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    F11 520d, Duratec Elise S1, Triumph Daytona 955i

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  1. Duncan Johnson

    What do you like about you 5 series.

    5mph increments on cruise control
  2. Duncan Johnson

    Tyre Pressure Monitoring issue - Have you seen this before?

    Mine does this when it gets confused by me placing a spare wheel in the boot (one of my spare summer rims) with TPS fitted. It doesn't expect to see 5 sensors so I have to wrap the spare in tin foil. Try resetting all sensors
  3. had mine done there last week. Not noticed any difference to drive but old fluid was certainly grubby after 98k.
  4. why no flush at higher miles?
  5. another option recommended by ZF 1. Leek Transmission CentreCheadle RoadLeekST13 7DRStaffordshireGreat BritainPhone: 01538 399662
  6. Duncan Johnson

    Potential F11 buyer- Winter tyres

    The sizes that you mention are F10 staggered rims (which I use in my F11 summer tyres) but the F11 comes with 245 all round. I use my original F11 rims for my winters which are Nokian.
  7. Duncan Johnson

    F11 tailgate corrosion

    definately steel tailgate, according to my magnetic chevrons
  8. Mine has the switches for the beacon and rear strobes there.
  9. Enterprise agent told me that if you are lucky you get a Focus, unlucky a Cactus.
  10. Duncan Johnson

    F11 - Which tyres are best ?

    In fairness, an S1 elise has far more delicate handling/balance than an F11. Mine is 20 years old in a month and I've gone through a fair variety of tyres in that time...
  11. Duncan Johnson

    Diff leaks

    LOL, £120 just to look and diagnose.
  12. Duncan Johnson

    Diff leaks

    Ok, noticed that my diff is covered in oil which seems to be coming from the front and both sides. Topped up with about an egg cup full and drives fine. Its out of warranty. Anyone got any experience of diff seals going? 2015 520d auto btw
  13. Duncan Johnson

    New plates

    Recently refitted full size one on mine for continental driving with GB thingy on
  14. Duncan Johnson

    Anybody carry a spare wheel?

    I recently drove from Staffordshire to Turin and back and took a spare with me (one of my summer rims with a spare winter tyre fitted). Obviously I didn't get a puncture but the TPMS was confused at getting 5 signals. I had to buy a roll of tin foil and wrap the spare wheel to stop it faulting.