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  1. Derek Duvall

    Main Dealer Service During Lockdown

    One of my cars is booked in for an oil service next Monday and I booked it last week.
  2. Derek Duvall

    Main Dealer Service During Lockdown

    I’ve been getting parts since the lockdown and the service was open for ‘key workers’ at my dealer.
  3. Derek Duvall

    Euro Road trip!!!!!!!

    Bearing in mind it was March and the weather was fine in the UK and most of Europe. Now I use the E46 with snow tyres on so I can still tip toe around Europe in the winter months.
  4. Derek Duvall

    Euro Road trip!!!!!!!

    I’ve just done a Christmas trip round Europe and put snow tyres on my E46 and for most of the trip was below 5c and the tyres performed well. I’m back in France and Belgium next week and I’ll be taking the E46 again. One year I took the E61 to the Harz region of Germany and got completely stuck in snow, I would of been more welcomed flying over the place in the 40’s then what I did that day!
  5. Derek Duvall


    My car is 2008 and still under warranty. If your mileage is below 60k then have a look on line.
  6. Derek Duvall


    Have you tried BMW warranty ?
  7. Derek Duvall

    Reasons to de-badge

    The real ‘M’ badged cars from an era that meant the ‘M’ stood fo something.
  8. Derek Duvall

    Reasons to de-badge

    Often toyed with the idea of removing the M5 badge but it’s staying. I think the ‘M’ badging has been watered down and bears no resemblance now to what it stood for many years ago, it’s stuck on everything to make it a motorsport - allegedly
  9. Derek Duvall

    Reasons to de-badge

    Often get asked if it’s a real one.
  10. Derek Duvall

    E60 M5 with a big scare

    I leave my E61 M5 parked up for weeks at a time, most recently was 7 weeks and I have it plugged in with a CTEK trickle charger, never had a problem.
  11. Derek Duvall

    Low windscreen washer pressure.

    Yes just done the same with mine, hardly any pressure on the jets and I was stuck with no washers whilst in Germany. I took the NSF wheel off and unscrewed the arch liner to expose the washer bottle with the pumps, pulled out the pumps and they were blocked in the filters. It worked a treat afterwards. Mine is an E61 M5 so hopefully in the same place.
  12. Derek Duvall

    E60 M5 finally bought

    Nice write up and congrats on the new purchase.
  13. Derek Duvall

    Castrol Edge 5w30 4L £26 delivered

    Shell supply BMW with oil now. Castrol and BMW fell out for some reason, hence Shell supplying the oil.
  14. Derek Duvall

    E61 Boot Tub

    I'm looking at the plastic boot tub for my E61 which has the auto tailgate. Does anyone have a genuine BMW one with auto tailgate ? I can get one but the part number comes back as 'non auto tailgate fitment' and I was wondering if it's a problem, I have the genuine boot mat which again came back as non auto tailgate but works a treat.
  15. Derek Duvall

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Fitted a new clutch and flywheel to the M5. Never had a problem with it and I did it as I had the parts sat on the shelf for the last 18months and I decided at 57k to replace it. I must say it's a different car, highly impressed with the difference.