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  1. Jameswsb

    E39 Auto Gearbox Question

    Thanks guys. The ECU testing company has asked for the part number so I think its probably easier to take it out of the car and check the part number. Thanks for the input
  2. Jameswsb

    E39 Auto Gearbox Question

    Hi Guys - noob question.....does anyone know if the auto gearbox on E39's have a separate control ECU to the one located beneath the cabin filter? Our B10 has a charging issue which has been traced to the ECU. I have found a second hand replacement but its described as a gearbox ECU....... Cheers
  3. Jameswsb

    Interior Fan

    Ive never changed the FSU myself and ive owned the car for 5 years. A Meyle one is £35 so I'll try that first as its not exactly expensive. Cheers
  4. Jameswsb

    Interior Fan

    Hi Guys - the interior fan speed in my 2001 M5 cant be altered. It just wont respond to the HVAC buttons. Is this likely the FSU? I hear fan speed can be erratic/not shut off when these go bad, but not sure if an inability to alter fan speed is also pointing towards this or perhaps the blower motor itself? Any help gratefully received. Cheers
  5. Jameswsb

    Camshaft sensors

    I'm using VEMO on my M5. Been spot on for years.
  6. Jameswsb

    E39 M5 2002

    Isnt this the car Kieron Sykes did up? some of the pictures look like his off the build thread
  7. Jameswsb

    BMW E39 M5

    I really wouldn't get fixated on mileage at all. Much safer with a car at 140k ish with invoices for suspension, rust/paintwork etc than one sat at just under 100k needing £5k spending on it. Most under the 100k mile mark will attract the optimistic 'classic' price tags, and a surprising number will be dogs when you poke about. If I were you, look on the forums and sale ads for a car that has been used and loved and largely disregard mileage.
  8. Jameswsb

    B10 suspension refresh

    I think our B10 V8 could do with this refresh also. Could you give me an indication of the cost? (PM if better) Thanks in advance
  9. Jameswsb

    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Useful to know, have you noticed an improvement in the drive? Also curious to confirm if they can be changed with the subframe in situ? If so it might not be that expensive to do, which would be nice!
  10. Jameswsb

    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    What sort of state were the subframe bushes in Rob? Contemplating whether its worth doing mine at 126k.
  11. Jameswsb


    Surely if the pork chops could be made close enough to OEM standards you would sell loads!
  12. Jameswsb

    E39 Auto Gear Knob

    Brilliant, thank you
  13. Jameswsb

    E39 Auto Gear Knob

    Excellent, did it fit perfectly?
  14. Jameswsb

    E39 Auto Gear Knob

    Hi guys, does anyone know if the E46 & E39 auto gear knobs are interchangeable? I need to get a replacement for the Alpina and the only leather one I can find lists as an E46 https://www.amazon.co.uk/BMW-Genuine-Leather-Stick-Automatic/dp/B000PM97UW Any help on this would be gratefully received! Cheers
  15. Jameswsb

    BMW Parts

    Bit of a moan this one but is it just me or are BMW absolutely taking the absolute p*** with parts prices for our cars!? This has been really brought to my attention recently as a good mate has just picked up a lovely S5 V8 and encountered a few issues to sort (as you would expect of a car at that age/mileage). Firstly one of the camshaft position sensors was starting to fail, now as an M5 owner I am fully aware of the prices of these things, about £140 ish quid from the BMW stealers (i refused to pay that and went aftermarket - been spot on for years)..........Audi want £40! Next was a header tank, I though it would be around £150 (rough price for the M5 as I understand it), that came out at under £50! I mean WTF!! This is all been compounded with a genuine thermostat which I fitted almost 2 year to the day that now needs replacing again on my E39. My experience is that the notion that genuine is best in terms of quality is absolute nonsense (notwithstanding some of the tat you can buy at the bottom end of the parts market). Balls to BMW, I'm going aftermarket Rant over!