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  1. jicaino

    523i indicators

    I honest to god hope I'm wrong in my diagnostic of this having to do with the splicing centre under the dash being corroded.
  2. jicaino

    Jump leads

    Connect the ground first then the positive. I've had weird issues in my cars whenever I've connected positive first then ground.
  3. jicaino

    Boot lid swap

    E34 doors shut worse than E36, and that's saying a LOT.
  4. jicaino

    Boot lid swap

    Most likely your lid skin got detached from the internal structure, it's quite common on E39 bootlids, no matter the trim/engine. Just strip the carpeting/trim and reglue the skin to the inner bracing with something like sikaflex 221 or any structural synt rubber adhesive, even windshield grade glue.
  5. jicaino

    Boot lid swap

    The wires are long and snake in the lid, but it's not a pain by any means. And you get to inspect the hidden portion of the harness. The biggest issue is lining it up if it's from a way different build era. EG, I had a very hard time adjusting a 10/98 lid on a 4/97 car. The corners in the later lid wouldn't sit with the lines, no matter what.
  6. jicaino

    Bumper damage - write off?

    And if your new bumper has no hood soiling nozzles you can use the opportunity to delete them! pesky little buggers.
  7. jicaino

    Bumper damage - write off?

    Sorry for the misfortune! glad because the person who did the damage stood up and did the right thing. Now on to the insurance thing you shouldn't accept a writeoff, they should at least pay the value of the repair by their book and let you decide. You may have to be ready to be extra firm there.
  8. jicaino

    523i indicators

    Maybe it's just a little loose, you could try pushing the base into the contactor. On the sides of the swivel ball of the stalk you'll see a clearly visible rectangle that the column's top and bottom covers have a cutout, put your index finger on top and the middle below the swivel ball, support the other side with your palm and push in. You'll hear the typicall creaks/crackling of the column trim being "massaged" and if it's loose (the stalk) you should hear a faint click of the locking tabs securing it into place. into the slip ring/stalks carrier.
  9. jicaino

    Steering wheel fitting?

    Glad to be of use! you're welcome.
  10. jicaino

    523i indicators

    it's a joy on dual stages like yours. I don't even disconnect the battery. I just unlock the steering wheel, go back to ignition zero without removing the key (that leaves the lock disengaged) turn the wheel quarter turn to the left or right, undo the airbag T30 screw on the back of the wheel, turn it 90 degrees in the opposite direction, undo the other airbag screw, remove the airbag, pull the cables, remove the steering wheel, the indicator stalk itself comes loose holding down 2 locking tabs and pulling away from the column, install new stalk, put the wheel back on in the same spot it was (it has alignment marks under the screw that holds down the steering wheel to the column) plug back the airbag and MFL cables, secure the airbag to the wheel and as easy as that it is done.
  11. jicaino

    Steering wheel fitting?

    Any E39 built past 3/99 has dual stage. That's a january/99 steering wheel there (there's the date code on the inside, SM099 means week 0 1999) and it has the earlier slip ring on the steering wheel arrangement. In order to check if yours it's dual stage take a look at your wiper/turn signal/column adjustment stalks. If they're all plastic ending in a swivel like ball at the base of the column, it's a dual stage. If the stalk's body ends up about half an inch shy of the column and a thin round black metal looking tube enters into the column cover cutout, thru a rubberized dust cover flap, it's a single stage. Or more concisely and easy: the steering column stalk. If it looks like a giraffe's earlobe and sags down towards the floor of the car, it's a single stage. If it's perpendicular to the column trim base line, it's a dual stage.
  12. jicaino

    Steering wheel fitting?

    Yours it's a dual stage and that wheel is single stage, so no.
  13. jicaino

    Rear vents with temp control retrofit?

    It's not a common failure (the heater core). It's even hard to part out! like they built them around the hellbox. The 525i it's M54. The 523i it's M52. Given the fact that the larger 6 cyls was a measley 300c over, they downnumbered it. You know BMW, they kept the 540 instead of naming it 544, and so on. On the M54 iteration of facelifts, they downnumbered the 520i which has a very decent M54 B22 producing some decent 168 horses.
  14. jicaino

    Rear vents with temp control retrofit?

    Hey RadioAl! The 523i it's basically a 525i from the pre-facelift era, that got sold "not-USA" like many BMW models. It's a M52B25 car with "skinny" trim. Very basic, very frugal. All aluminum driveshaft and other components, mine has a manual transmission, and scaled down aluminum brake calipers with solid rear discs. It weihgts 1350 kg making it a very nice daily-fuel saver car. I refer to it as "my E30... 9". Feels like a smaller, nimbler car in the chassis I like. After posting here I took a look at the wiring in the vent control and immediately thought "this means an extra stepper in the IKHA hellbox" I've done blower motor replacements and unfortunately I had a car that blew the heater core, so I agree with your suggestion not to transplant the "hellbox" as I call it just for having that extra convenience. Not that I care about human passengers that much, mind you, it's just that our cat loves to ride in the car with us and in the winter I can't send him warm air. Thanks for the pics and explanation. I will report back when and if I get to it. Maybe you can scavenge the stepper and actuator and the corresponding wiring harness and retrofit it, maybe not.
  15. Hey! I'm parting a 528i that has very nice features and am entertaining the thought of retrofitting the rear vents with the cool/heater knob. Anybody has done that before? I know I need to wire something as the 523i has no wires on the rear vents whereas the 528i that I'm parting put and my 540i have a wiring loom that goes to that vent knob. Thanks in advance.