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  1. Jameswsb

    Rough m5

    Some good tips here, although I wouldn't discount bad coils. They go bad just like any other car and 20 year and 144k miles is more than enough for them to go squiffy. I know a few owners, including myself, who have had to change them. Another vote for Ger's alternative cam sensors. I put some febi and vemo ones in, they fitted perfectly, solved my issue and have been fine for several years so far. Plus all 4 cost the same as 1 genuine sensor from the stealers!
  2. Jameswsb

    10w60 oil - cheap

    10/50 is thinner when hot than 10/60.
  3. Jameswsb

    E39 M5

    Was it a LMB 51 plate? If so that was me!
  4. Jameswsb

    E39 M5 Exhaust Manifold

    His are around the £1600 mark i believe.
  5. Jameswsb

    inpa wont load

    Hi - just tried to connect to my E39 M5 and i'm getting no light on the cable and a 'windows cannot find inpaload.exe' error message. The com port is set at 1 as well as the latency timer. I haven't used it on this particular laptop for a while so cant remember which usb port it was set to but I have tried all of them and getting the same error. Please help
  6. Jameswsb

    Android headunits

    I understand that historically there have been issues with the chinese units but there seems to be plenty of members on here who have purchased Eonon/Xtrons etc units and had many years of fault free performance, suggesting that the quality is now there. Quite frankly, I'm a bit fed up with the constant bashing of these android units despite a lot of good feedback, its not like the 'premium' brands are immune to problems. I have JBL speaker equipment at home which I paid a lot of money for and, despite good sound quality, its been repaired once and is on its way out again, also my LG TV has light bleed at the top of the screen and that was fooking expensive! The assertion that the big names are much better quality than more generic brands is total bollocks in my experience/opinion. I will be looking at one of these units for my M5 next year.
  7. Jameswsb

    E39 M5 clutch & flywheel - too good to be true?

    Have a look on amazon for sure. Clutch/DMF prices have shot up recently, they used to be circa £500 for the lot, now its £800 +. I managed to get a DMF for £300 off amazon a few months back but stock was very limited.
  8. Jameswsb

    E39 M5 Exhaust Manifold

    I wouldn't worry about the cost difference. Russ's work is up there with the very best, i think that the price differential will be more to do with the fact that Evolve and Supersprint have far bigger overheads than Russ (who is a much smaller entity), rather than any gulf in quality. Personally, unless there was a specific problem I wouldn't worry about your standard cats. My totally standard, but well maintained, car made very good numbers on the dyno with original cats that have done well over 100k miles. Maybe head to the dyno for a health check and speak with Russ? Ultimately it comes down to whether you want the hassle come MOT time or not.
  9. Jameswsb

    E39 M5 Exhaust Manifold

    Brilliant results there. An additional 10+bhp should be easily possible with an intake system too.
  10. Jameswsb

    E39 M5 Exhaust Manifold

    You could get a V band attachment between the headers and cats which would make swapping them about very easy. I have a set ready to go on which have this arrangement. It would be interesting see if anyone has tested the sports cats over standard as I am having the same dilemma st the moment. Apparently sports cats can be difficult come MOT time and I don't believe they have much bearing on power, its the headers where the restriction lies. There are gains to be had pre-mapping for sure, in fact most of the dyno results originally provided by Evolve and others were on standard mapping. Its definitely worth having it done though to realise maximum potential and improve throttle response.
  11. Jameswsb

    E39 M5 Exhaust Manifold

    Is that the 4-2-1 manifolds, cats and remap but with standard air intake?
  12. Jameswsb

    Evolve Headers

    To be honest I cant remember the name now, sorry. A quick call to Russ will reveal all, he is a helpful chap. They have done a few of these now but it takes them a full (i.e. longer than normal!) day to fit if everything goes to plan. Well worth it though, apparently they make a big difference.
  13. Jameswsb

    Big Brake Upgrade

    Deepan, if you are totally set on a BBK, Stoptech are very well regarded on M5's (and in general really). Pricey but having seen a kit before it was installed, fantastic quality.
  14. Jameswsb

    E39 M5 Front and Rear Struts Replacement

    Yeah I had a look at that and did some searching. Eventually tracked down the Sachs part number which was described for the 535i, 540i and M5 suggesting they are generic V8 model dampers. Apparently the 540i and M5 shocks are both ally and are very difficult to tell apart visually. There are threads on M5 board where members have contacted Sachs themselves regarding availability on the aftermarket to which they responded that the M5 specific shocks are 'captive' parts, i.e. only available from dealers. I hope they are all wrong but I will probably get mine from the stealers to be certain of getting the right ones unless I can find a direct reference to an M5 only Sachs part number.
  15. Jameswsb

    Big Brake Upgrade

    Deepan, unless you are tracking the car don't bother with a BBK. Dont get me wrong, they look ace and if money was no object I would buy AP's/Brembo's tomorrow, but with new discs/rebuilt calipers and upgraded lines, pads and fluid the 'standard' set up is mega for the road. I recently did this to mine and the brakes are fantastic, there is no way a BBK would give you much in the way of improved braking power (mine already triggers the ABS easily), what you are paying for is looks and fade resistance on track. Even then you could open up the brake ducts for improved cooling. Save your cash for suspension work etc