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  1. NuckingFuts

    M5 Front brake calipers and carriers

    It's not the size, it's how you utilise what you have... Duncan, if you're in 'Herts' i may even be able to drive them to you for petrol monies.
  2. The repair kit, according to realoem, the same across all E39s. Do you have the centre bit of the track rod?
  3. No worries. I’ll check if they’re the same part numbers and let you know ASAP thanks
  4. I have a single Vredestein Wintrak Xtreme Giugaro Design tyre, in 265/35 R18 Mounted and used to get me to the tyre place down the road to swap out for another brand. Has at least 7mm tread on there. £75 Collection from Heathrow or courier at buyers cost.
  5. NuckingFuts

    E39 Touring LavendelGrau Seats

    Bump. These are still available, and collecting dust. !!!***PRICE DROP***!!! £500 They’re touring spec (split folding) but come without door-cards *for the moment*. I can dye a grey set of door-cards for *free* if someone buys these from me. I’ll even have the leather cleaned and treated for the right buyer. C’mon, somebody must want such a rare colour interior?
  6. @Tims what’s left from this? Im after the power steering pipes and banjos if they’re in good nick, and the centre track rod? Are the handbrake bits (cables and pads ) the same for the tourings and saloons? Thanks Deepan
  7. NuckingFuts

    M5 Front brake calipers and carriers

    Yea, they’re not the cheapest. Not bad on a weekend when euros/GSF have a sale, but worth it for the extra braking capabilities, depending what you’re doing with the car. Open to offers, I think I’ve priced them appropriately. Mainland UK delivery is £20 with DPD, tracked and insured. Buyers are welcome to arrange their own courier or collect from me. Deepan
  8. I'm selling my rebuilt M5 front brakes. They've been rebuilt using the Bigg Red kit, and cleaned and tested but not painted. They come with new pistons, seals and red HEL braided hoses. They also come with carriers and nearly new TRW pads. £150 plus postage. Collection possible from Heathrow / West London.
  9. NuckingFuts

    E39 M5 bits. Chain guides tensioners ext

    @billy2981 Are the brakes for the front?
  10. NuckingFuts

    E39 no crank fault

    So as @Clavurion mentioned, fuse 15 was the key that unlocked the door. Who at BMW thought that the diagnostics port, oil level sensor and the position switch all would have the same 7.5A fuse? #FacePalm So today I went and swapped the sump, gasket, and oil level sensor, put in a new fuse and she started up as if it never happened, time and time again. I've still got a dodgy earth strap to swap out, which I'm lead to believe is the same across all E39s and indeed a lot of BMW cars in general. So that will be scavenged off a breaker. I also have the red (!) brake light come up, which I think is the handbrake and the occupancy sensor in the drivers seat to sort, but she drives which is the main point. Thanks @jimmy, @DennisCooper and @Clavurion
  11. NuckingFuts

    E39 no crank fault

    UPDATE: So i replaced the above sensor, and all it did was highlight that the car still thinks it's in Drive. When I go to crank the car, it highlights D for a second, and then when it doesn't actually fire up, the key falls back to position 2 in the barrel. There the dash displays PRND, but none are highlighted. The only other bit that tells the car is the position switch down the side of the gearbox. Now, it's just my luck that the bastard car was equipped with the 5HP30 gearbox, which I'm told are rare. Therefore there are no 2nd hand position switches available that i can see on ebay, Quarry Motors have one for £95. So first thing i need to do is get under the car, move the heat shielding out of the way and check for frayed cables. If the cables aren't frayed, or they can't be fixed, then i have two options, either buy the switch and replace it, or bring my swap forward and get cracking, but i'd need to get the car transported down, or manually influence the starter to get the car to fire. Cheers Deepan
  12. NuckingFuts

    E39 no crank fault

    Looks like the connection between the lever and the ecu isn’t being recognised. Would anyone have the correct part numbers to order with, as I can’t see individual part numbers on realoem. If anyone else has had this issue, what was the remedy? Thanks
  13. NuckingFuts

    E39 no crank fault

    Update. Thanks to @jimmy for helping out remotely. It’s not the ews that’s the problem. The auto box selector switch thinks that all the gears are engaged and therefore it won’t start. I’ve cleaned up the selector switch with an alcohol wipe, but still no dice. It doesn’t want to work at all. Either a new selector switch or something else in that area. At the moment much of the centre console has been ripped up and off to get to this area, so I might as well leave it off while I look for the right parts. Cheers.
  14. NuckingFuts

    E39 no crank fault

    Yep, jimmy tried to give me a hand over the phone last night but my cable is rubbish. I’m about to collect a cable from a friend, and i’ll See what codes I can pull off. I think an ews delete is a lot easier than sending the dme off, I managed to get Martyn @ ecuworkx to do my M5 via email. I think if I can get it reset, then if it runs for a short time, i’ll Look into getting it deleted, although it all depends on when I get started properly on the swap. I’ll post back results once I collect the cable and get codes off successfully. I’ll try the battery trick too if the reset via inpa doesn’t work Deepan
  15. NuckingFuts

    E39 no crank fault

    Anyone close to Heathrow got a 20pin cable I can borrow for an hour tomorrow?