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  1. NuckingFuts

    Thinkware F770 Hardwire

    You can make the tea, and point out when I'm doing something wrong if that makes you feel any better
  2. NuckingFuts

    Thinkware F770 Hardwire

    That’s ok, I can drive the car to you (once I get the alignment done at Pro-Tyre Slough)
  3. NuckingFuts

    Thinkware F770 Hardwire

    That’s ok, I have drugs for that C’mon you know you want to do it. Come down tomorrow evening and we can make some progress at least with the wiring
  4. NuckingFuts

    Thinkware F770 Hardwire

    I’ll give that a try. Thanks. I may try and hide some slack in the passenger side rear cubby hole, where the CD changer used to hide. I’ll be mounting some of my Audison kit there when I get round to running my audio cable. @DennisCooper doesn’t get his hands dirty with cabling any more so I have to do it all on my lonesome.
  5. NuckingFuts

    Thinkware F770 Hardwire

    Hey Dan, I did indeed read through that after I posted the original message. I’ve had it in and working for some time now, slot 7 for battery/live and slot 43 for accessory in the fuse panel above the glovebox and a chassis bolt for ground/earth. I did have a battery drain issue, but that had nothing to do with the dash cam itself. The issue I have at present is that for the rear camera I have a lot of slack in the cable (about a foot) that I need to hide but can’t think where to hide it. Cheers NF aka Deepan
  6. NuckingFuts

    Brake upgrades

    You have PM.
  7. NuckingFuts

    Thinkware F770 Hardwire

    Sorry for reprising evidence of my ineptitude but, Has anyone installed one of these or indeed any dash cam with a separate rear camera at all? I’ve got *a lot* of slack in the rear camera cable and nowhere to hide it so at the moment it just sits dangling. Can anyone show me where I’ve gone wrong and where to hide the extra cable please? Muchos thanks NF aka Deepan
  8. NuckingFuts

    E39 audio upgrade

    I have an Audison Bit Prima 8.9 and apk130 speakers for the Front doors. They’ve not been fitted but listening to them in one of caraudiosecurity’s ‘show’ cars, they’re brilliant quality and sound is about as great as I’ve ever heard. Shaky is a very very knowledgeable guy when it comes to car audio, and given that manufacturers call him for advice, I think you’re in great hands. Shaky also did my iPad dash build, and I need to go back to get a better fascia from him instead of the rubbish one I used last time (it wasn’t supplied by him so wasn’t to his standards) Cheers NF aka Deepan
  9. NuckingFuts

    E39 Double Din Install/Stereo Upgrade

    Love the look of the fascia matching the brushed aluminium trim. I’d be very cautious of lobbing the shopping in the boot with those exposed amps and wiring though. Great effort nonetheless! NF aka Deepan
  10. NuckingFuts

    E39 M5 Front brake calipers and carriers **PRICE DROP**

    If I can get my adapters for the replacement calipers and get them fitted, I can add discs to these too. However that would depend on when I can find the appropriate adapters. However, these come with pads at the moment. You can find discs online for <£200. These are a great upgrade and stop on a penny. They were rebuilt with a bigg red kit and have red hel braided lines. i feel that I’ve priced them fairly but I’m open to offers so try me. Cheers NF aka Deepan
  11. NuckingFuts

    E39 M5 Front brake calipers and carriers **PRICE DROP**

    Bump... People, make me an offer. Need these gone ASAP to pay for parts for the conversion.
  12. NuckingFuts

    Brake upgrades

    Hey @Jonathan Pugh That sounds great. Will PM you now.
  13. NuckingFuts

    Brake upgrades

    @Jonathan Pugh I've already bought the calipers and rear adapters, and I'd doubt You will sell the adapters for the fronts separately. Can you provide the specs and/or measurements for the adapters at all please? Cheers. NF aka Deepan.
  14. NuckingFuts

    Touring Air Ride kit

    Attached is the reply I got from Bags by OCD. It seems that it can indeed be done but the oem bags may not be up to the task. I think for the time being, i’ll Stick to what’s on the car, refresh with stock to start with and do some more research and save some cash. Cheers NF aka Deepan
  15. NuckingFuts

    Touring Air Ride kit

    So I know I always said that I'd never go air, but given the limited choice of adjustable suspension for the E39 Touring that allows the retention of the self-levelling, I'm considering it more and more. Has anyone fitted air to a touring and been able to keep the oem SLS? If so, how? The Airlift kit utilises BC struts and replaces the spring with airbags so the R&D is almost the best of both worlds in some sense. I'm not sure how one would adjust the comfort of the ride with an air kit but I would assume that would come with a lower psi setting to allow for flex in the bag. I have the added hindrance of an LPG tank in my spare wheel well so I'd need to place the tank and compressor in an alternative location. If anyone knows of a cheap kit being available, please do let me know but for this post, I'm asking for advice on whether I can keep the oem bags, and integrate it into an aftermarket management system. An alternative to airlift would be a company called "bags by ocd" who use BC struts also (just don't rebrand them) and universal bags instead of the springs. The management they offer is by a company from mainland Europe called "KNTRL" and that stuff doesn't look bad at all. A four way kit with management works out at around £3000 without fitting, so you're a touch cheaper than airlift and it's almost the same components too. I've yet to see an air ride bag burst on track so the performance side of a well set up car on coilovers versus one on air ride is similar. Caraudiosecurity also have air fitted to their E46 M3 track car, as well as nearly all the vehicles that they own (Although they're all 'show' cars). I'm not looking for the stance effect but adjustable suspension, A comfier ride when driving about and not have to lift the car up, take the wheels off to have to adjust it all the time. Having a lower centre of gravity when driving hard helps so much, but bumps round my way are *not* forgiving and the scrapes on the underside of the E30 are testament to that. So if anyone is able to understand my late night rambling, and able to impart opinion, advice or guidance, it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers NF aka Deepan