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  1. Y15HAL

    Passenger Seat Rattle

    I think mine is the same - was going to do similar to see if it fixed the issue
  2. Y15HAL

    How Many 535i Owners?

    But the extra M badges make up for what's lucking under the bonnet
  3. Y15HAL

    Passenger Seat Rattle

    Yes, mainly noticeable on bad roads Don't drive it much, so won't be able to test again any time soon
  4. Y15HAL

    Passenger Seat Rattle

    Don't think its the seat belt
  5. Y15HAL

    How Many 535i Owners?

    Another one here Nice when someone notices it, and mentioned how rare they are
  6. Good Evening All, Does anyone experience a rattle coming from their passenger seat? I'm thinking its either the plastic backing, or maybe the storage part/magazine holder. Not had a chance to take a proper look, but thought I'd ask if anyone else is having the same? I had this on my old F10, and it gets quite annoying, when i got my new one, it was nice and silent, and now the rattle has started to appear! Vishal
  7. Y15HAL

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    I'm sure the top of my bonnet area/bottom of windscreen area looks different..... The part where the water drains down, my new one (2015) looks different to my 2011 one did..... Or maybe the old one was missing bits
  8. Y15HAL

    Black Exhaust Tips

    Thanks, will give this a go soon, and report back
  9. Y15HAL

    Black Exhaust Tips

    Some form of metal i assume...... But must be some form of coating on there, as they're black, so just don't want to ruin the coating using incorrect products.....
  10. Y15HAL

    Black Exhaust Tips

    Good Morning All My exhaust tips are finished in black, not chrome, could do with a good once over. Whats the best stuff to use? I know for chrome you can use metal polish, autosol etc, but don't want to do any damage to the black finish..... Thanks in advance Vishal
  11. Y15HAL

    Exhaust Note from 535i

    Do you have a smaller one () or stock?
  12. Y15HAL

    Exhaust Note from 535i

    NOOOOOO pops and bangs for me!!!
  13. Y15HAL

    Exhaust Note from 535i

    Not looking to change any time soon! Too much headache finding the right car
  14. Y15HAL

    Exhaust Note from 535i

    Definitely don't want it to sound chavvy at all!! Too many 'pops and bangs' maps being done recently Just want a little more grunt.... My old E46 3.0 sounded beautiful.... This is nice, and as you say @535i Andrew effortlessly glide past people, and don't often get to test the rev ranges properly
  15. I've had my 535i for a few months now, and always puts a smile on my face when i drive it Only thing for me, is its very quiet....Putting the foot down, and power delivery and sound is very smooth...... I know you can remove the back boxes and have straight through pipes, but i don't want it to be too loud - just want a little more rumble. Anything else i can have done?