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  1. PaulJD

    Whats it worth!

    That does look a very cosy interior! clean too.
  2. PaulJD

    Whats it worth!

    Yeah I think I was just wishing a bit too hard! I guess I just need to suck it up. I need the money more than I need the car right now. Thanks guys.
  3. PaulJD

    Whats it worth!

    That's a nice 39! I really thought I'd get there to thereabouts what I paid for it, I've chucked another 2k into it on top of what I paid for it as well. Guess that's just cars for you!
  4. PaulJD

    Whats it worth!

    I actually Paid £4k for this car but it really is worth it, like you say to the right person and all! the Coilovers are Ap Racing and the discs and pads are Pagid. the only issue i have with it is a slight squeal when you first turn it over, it never comes back after that and only happens every so often and its been doing that since 2009! I couldnt let it go for less than 4k with the money ive also spent on it so maybe i should just hang on to it!
  5. PaulJD

    Whats it worth!

    Hi all, This is my 530i sport and due to a possible house purchase the toys have to go, this has FSH with 108k on the clock coilovers, 5mm spacers, diamond cut alloys that were refurbed 2 years ago, new pads and discs, fully overhauled Audio setup that was professionally installed with a sub in the boot. I'm just wondering what it could be worth? cheers.
  6. Hi, Could I grab a price for the front discs and pads on my 2001 e39 530i please. thanks
  7. PaulJD

    Sensors going nuts! or worse?

    Bit of an update! Steering sensor was knackered so that was replaced and all is good in the world of traction, now i have a possible warped disc or discs and knocking AP coilovers! The knocking only started yesterday, oh and getting seals done on the oil doodah and a new cam sensor as that's showing up as a fault in the ecu but no issues as of yet, replacing it for £70 is fine by me though. now I'm desperate for some parallels! So desperate I'm tempted to buy another E39 just to swap the wheels over and sell it on.
  8. PaulJD

    Sensors going nuts! or worse?

    Hey, The light is on the minute the key is turned, a garage read most of the other faults so i dont really know until it goes in tomorrow, he locked wheel to wheel and the steering angle sensor wasnt moving off '0' as he put it. Im very much a novice when it comes to all this so im putting all my faith into my mechanic, with regards to the car it saeems every weak are in the E39 has been upgraded or replaced except the ABS/DSC, ill check the fuses though, battery isnt recent either. My mechanic was going to check my allignment then go from there. ill get more info tomorrow though! thanks again guys.
  9. PaulJD

    Sensors going nuts! or worse?

    Thanks for the replies guys, coilovers were fitted march 2014 so can't see these being an issue now? The juddery braking surely has something to do with it right? It's only started happening since the light came on, it's also had new calipers and discs within the last couple years. I'll try and get some codes when the car goes in Wednesday. Are we talking lots of money if it were any or all the above issues?
  10. Hi All, So for my first post i really wanted to say how great my Cosmos black E39 530i is but on saturday things turned a little sour. I woke up went to the car started driving and noticed the DSC light was on, weird i thought, the previous owner did say that when he got coil overs fitted the light came on but he had the ECU reset and all was well. So the lights on constantly and it has since the lights been on started to judder when light braking from 60mph, if i hard break the judder is worse for a split second then goes, if i brake at 50 no judder or 40 its just 60MPH. I had the ECU read today and all kinds of fun stuff got thrown up, Steering sensor is the main culprit im guessing but sidelight error was there and cam sensor and about 6 others that i cant quite remember! Does this ring any bells with you guys? its going in wednesday for fault finding but i can already see my fund dwindling from this. Funnily enough the car does have a bmw5 sticker in the rear window hence me coming on here. Any kind of help would be really appreciated. Cheers Paul
  11. Are the blacks still going?

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