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  1. Jameswsb

    BMW Parts

    Bit of a moan this one but is it just me or are BMW absolutely taking the absolute p*** with parts prices for our cars!? This has been really brought to my attention recently as a good mate has just picked up a lovely S5 V8 and encountered a few issues to sort (as you would expect of a car at that age/mileage). Firstly one of the camshaft position sensors was starting to fail, now as an M5 owner I am fully aware of the prices of these things, about £140 ish quid from the BMW stealers (i refused to pay that and went aftermarket - been spot on for years)..........Audi want £40! Next was a header tank, I though it would be around £150 (rough price for the M5 as I understand it), that came out at under £50! I mean WTF!! This is all been compounded with a genuine thermostat which I fitted almost 2 year to the day that now needs replacing again on my E39. My experience is that the notion that genuine is best in terms of quality is absolute nonsense (notwithstanding some of the tat you can buy at the bottom end of the parts market). Balls to BMW, I'm going aftermarket Rant over!
  2. Jameswsb

    E39 M5 exhaust manifold seals

    Not sure to be honest, however real oem is your friend here..... https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/select?product=P&archive=1&series=E39&body=Lim&model=M5&market=EUR
  3. Jameswsb

    Fan clutch

    Thats interesting Rob, you mean just literally remove the fan and clutch assembly? Saves a lot of cash as the genuine ones are pricey and fans are known to explode and go through the bonnet! Do we get an extra 50bhp too....
  4. Jameswsb

    Mercedes C55 AMG estate

    Really! I can kinda understand its a little bit nice but such a desirable car in excellent condition, I'm surprised. Especially with AMG's being particularly in fashion at the moment. If I didn't have the M5 i'd be on to this faster than a tramp on hot chips!
  5. Jameswsb

    Mercedes C55 AMG estate

    That looks like a lovely car. Always liked these and yours looks to be one of the best out there. GLWTS it should move quickly I would think.
  6. couldnt agree more. Typical of the American 'presenters' I find, cant watch De Muro as its like he has to repeat everything over and over again seemingly to cater for illiterate muppets. Still, this lad at least knows his stuff like you say. Will watch this with interest.
  7. Jameswsb

    A brace of V8 Goodness!

    Picked up some Evolve carbon intakes which will go on soon along with an Alpha N remap and SAP delete. Exciting!
  8. Jameswsb

    A brace of V8 Goodness!

    The car was ceramic coated to protect the finish. Also couldnt help take a pic of the M5 when out on a site visit. LMB really does look amazing in the sun!
  9. Jameswsb

    A brace of V8 Goodness!

  10. Jameswsb

    A brace of V8 Goodness!

    So its been a while since I updated the thread but that doesn't mean nothing has been done to the B10 and M5. Recently the Alpina was treated to new roundels front and rear along with new boot struts and rear window seals. Then it was treated to a 4 day detail by the guys at Diamond Tech in Huddersfield. I was surprised how passionate they were about getting the old girl in considering they see Porsche's, Lambo's etc every day. Turned out to be a real labour of love for them but the results speak for themselves. The car literally looks better than new...
  11. Good vid this. Bloke is a touch on the irritating side but he is very knowledgeable and his AMG videos are always interesting.
  12. Jameswsb

    E39 M5 Evolve charger kit

    Looks so much better designed that the ESS & RK set ups.
  13. Jameswsb


    Yeah I totally agree with you Rob. I've had something from them before and luckily I was ok, but many have issues. GLWTS
  14. Jameswsb


    Prices for S62 clutches are all over the place. Maybe its struggling to see as LUK clutches are available from mister auto for c£125??