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  1. NuckingFuts

    BREAKING 1999 V 540i Auto TOURING E39

    If anyone needs anything bringing down south from this i’ll be collecting a couple of bits tomorrow. I’m going to/from Heathrow. Cheers. NF aka Deepan
  2. NuckingFuts

    E39 M5 clutch & flywheel - too good to be true?

    Autodoc Flywheel - £600 Ecp/carparts4less - £707/£711 Autodoc Clutch kit - £127 Ecp/carparts4less - £240 Autodoc seem to beat Ecp and gsf at the moment.
  3. NuckingFuts

    Style 65 Refurb

    I was astounded myself. The workmanship is second to none on these, and their reputation speaks for itself. I've had to put the wheels on the car before i got a chance to apply the Gtechniq C5 Armour Guard, but that will happen asap. NF aka Deepan.
  4. NuckingFuts

    Style 65 Refurb

    Yep, two hit the pavement, and one had previous damage before i bought them, not noticeable to the naked eye, but bright as day when stripped. Yes, that's correct, not powder coated, they wouldn't have got that finish if it was. The end figure was ~£780, I got 10% off as they're in the same trading estate as where i work, so with the estate's discount card they did 10% discount. I paid £700 flat. 3 wheels needed repair, and all 4 were repainted. NF aka Deepan
  5. NuckingFuts

    BREAKING 1999 V 540i Auto TOURING E39

    Can I get the front wings and rear sport bumper please? How bad is the front sport bumper? Cheers. NF aka Deepan
  6. NuckingFuts

    E39 M5 Front Bleed Nipples

    8mm on Brakes International Why would bmw/realoem have a different size?
  7. NuckingFuts

    E39 M5 Front Bleed Nipples

    Can anyone advise or confirm what size the front caliper bleed nipples are? My calipers have 8mm nipples but realoem lists it as an M10, and I ordered the listed part number from BMW (<£10 per pair) but they're definitely the listed size, and too big for the hole in the calipers. 05 Ventilation valve M10X1 2 34116768018 $6.60 I used my VIN on realoem, and i don't think there was a revision in size over the years, so is it just a wrong listing or are the calipers wrong? Cheers.
  8. NuckingFuts

    Braided brake hoses

    Sadly i don't have the expertise to do that safely and I don't want to potentially break it, seeing as it was working well before I took it off the M5. I've got a pair of calipers coming from a friend from the E39 Club UK, and i'll pop those on. I'll compare them to the existing ones I have, and potentially he may take my ones to sort out the bleed nipple if possible so hopefully I may not be out cost wise too much. I can see the light, be it faint, at the end of the tunnel.
  9. NuckingFuts

    Braided brake hoses

    F*cking c*nt nugget. So got both pistons out, cleaned everything and got them pretty much all done-ish. One bleed nipple is stuck. There's a 9mm bleed nipple half in/half out and it's been like that before I got my hands on them, and it won't come off. Spanner/wrench spanner / sockets just slip off, can't get the bleedin thing off. I'm right at the end of repairing all the issues from hitting the kerb and this bugger stops everything. Now I'm sat looking for a replacement pair of front calipers.
  10. NuckingFuts

    Style 65 Refurb

    So after a bit of unexpected slipping and sliding on the ice a few weeks back and an unintended smack against the kerb, I sent my 65's (square set of rears) off to The Autowerks in the Slough Trading Estate for a full weld and refurbishment of all four alloys. Cracks and buckles: Strip Buckle Flat Spot Finished Articles: Result They came out waaay better than I could ever have imagined. The colour chosen was a McLaren Dark carbon and in the light the gloss makes them really pop. sets the colour off so well in comparison to the colour of the car (BiarritzBlau) The plan of action now, is to use some gtechniq panel wipe/speed detailer to get the cleanest base at which to start applying the gtechniq C5 Armour guard ceramic coating. This stuff has got reviews of being great at stopping brake dust and mud/dirt/crud deposits from sticking to the wheels in between the spokes and generally making them look like absolute crapbags. I'm also refurbishing the M5 front calipers & pistons with a Bigg Red kit, bleeding the lines and finally completing the repair from this irritating event. In conclusion, they're looking perfect. and soon (hopefully this weekend) the car will be properly back on the road and I can continue to strip down the M5 for the S62 touring project.
  11. I'd ask The Autowerks in Slough. They just refurbished my 65's and they have all the facilities to be able to do the work. Use code 10AUTO19 for 10% off any work.
  12. Exactly. The chomecast is essentialy like the iPad in this scenario. It stores the app and login info and uses the tv as a screen. far simpler and room for expansion once you get a hang of it, and want to add apps to it, then you can and use it to its full potential.
  13. Yes, chomecast would plug into hdmi port and connect to home wifi in the same as your phone does. You do need subscriptions but you only set that up once and you're done. Every time you turn it on, its logged in and ready for you to use. You don't need to stream from your phone, it works standalone. I don't think the apple lead will allow you to watch Netflix/iPlayer on your TV, it will mirror the screen on your phone to the TV for most applications but not those that show videos.
  14. Yep, then id suggest a Chomecast/fireTV stick/apple tv. You'll either be able to stream from your phone, or login to the app directly on the stick and watch on your TV. works with any TV with a HDMI port. Have a look around HotUKDeals for offers on any of the items.
  15. @duncan-uk Netflix, BT Sport and iPlayer should let you stream/cast to a smart TV without the need for the adapter. The adapter typically doesn't allow for video to be streamed, just the screen duplication for presentation purposes. Id get a chromecast/fire tv stick and use that to stream.