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  1. Y15HAL

    Service parts

    Good Afternoon, Can I have an itemised quote for the below service parts please? Oil Oil Filter Microfilters Air Filters Brake Fluid reg:- VA16 UCG Thanks, Vishal
  2. Good Afternoon All.I needed a massive favour from someone who is in/around Brislington/Bristol area.If you are, can you send me a PM and i'll go through the details Thanks,Vishal
  3. Y15HAL

    Who's on Instagram

    Bump..... @Deutsche_classics
  4. Y15HAL


    Nice one Dan..... Not many Instagram fans on here then......!
  5. Y15HAL


    Good Afternoon All, Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine! Just wondered if any of you were on Instagram? If so, be sure to follow a new page co-created by myself and two brothers.......It's for lovers of German classics - mainly BMW and *cough* Meredes *cough* @deutsche_classics Look forward to seeing you on there Thanks, Vishal
  6. Y15HAL

    Cleaning wheel arches

    What’s the best way to clean arches....? I have what looks like dried grass stuck on mine
  7. Yes, it was jacked fully up - that's a relief then!
  8. NOOB question alert!! The wheels need to come off in order to bleed the lines? Mine has just had the brake fluid changed at the dealers at the cost of £70 - i could see the rear end of the car as they were working on it, and i didn't see any wheels come off.......
  9. I have the 19's too, and not crashy either..... Depends on the kind of road surface you're driving too......Nice flat/smooth surface is lovely......Roads round my way on the other hand
  10. Yes, noticed this thread after i posted on the other one I think this is all beyond my expertise though
  11. Not exactly today, but racked up a few miles over the weekend - took the car into work, thought i'd give her a blast! First time I've ever been on the M25 without stopping Driving the go-kart (peugeot) around as a daily definitely allows me to appreciate the F10 much more!! Glad i bought it (the go-kart) that is
  12. Look stunning, and decent price too!!
  13. Was this difficult to do? Think i'd like to check mine over.....
  14. Maybe try some poorboys wheel sealant, once the wheels are in good shape.....
  15. Them ceramic bottles are tiny aswell
  16. Brilliant, thanks Slowly building up the collection of cleaning products again Just got some wax applicators through the post
  17. I need to get me some of this wheel cleaner £15 sound about right for a bottle?
  18. Y15HAL

    Cleaning wheel arches

    Thanks Andrew
  19. She managed to see the road for a bit today - had to get some bits for my mum who is classed as vulnerable, so a good excuse to get the car out Probably covered approx 15 miles - at least she got a little run out and got the engine at a nice running temp
  20. Y15HAL

    Cleaning wheel arches

    Thanks - it doesn’t get driven much anyway, so should last a while
  21. I thought you may appreciate the engine I just used this cheap product called elbow grease. Mrs uses it all over the house and it’s very good and cheap.... I do have a gallon of citrus APC (bought years ago - all the gear and no idea comes to mind ) but as I mentioned, I didn’t plan to do the engine bay, but one thing led to another
  22. will have a look at the car lack stuff I may give it another coat of wax with the next wash though.....I have harly wax which was recommended years ago on DW.
  23. Just been out to remove some of the wax residue which remained inbetween the door shuts etc....and give the glass a wipe as my arms had fallen off on Friday..... One thing led to another and ended up giving the engine bay a once over...... Didn’t use anything special - just a degreaser/apc and a quick wipe over.......
  24. thanks It’s mineral grey..... I used collinite wax....don’t have any sealant.....do you use sealant?
  25. Thanks - nice to know there was metallic paint under there