been getting intermittent rear cluster faults apperaing on my idrive. I removed it and noticed my foglamp bulb was pulsing on and off. I unplugged the light cluster and noticed it has slightly melted the plug and the connector looks burnt. If i buy a new cluster is there a plug repair kit i can also buy for the loom?
  7. Chops13

    Style 132 x5 wheels

    Hi im picking a set of these wheels up today from e53 x5 facelift. What size spacers are needed for my lci 530d. Tried searching but cant find an answer. Thanks
  8. Chops13

    Glow plug fault

  9. Chops13

    Glow plug fault

    Hi i done a scan on my car yesterday and it came up with 6 glow plug faults. I dont really notice any fault with the car. What symptoms should i have?
  10. Chops13

    Oily intercooler pipe

    Is that breather that sits at the rocker cover? I replaced that lastyear with a genuine bmw item. Thanks for the replies
  11. Chops13

    Oily intercooler pipe

    Hi i was doing an oil change on my 530d today and noticed under the o/s intercooler pipe it was oily. I disconnected it and there was oil inside. Is this a sign my turbo is on its way out? Thanks
  12. Chops13

    Osf wiper arm

    Paid via paypal thank you
  13. Chops13

    Osf wiper arm

    Hi looking for a price on a driver side wiper arm for my e60 reg H8 KKY. Thanks
  14. Chops13

    E60 m sport rear diffuser

    Looking for a rear diffuser with cap for detatchable towbar.
  15. Chops13

    E60 530d breather

    Sorry can i also have a price for all rocker cover gaskets too