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  1. Picked it up from it’s first post service pack, service at 55700 miles, rear pads down to 5mm but still good. Downloaded and installed the Next 2019-2 map from the BMW downloader.
  2. I went from Continental SC3 RFTs to Goodyear Eagle A3 non RFT and the difference was very noticeable. I then went to Goodyear Eagle A3 RFT due to an error and honestly I can't tell the difference between their RFT and Non RFT. I think the continental were just crap, what brand are you running at the moment?
  3. JDR

    Coding Costs

    I'm happy to do free coding in Aberdeen depending on what your after.
  4. Had a bit of a tour around the highlands / west coast staying in various places. This is my first auto and I have to say it made the drive around mad twisty roads and hills absolutely effortless. It has only taken two years for the other half to finally appreciate how nice this car is..... was pretty impressed with the fuel economy too.
  5. JDR

    F11 530D Tuning options

    You shouldnt even need to remove the ECU now, I'm sure these can be done via the OBD port.
  6. Noticed the 2018-2 maps had popped on the download manager so just finished installing them, fitting and coding the 6WB cluster tomorrow.
  7. I had a RFT repaired last year , it was in for a service when the puncture was found and BMW insisted you can't repair runflats and quoted me £280 for a new tyre. Told them to leave it and took it to my local garage I always use for tyres and they laughed at the "can't be fixed comment" and had it repaired for £10. Had no issues with it so far.
  8. It looks good but personally I am always for getting rid of the badge as the back looks much cleaner, the twin pipes are enough of a badge.
  9. I think I have a single spare alloy cap, pm me your address if you want and I'll stick it in an envelope on Monday.
  10. Didn't take any should have taken a video with both blinking when i had changed one side for comparison. Will take a couple of pics tomorrow. Although fairly sure I ordered them after someone else linked them and posted photos in this very thread.
  11. Swapped back over to the summer wheels (351's) and took a moment to install the LED indicator bulbs that have been in my drawer at work for 3 months. I should have done it earlier they are much brighter and look so much better not casting that bloody orange tango across the headlight.
  12. JDR

    7-seat MPV views and opinions

    Mini were insisting on a £475 delivery charge (to the dealer not to even to our house) when my other half bought her new mini the other year. I just flat out refused to pay it and said we would walk away from the sale if it wasnt removed. Needles to say they removed it pretty quickly.
  13. JDR

    Samsung S8 with BMW apps

    I forgot to say if Siri worked then Google Assistant should work as well. Just make sure its set as your default assistant (I havnt attempted to try bixby) and that it is useable from your lock screen. I have set my phone to stay unlocked when connected to the cars bluetooth.
  14. JDR

    Samsung S8 with BMW apps

    It is a 65 plate, I have Pro Media and have coded EBT but it worked the same even before coding it.
  15. JDR

    Samsung S8 with BMW apps

    I use Spotify fine through USB or Bluetooth on my Galaxy S8, have generally found compatibility much better than my previous iPhone 6, especially with messages and emails. Only thing that has been slightly poorer is the BMW Connected Drive App which seems to get updated earlier on the iPhone.