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  1. Brewster

    Decent prices for pre-cat/post cat lambdas?

    Can I ask why? Surely if they're working, they're working? Are they a common failure item?
  2. Brewster

    The old girl needs some tlc

    I wouldn't bother with the cunifer. I got all four brake lines from BMW for around £80. They don't come pre-formed unfortunately, but at least they're coated steel like the originals, are the perfect length and come with fittings on both ends. F*** swaging lines for that price.
  3. Brewster

    E39 M5 Front Bumper

    As per the title, without the PDC holes. Not fussed on colour as I'll have it resprayed although on the very slim chance you have an Anthracite one that would be amazing. Cheers.
  4. Brewster

    Front Bumper

    Cheers. Are the bumpers you had from that same source as the eBay link?
  5. Brewster

    Front Bumper

    After a great day at the filming for The Grand Tour in Whitby, on the way back a lorry tyre carcass was thrown up into my front bumper of my M5. The bumper is cracked and the fog light has been smashed including its mounts and adjusters. As such I need a new bumper. Has anyone had one of these? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/262630546195?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT It looks good value, especially painted. Or does anyone know of other options? Cheers.
  6. Brewster

    E39 M5 Detailed

    I took my M5 to Obsessions Detailing in Grimsby yesterday. He's previously done a stunning job on my old 911 so I was looking forward to seeing the results; It came out well. I still want to get the wheels refurbed in the correct colour as they're too dark for me. Looks good for an old girl, though.
  7. Brewster

    M5 running cool after new thermostat

    My own M5 never gets to the centre of the temp gauge. It's clear of the dot at the 10 o'clock position by a mm or two, but never gets higher whether in traffic or being driven hard. I have a new thermostat, but I haven't gotten around to fitting it yet.
  8. Brewster

    Genuine temperature switch

    Is this the one that fits in the thermostat housing or radiator?
  9. Does anybody know a respected specialist for my E39 M5 in North Lincs or East Yorks? I've got a few crusty brake lines and other bits and bobs to sort and I'm no sure I can be bothered to attempt them myself. Cheers.
  10. Brewster

    New Lad, E39 M5

    Ha! Cheers. I wasn't expecting that on the ECP page. I just thought I'd swap all the engine and gearbox mounts while I had it on the ramps at the weekend and ECP sent 3 Febi mounts and one OCAP. I'm not happy mixing manufacturers. It'd be like fitting one ATE brake disc and three Brembos. Turns out they can't supply Febi mounts, despite sending me three today so they said just send the whole lot back. Go figure.
  11. Brewster

    New Lad, E39 M5

    Cheers Dennis. Air-cooled 911s are very much a marmite car. The offset pedals, the way you wear the windscreen rather than look through it, the agricultural feel to the controls (although the 993 was much more civilised). I didn't much like my 996. It felt flimsy and although quick, it could have been any fast German car. It had lost its 911-ness if that makes sense? 996s are good cars in their own right, but they weren't a 911 to me so it had to go. Nice to know I have a rare M5. I quite like the colour although it does need a good machine polish. I'm going to put it on the lift at the weekend to give it a good once over and a full service; all fluids (engine, gearbox, diff, power steering, brake fluid), filters, plugs, etc. Although it does have a full service history including a stamp from late last year I always like to do it myself when I get a new-to-me car. It might not need it, but it makes me feel warm and fuzzy to know it's been done and I like to have a prod underneath to make sure nothing is about to fall off. I want to get the wheels looking more stock and less, err, dark, but other than that and a possible brake upgrade I don't plan any mods other than the Android stereo I've already put in because I've been spoilt with Bluetooth and DAB in the past and can't face not having it. It already has the muffler delete and is quite loud. I wouldn't mind making it a bit quieter, but I'll have a look at what's what when it's in the air. I won't be tracking it. I visited the Nurburgring earlier this year and I plan to go back, but it'll be in the 911 which wasn't ready this year unfortunately. I drove a few laps in a Fiesta ST then had a passenger ride in the F10 M5 Ring Taxi and that was absolutely insane. Probably swayed me to buy the E39 when my mate said he was thinking of selling.
  12. Brewster

    New Lad, E39 M5

    They're great cars. I regret letting mine go. I also regret letting the Z3M Coupe and 968 ClubSport go too, but c'est la vie. At least I got to enjoy them. If I had a considerable lottery win the first call I'd make would be to Rob Dickinson at Singer. Then I'd ring the girlfriend and tell her to pack her bags
  13. Brewster

    New Lad, E39 M5

    Not to turn this into a Porsche bro-fest, but which 911 have you got?
  14. Brewster

    New Lad, E39 M5

    That's a keen eye you've got! I've had a number of 911s over the years, including a 996C4S and 993C2 and another SC. I sold them when I was taking a big step up the property ladder, but this 911SC came up at the same time and it was only £7.5k with a valid MoT. I bought it and tarted it up a bit; brakes, heat exchangers, etc just to keep it roadworthy. It was tired though so once I was happy with the house I set to dismantling the entire car with a view to building my own perfect air-cooled 911; Lightweight bumpers Lightweight interior Full suspension rebuild; fast road. Geometry by Center Gravity Full engine rebuild, top and bottom end with Mahle Max Moritz 10.3:1 98mm pistons and cylinders, PMO ITBs with Emerald EFI, 993SS cams. Full gearbox rebuild. 964 Engine lid wired to a rocker switch on the dash. LED headlights 16" 7&8 Fuchs from a Clubsport. All rot cut out and a respray (although this hasn't turned out as well as it should. The painter rushed it and there's vapour pop.) It's now putting out 245bhp with a near perfect torque curve. I could have got another headline 30bhp with some wilder cams, but this is a B-road car and I wanted to keep it tractable at all revs. It weighs 1076kg so although 245bhp doesn't sound much by today's standards it can still pick up its skirt and make a good fist of hurling you down the road. Some people might think it's a bit of a travesty modifying an old 911, but I got it for a song before prices went silly. The SC has always been the runt of the air-cooled litter and they're hardly rare. I've spent far too much doing it, but I intend to keep it forever. I still have the interior to finish and a few niggles here or there, but I'm happy with the car. I don't do many miles as I don't drive for work so I just needed another car for more comfortable duties or motorway miles when visiting friends and family. I've always liked the E39 M5. Manual, 400bhp, good chassis. When an acquaintance said he was thinking of selling his to make way for a Ferrari 348 he'd just bought I decided to take the M5 off his hands and I'm not disappointed. It's a great car. Comically quick for its size and that engine is a masterpiece. I'll tidy a few bits up and run it as my 911 alternative. I know its a pre-facelift with their foibles, but again, I got it for the right price, I'm used to expensive parts prices and I'm pretty handy with the spanners so it's not really a worry. I think I'll be uprating the brakes as they're about the only let down with the car. Cheers.
  15. Brewster

    New Lad, E39 M5

    Cheers for the welcome guys. I'd quite like to get the wheels repainted in the correct shadow chrome at some point soon. Does anyone know someone good for this in the Lincs/East Yorks area?