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  1. 525-Jay

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Yeah mate if she stays well by next summer I might invest in a NOXEM for the anniversary. Got quite a bit of preventative maintenance to be done before that, as you do when picking up a new motor
  2. 525-Jay

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Yeah the power sort of makes up for it so I'm quite content
  3. 525-Jay

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    So around motorways it's 33-35mpg with fairly relaxed driving. Town only it's 23-25mpg so combined you're looking at around 28-29 I've literally only bought the 530i two months ago so wouldn't know about historic road tax but my diesel is £17pm and petrol £23pm
  4. 525-Jay

    Which tyres.....

    I had a really good experience with Kumho Ecsta, great grip in wet and dry - although this was back in 2016 and they were the KU39 which I think have been superseded by other models now so not sure if they're still as good (I hope they are, got my eye on them for my next change)
  5. 525-Jay

    Steering wheel shake/vibrate at high speed

    You were right, it was the fronts. I got the fronts balanced and it's all as right as rain now
  6. 525-Jay

    After Market Reverse Cameras

    Good idea, I never thought of that! Edited because I had a braindead moment and said something useless.
  7. 525-Jay

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Yeah I've moved to petrol so now I have a 530i and boy does it drink! Luckily I don't use my car for work or do regular long journeys so won't feel the hit too much but there's a solid 16mpg difference between my diesel and petrol on the motorway. I'm going to miss being in the 40s on the trip computer
  8. 525-Jay

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Sorry to hear bud. I'm selling my 525d LCI if interested, it doesn't have swirl flaps!
  9. 525-Jay

    After Market Reverse Cameras

    Yeah I had the boot handle one and I prefer this, it's quite seamless. It was an absolute ball-ache to get the wire to go from boot to back seat, there was a tiny gap. I still don't know how we managed it but me and a few friends spent a long time doing so. Apart from that bit it's not terribly difficult to go under the trims etc. It was equally as ball-aching to reverse the job before putting my car up for sale. My new E60 has foldable seats so I'm looking forward to reinstalling it soon! I'm not sure what other methods can be used, I think if I had to do it again without foldable seats, I'd remove the back seats to save the hassle.
  10. 525-Jay

    LCI Xenon angel eye bulbs - let's see em!

    Hey bud thanks for the link. I think the one's you have are for the halogen headlight because I had very similar bulbs on my old E60. The good thing about those was that they were equal! The xenon headlights take a different bulb (H8) and naturally the inner ring illuminates more than the outer one but it isn't so bad when you have the yellow bulbs installed but heard that when you try to change them to white, the LEDs aren't great at emitting light to the outer ring so wanted to see some tried and tested approaches
  11. Hey all, Apologies, I know that these get asked about all the time but I'm having some trouble with the search function and I've found a lot of advice for the halogen bulbs as opposed to the xenon headlights. I'm aware that the bulb I should be buying to change my yellow angel eyes is the H8 bulb and I've read that many people complain that the outer ring gets really bad with some of these LED bulbs as the light doesn't travel well there. So I wondered what sort of bulbs did some of you get which turned out quite well for these headlights? Links/specs would be appreciated!
  12. 525-Jay

    Steering wheel shake/vibrate at high speed

    These are staggered alloys so not sure if that's an option? The rears are wider
  13. 525-Jay

    Steering wheel shake/vibrate at high speed

    Yep, the fronts are budget tyres but have good tread left on them (Dot code late 2018). Car was being used. Another tyre guy said it was happening because the fronts are budget (Hi fly) so will need to be changed to sort the problem. But that didn't sound right because both cars were driving fine prior to swap, so thought maybe he's trying to make a sale. Thought I'll come here for more impartial advice.
  14. 525-Jay

    Steering wheel shake/vibrate at high speed

    Also; all 4 discs/pads were replaced Aug 2019
  15. Hi, I've recently switched alloys from one E60 to another and now I'm getting wheel vibration at around 40-60mph. I was told by one of the tyre shop guys that the back tyre has bulges on the inside and is very worn, so I've switched out the rear two tyres but the problem is still there. All tyre pressures are spot on and apparently all have been balanced so my next step I'm thinking is tracking/alignment. But the price differences between a front wheel tracking and four wheel alignment which may include camber adjustments is quite high so I wanted to have a bit of certainty of the problem or if it could be anything else. Is there any way to know if it just needs front wheel tracking or should the 4-wheel alignment give the best idea of the problem?