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  1. Jameswsb

    e39 M5 Gearbox - Do I need detents?

    All M5's are a pain in the arse to shift when cold so wouldn't worry about that. Replacing the main rear bush and linkage assembly will tighten it up nicely, real oem is your friend here. There are split opinions regarding the E60 shifter, if you want easier shifting personally I wouldn't bother as it makes the box noticeably notchier even though throw is reduced.
  2. Jameswsb

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Where did you get them done? I cant find anyone in the north who knows how to do shadow chrome properly but they look brilliant!
  3. Jameswsb

    E39 Saloon Boot Struts

    Stabilus ones fitted this weekend and I was really impressed with them. So much cheaper than stealers and they are excellent quality. Cheers for the input.
  4. Jameswsb

    E39 M5 Mysterious Clicking Noise

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I know my centre exhaust brackets are knackered so ill change those out along with the rubber mounts as a starting point. I hadn't actually thought of this being a potential cause despite the state of the originals. Looks like the clutch will get done soon too so an opportunity to get the centre bearing etc done at the same time. I'll get the garage to look at the prop joint and driveshafts at the same time.
  5. Been noticing recently a sort of metallic clicking coming from the rear (i think) of the car whilst moving away from a standstill. Its particularly noticeable if in a confined space such as covered car park where obviously the noise is effectively amplified. I've heard people mention a 'jangling keys' noise when describing the failure of the prop bearing which is a pretty good description but the car drives spot on otherwise. Is that a likely culprit of perhaps driveshafts? anyone had any similar experiences? Cheers
  6. Jameswsb

    e39 M5 Oil Choices.

    I have used Castrol, Shell and currently Fuchs Pro Race S and haven't found any real difference between any of them to be frank. So long as you are using a good quality recognised brand, changing it regularly will have more effect than which brand you use IMO. Personally I cant see the technical reason why BMW specifies 10w-60 as it is very thick when almost all other manufacturers stick with 5w-40 or similar in their high performance models so I can see why people switch to this grade, however careful warming up with 10w-60 should effectively mitigate the effect when cold. I will probably head back to Shell next, simply because its brilliant value and I know its highly regarded in the states for its thermal stability when used hard. Having spoken to numerous specialists and engine builders they all say the same thing - change it regularly and forget about it.
  7. Jameswsb

    E39 Saloon Boot Struts

    Perfect. Thank you
  8. Jameswsb

    E39 Saloon Boot Struts

    Has anyone got any recommendations on these? BMW ones are expensive and I'm wondering if anyone has used Febi alternatives? Cheers
  9. Jameswsb

    E39 M5 Drivers Seat Cushion

    Hi - please could you price up a drivers seat cushion for my M5. Vin is cb37083. Thanks
  10. Jameswsb

    Rough m5

    Some good tips here, although I wouldn't discount bad coils. They go bad just like any other car and 20 year and 144k miles is more than enough for them to go squiffy. I know a few owners, including myself, who have had to change them. Another vote for Ger's alternative cam sensors. I put some febi and vemo ones in, they fitted perfectly, solved my issue and have been fine for several years so far. Plus all 4 cost the same as 1 genuine sensor from the stealers!
  11. Jameswsb

    10w60 oil - cheap

    10/50 is thinner when hot than 10/60.
  12. Jameswsb

    E39 M5

    Was it a LMB 51 plate? If so that was me!
  13. Jameswsb

    E39 M5 Exhaust Manifold

    His are around the £1600 mark i believe.
  14. Jameswsb

    inpa wont load

    Hi - just tried to connect to my E39 M5 and i'm getting no light on the cable and a 'windows cannot find inpaload.exe' error message. The com port is set at 1 as well as the latency timer. I haven't used it on this particular laptop for a while so cant remember which usb port it was set to but I have tried all of them and getting the same error. Please help
  15. Jameswsb

    Android headunits

    I understand that historically there have been issues with the chinese units but there seems to be plenty of members on here who have purchased Eonon/Xtrons etc units and had many years of fault free performance, suggesting that the quality is now there. Quite frankly, I'm a bit fed up with the constant bashing of these android units despite a lot of good feedback, its not like the 'premium' brands are immune to problems. I have JBL speaker equipment at home which I paid a lot of money for and, despite good sound quality, its been repaired once and is on its way out again, also my LG TV has light bleed at the top of the screen and that was fooking expensive! The assertion that the big names are much better quality than more generic brands is total bollocks in my experience/opinion. I will be looking at one of these units for my M5 next year.